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Jennifer Lopez and #AlexOLoughlin, sit down with Access – 2010 (transcript)

The transcript of Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin sit down with Access’ Tony Potts to chat about their new movie, “The Back-Up Plan.” Also, Jennifer and Alex have a blast telling Tony how daunting and “hysterical” it was to film the love scene and birthing scene.

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Tony: Is it …. Is it a tough process when to … when you do that kind of stuff, to meet somebody and figure if that person is right for the movie?

Jennifer: Sure.

Tony: And if you are right for him. I mean, is that ….. We don’t know anything about that.

Jennifer: I mean auditioning in any form, is never fun.

Alex: Oh, I was auditioning that day?

Jennifer: A little bit.

Alex: I thought you were auditioning.

Jennifer: Mmmm.


Alex: Cause you were like … No? So confusing. [Laughs]

Jennifer: [Laughs] Little bit.

Tony: Is it daunting to know that you’re going to do a love scene, in a shirtless scene, with Jennifer Lopez?

Alex: Shirtless.

Tony: Do you have to go and like really …. go crazy? Cause you look …. I mean …. from a guy …..

Jennifer: I think a love scene….

Alex: Hang on a minute.

Jennifer: ….and a shirtless scene, doesn’t matter who it’s with, is just daunting.

tbup bw b 1

Tony: How tough was it …. you know, we guys, we know that women never EVER fake orgasms, so ….

Alex: Ever, isn’t it?

Tony: So you must have used all your acting chops …

Jennifer: Yeah.

Tony: … in the fake orgasm scene?

Jennifer: Yeah I did.

Tony: [Laughs]

The woman behind the camera: Wow.

Tony: How tough was that to do those kinds of scenes?

Jennifer: It’s hysterical.

Alex: It’s ridiculous and funny. But the thing is I was doing that scene and I was like… 

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Alex: “She’s really good at that”. I bet Marc is like ….. I bet Marc was like actually going, “What? … Hang on. Jennifer come home, we need to talk”


Jennifer: He’s the only one that knows the truth, so.

Alex: Yeah, God bless him.

tbup bw b 2

Jennifer: [Laughs] No, but he actually was one of the funniest scenes to do, because the crew didn’t know that, that was coming, I don’t think.

Tony: No pun intended.

Jennifer: That is so funny. Anyway, but they didn’t know what I was going to do. I am sure they had read the script or not, sometimes the crew …. But I’m sure they read the script, but you never know what the actors are going to do. So when  I started doing it and I started doing it really loud. And there were takes that were louder….

Alex: It was funny.

Jennifer: And funnier. They were just ….. snicker … They were just cracking up ….

Alex: It was funny.

Jennifer:  ….. you know,  off-camera, trying to keep it together and …

tbup cl b 4

Tony: Which is what you want to see when you are doing a scene, is the crew ….

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Alex: Yeah.

Tony: Right?

Alex: Yeah.

Jennifer: Absolutely. That is always a gage of whether or not it is working.

Alex: Yeah, or whether you were simulating sex properly or not, you know. How much the people around you are snickering.


Jennifer: [Laughs]

Tony: Did …… And speaking of not laughing, because you are holding it in. How did you not laugh in the birthing scene?

Alex: We did … we laughed a lot.

Jennifer: We laughed.

Alex: It was a disaster. We almost didn’t get that scene.


Jennifer: Constantly. We almost didn’t get it. You’re right.

Tony: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah.

Jennifer: In fact, we didn’t get it. I am laughing, if you look in the movie.

Tony: Really.

Jennifer: Yeah, you just see me turn away, just a little bit. like …

Alex: And they like cutaway there. It was like …. I was so. I can’t believe I got a  take, because she was right up to my face and started singing and beating on that drum. You’ll see the outtakes.

Tony: Right

Jennifer: I mean it is hysterical.

Alex: It was painful.

Jennifer: We had so much fun doing that. And the whole cast and all the girls in that scene were awesome.

Alex: Yeah.

Jennifer: And they really brought so much life to it. It was … it was pretty great.

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