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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 138

We continue our story from here.

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First tweets I saw when I came online on Saturday morning, went along the lines of, “What were the writers smoking when they came up with this one?”. There were some saying how disappointed they were in the actual easy takedown of the armoured man. Many commenting on the bad CGI. And then of course others congratulating the writers as usual, once again, on such a wonderful and great episode etc. Of course I could not wait to watch it myself. 😀

I do realise that it is just one of ‘those’ filler episodes. A stepping stone to get somewhere else. I just sometime wonder why they don’t just make the seasons shorter, and spare us the fillers?

I know we should not take Hawaii Five-0 too seriously as a show, because they so often do unrealistic and impossible stuff. And that we should also appreciate when they try to do something new and innovative and fun. And I really do try to do just that. And I actually thought from the promos that the ideas for this episodes seemed like really great ones …..

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But on the other hand the show itself tackle some very real hardcore issues. Things like life after 9/11, the interment camps, human trafficking, abduction and imprisonment of innocent minors, drug trafficking, home front terrorism, gun control and modern day slavery. But also some other issues like conservation and with this episode also animal abuse. The question is, should they just make people aware of it by just slapping some story together around it, or be realistic about these serious issues when they portray it? When they do it right, they get good results like Episodes 3:06, 3:22, 4:10 and 4:20.


Things I did not really care for in this episode.

  • They truly unrealistic way they portrayed the stealing and handling of the elephant. It is a wild animal that has been ‘used’ as entertainment for years. Wild animals are not pets who go around obeying someone, just because that person whats to save them. You need a whole team of professionals with the right equipment to care for them when they are rescued and transported, not a bunch of vigilante do-gooders with no real knowledge.
  • Do you really think an elephant that was restrained for such a long time will now just be waiting around peacefully for Jerry and Isabel to arrive? Who was looking after him there at that park? (Not to mention the impossible task of her catching the elephant while on its rampage and get it there without anybody actually seeing it) That kind of thinking of how easy wild animals can be handled, is exactly the kind of mentality that get people killed and or in serious trouble with wild animals in parks and sanctuaries. Ignorant people, thinking that these wild animals understand their goodwill.

Koala Smartass: Have you learned nothing from this episode? With a good disposition, anything is possible. 😀


  • OY, the guest actors. Whoever did the casting for this episode – what were you smoking thinking? Jerry’s sister, the lawyer they used as bait and the actual nerd villan, recited their lines very well. But that is as far as I can compliment them.

Koala Smartass: Ouch, you are a bit harsh there, aren’t you?


  • And the suit! I really am not even going to spend any time on the whole ridiculous plot around the armour suit. The “small” things like, didn’t they search the guys place when they arrested him for questioning. And practical things like getting in and out of such a suit on your own, driving a car with those ‘feet’, actually fitting in behind the wheel of a car with such broad shoulders, getting down a mountain in it, without falling over every rock. ……..

Koala Smartass: You really are a wet blanket, aren’t you?

  • I fail to understand what difference a badge would make if the head of the task force, Steve’s, word is not good enough to vouch for Jerry as a consultant. It is just ridiculous. As a paid consultant with an office at Five-0, specialising in matters like this specific one, he actually had more reason to be in on what was going on there with the suit, than any of the others on the team. The badge thing is getting old. If  you want to give Jerry a badge, send him for proper training in law enforcement.

Koala Smartass: I agree. It is about the job description and not the badge.

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:20

Story by: Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt
Teleplay by: Sean O’Reilly

Directed by: Jerry Levine

To be continued …….



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