Gif for the day – Original Mick delightfully charming

“I also saw immediately, even from the pilot presentation, Alex is just charming, he’s really charming and really easy to watch… he’s a very handsome man, but at the same time he’s also got this delightful charm about him and it comes off and I thought an awful lot of shows would love to have somebody as wonderful as him leading their charge.”

Marvin Rush, Director of Photography for “Moonlight” in an interview with Voices of Krypton, Feb 2008



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11 responses to “Gif for the day – Original Mick delightfully charming

  1. What a perfect way to describe Alex!!! This is what we all saw in those first few moments and throughout the first episode of ML, charming perfection! THX Paula.


  2. vanduyn

    Awesome! Perfect description! 😀


  3. gracenotpark

    Alex gotta be a photographer’s dream. Also he is mine. :mrgreen:


  4. I totally understand what the guy is talking about 🙂

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  5. Leah

    Yes, charming . . . SOOOOOOOOOOOO charming. 🙂 I could just stare at this sweet Gif all day.

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  6. Charms us with that sweet smile and long dreamy eyelashes….charms our socks (among other items of clothing) right off!!! *SIGH*

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  7. Karen

    What wonderful words about Alex. Alex is really charming and comes across that way. Every thing so far that I watched with him in he seems so perfect for that role. Plus the GIF that you added fits perfectly for the comment!


  8. Kath40

    Oh how I love this “Baby Mick” gif *sigh* ♥ Thank you Paula ♥

    I love when we hear someone else describe what we all see in Alex. Charming is defiantly a trait we all are drawn to and agree he has an abundance of. Just add his good looks and we’re helplessly under his spell ♥
    Male and female alike 😉


  9. cwtshjan

    Naturally charming is a gift that Alex has in abundance. It seems he touches most people he meets, male or female. What a treasure he is. Wonderful gif. Have to keep going back to it.


  10. The most beautiful “Prince Charming” ever After all “Mick” does have French Royal blood in his veins. {SIGH}


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