#H50 6.20 – A McGarrett proof body-armour

What a “silly” episode. Didn´t really like it, too much CGI (which is ok for sci-fi but not HI). Alex looked a bit tired, and he still has 5 more episodes to get through! Poor dude (he of course is currently vacationing by the pool somewhere and has forgotten all about Steve and H50 silliness) 😉

Tried my best to capture something inspiring 😀 Enjoy!

“Look at that handsome devil!”

Thigh appreciation


Like a beast, stalking his prey


Steve got surprised (ps couldn´t help myself, pottymouth appreciation 😉 )


McGarrett proof body armour (surely it would have been too big for wee Danny 😛 )

No matter what the cause, that smile is so wonderful to see ♥


If Steve doesn´t get to drive, he gets car sick, right?




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8 responses to “#H50 6.20 – A McGarrett proof body-armour

  1. Remember he got car sick when Carol Burnett last episode and his sister’s baby was urging him to puke? As he nearly did!


  2. Plenty of Steve in the ep makes up for some of the silliness 😉


  3. Gail Lessard

    I loved it. I love futuristic and didn’t find it that far fetched at all. The elephant story was touching. I captured some great pics too.


  4. joyfuljaj

    As much as I loved McG taking charge with that bullhorn, I don’t know what he thought he was going to accomplish in front of the bullet proof “baddie” with a gun. As well, the car accident to stop the iron man was a lackluster conclusion.
    Steve did have some great camera moments, and I liked his and Danny’s conversation at the end.
    As much as I have liked Steve’s interaction with Jerry (although, enough with the badge thing, Jerry) I did not like Jerry’s sister getting away scott free.
    All in all, this one just didn’t quite come together the best.


  5. gracenotpark

    Ahhhh Paula, as always, you pull out what was best in the episode…I thought, as wonky as the ep was, Steve rocked and rolled the entire thing. And as you note,he looked good doing it.


  6. Annie

    Didn’t care too much either with this episode but once again Steve makes it worth watching. Saw a pic of Malia and maybe Lion (face not shown) relaxing in Biarritz, France. Maybe family went to Europe after filming for the season.


  7. Still had no time to watch this episode, but the gifs are stunning. And now I know I can lip-read 😉

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