Alex’s answer to – What is the worst thing about fame?

Ah, the worst thing about fame, is people changing around you. Yeah, I think that’s the worst thing about fame. You don’t necessarily change, but the people around you start to change, because they think you are going to change. And it’s a very odd ……. experience.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Christopher Morris Photoshoot

14 January 2010





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7 responses to “Alex’s answer to – What is the worst thing about fame?

  1. gracenotpark

    Ah! His hands….sigh.


  2. I love this quote! It is so true, he is one smart man.
    I am wondering if the watch at his wrist is his own? Would be the kind of watch he would wear. Is there a study of his watches? 😉


  3. I ran across a blurb stating what the season finale of H50 will consist of okay to post the link it’s from CBS and it also give the air date.


  4. Karen

    Wow what a photo of him.


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