Gif for the day – Smoking hot Steve

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason…

then I realized I was thinking about you…





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20 responses to “Gif for the day – Smoking hot Steve

  1. vanduyn

    My favorite pants ever!! 😀


  2. I do that quite often 🙂

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  3. Regina Filange

    Happy hump day to everyone!! I love the white pants as well. I find myself thinking of him quite often. My heart begins to race a little. What a sexy man. 😜❤️💗😋💋! Great gif!

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  4. How did I forget how delicious he was in those white pants?! Thank you Thank you for the reminder! The contrast of the dark shirt and those golden veiny muscles…his perfectly sculpted jaw and nose…HOLY HOTTNESS! If his naked trigger finger would have been visible, I may not be alive now. 😋👅💦


  5. brandiialize7777

    Yes, loving this!!! Totally hot!


  6. lindae5o

    Such a tease !! Does Alex know what he does to us ? Rowwrr !!


  7. Karen

    Wow!!! He sure know how to work it!


  8. kathleen8265


  9. kathleen8265

    OMG! This man is poetry in motion. Form his beautiful face, glistening muscles, naked trigger finger and the perfect butt profile stance. YUMMM!
    Oh to be that cell phone in his pocket or the thigh holster…how does a girl decide? *THUD* ♥


    • The gun, I always want to be the gun. He holds it so gently but firmly and with a lot of finesse. Always stroking it with that naked finger trigger finger. And when the target is in sight, he finds that trigger so easily and work it without hesitation and the gun explodes in bursts of passion. OOPs did I type that out loud? 😀


  10. cwtshjan

    Love those pants. Love the gif. Love this man and all his hotness. Does he know what he does to us…..oh yes I think he does and he likes to tease us now and again. We love being teased by this man though don’t we!!


  11. cwtshjan

    Foyeur after reading that I have a warm fuzzy feeling…..


  12. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    I was thinking about Steve lol


  13. Regina Filange

    Speaking of white pants. Just started watching the Halloween episode of season three. White pants, blue shirt, bulging biceps, naked trigger finger… Wow is getting hot in here🔥. What a sex pot😜❤️😋💗

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