The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 137

We continue our story from here.


Can’t remember when last I was so pleasantly surprised by an episode of Hawaii Five-0. After the last Grover debacle where the show kind of ruined my enjoyment of Grover in Episode 6:13, I did not expect much from this Grover centric episode. But together with Episode 6:12, this will definitely be the two standout episodes of the season for me (thus far).


I know not all episodes can be about family and display Ohana like these two episodes did, but more of them could be more centred and focused on them as a unit. How much more fun could it have been if the team was somehow involved in solving the case of Danny’s car being stolen last week. (Maybe brought down a syndicate of car thieves). Or the episode (6:07) with Steve and Lynn on the island, if the team was somehow involved. I really do hope that the next encounter and hopefully the final show-down with Gabriel will be exactly that – the whole team working towards that one goal.


Grover: I just need to know that you got my back.

Steve:  Yes, of course I’ve got your back.

Good episodes like this can make me forget that:

  • This is the umpteenth time that a FBI agent (or person of trust) is shown as someone that could be bought for the right amount of money and could easily murder innocent colleagues in the process.
  • And that someone (Chin) driving on a motorbike without a helmet, can talk on his phone and be heard as well? I have never tried that, but know how much disturbance there is on the phone whenever somebody is calling from outdoors on a windy day. Not only will a helmet be more sensible and save, but then the talking could actually be possible.
  • Why do the writers and the director struggle to find a correlation between the amount of dialogue that the characters have and the way the scene plays out, in order to make it more believable. And here I am talking about everything Grover and the family needed to discuss with their goodbye’s versus the amount that seems possible by the scenario created by the director (or editing), with the guys in pursuit of them.
  • That Steve knew instinctively one which road he would find Grover.


Funny stuff:

  • Clearly Renee Grover spends all her time on keeping the bathrooms spotless, but couldn’t care less about the dust under the beds in the house. 🙂
  • Grover setting the microwave for such a long time to fry the cellphones. Kind of sure they might have caused a fire by then, maybe even harmed the microwave or cause an awful smell by the time Steve entered the house.

Good stuff:

  • I got excited when I heard Joe White’s name. His amount of connections to get intel might be a bit far-fetched, but I feel whenever his name appears, it is not long before that part of Steve’s story will be visited.
  • The Grover family as a unit impressed me, especially in that last scene. It could just as well have been Chi and his own wife and kids. They made me believe that they are a family unit. Bravo!



  • The writing for, and/or the portrayal of the  Grover /McGarrett friendship has fast outgrown the McGarrett/Danno bromance. They are funny, playful and far better and easier entertainment to watch than the constant old married couple’s snide and childish bickering and forced “romantic” moments between Steve and Danno.


Grover: You’re my man, you know that!

Steve: I know.

We had to wait nearly 3 seasons for this hug between these two great men, but it was worth the wait. The feeling and sincerity that went with it was awesome. Their friendship and respect for each other does not revolve around cheap ‘I love you’s’ around every corner, but runs very deep. (I think I might have had some tears rolling down my cheeks watching this).

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:19

Malama ka Po’e (Care For One’s People)

Written by: Ken Solarz & Bill Haynes

Directed by: Brad Tanenbaum

To be continued …….


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30 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 137

  1. Dee Ann korth

    Yes it was a good episode. Steve and Grover are good together but they will never be like Danny and Steve together. The bromance can be good and bad between my guys. It can’t always be perfect just my opinion.


    • Hi Dee Ann – welcome here with us.
      I agree with you that things can’t always be perfect in partnerships, but for me it just feel like lately they have to try too hard to make Steve and Danno still relevant, whereas things between Steve and Grover feels natural and flows easily.


  2. It was a very good episode and I’m very happy on how the show is dealing with the ever growing friendship between Steve and Lou. Great to see (nearly) the full team involved in rescuing their guy as well. Only pity was the predictability of Frank being the bad guy but maybe I’ve seen too many tv shows already 😉


    • I really feel that the writers could have found a way where Frank was actually also a victim (maybe followed or someone tracking his moves etc) – it was just too easy to make yet anther FBI man a sell out. (And I like Mark Valley and did not want him to be a baddie)
      Yes, Lou and Steve is a pleasure to watch. 🙂


  3. cwtshjan

    Can’t wait to see this one. Great write and pics thank you.


  4. Ocean

    I thoroughly enjoyed this ep. Did not miss Danny’s whining at all. Steve and Lou have a fun and breezy relationship that is a pleasure to watch, and I agree, the hug was terrific. But then again Steve makes every hug look great! What I don’t like is how the writers have gone with the tightwad thing. It is so NOT McGarrett. He is selfless and caring. His heart is so generous. I would think his wallet would be the same.


    • Yes, Steve/Alex is the best hugger ever. His heart is always in it. I think it is time for a hugging post to pass the time during hiatus. That could be a lot of fun – Studying all the Steve hugs. I actually think Paula started a draft like that long ago – we need to remind her about it to finish it. 🙂
      And I agree Steve is generous in everything. I see the “cheapskate” thing as a running joke. And I also see no fault in it if somebody don’t always just pay for everything to keep friends happy (or make freinds). I actually know a number of men in my life who are very generous, but won’t just let people take advantage of their generosity. And interestingly enough they are all very successful and great leaders in my opinion.


  5. gracenotpark

    First of all, may I commend Miss Paula for these pictures? Oy! He looked so good in this ep it’s a wonder any of us understood the narrative. :mrgreen: And you capped it perfectly, Girl!

    I always love Foyeur’s ep analyses. I totally agree on the McGrover relationship. Two generous, awesome, totally adult men. I never squirm in my seat or roll my eyes when they converse. They are always a pleasure to watch, even when McG pulls a ghost story prank on Grover. 😉

    And yes, so delightful to get a balanced, well-written ep, with a focus and a common mission. More of these, Show, and we might actually get a S8!!!!!

    So….where’s Koala?


  6. I looked very closely at the beautiful pics, very very closely just for research of course, but even there I could not find a sign of koala smartass. 😉 Seems you really liked this one. Me too! I loved it. McGrover is the best! (ok, together with McChin or even better McGrin) No cringeworthy remarks from Grover but nevertheless so much fun! The convo at the beginning was awesome, both actors are so good at this, it’s not over the top, it feels real. And I so adore their facial conversations!
    The change in Steve’s face from being his charming self with the waitress to suspicion and worry was perfectly done. And his spidey senses were right! Him standing in the door of his truck, talking to Barns after he shot him, his stealth, the McKono smiles, the hug…. Le Sigh!!!
    And like you I liked the mention of Joe. He is a big part of Steve’s story and here I hope this means we will see more of it. Or any. It’s about time.


    • LOL. But the Koala Smartass is there with a very clear message – no input needed: 😀
      I think (or hope) that the mention of Joe’s name is a sign that he and either Doris or Cath or both will feature in the near future. Both woman hated by many, but both a very importamt part of who Steve is and of his story.


      • OMG, Koala’s drinking out of some drupe! LOL!
        And you’re right, I think Doris is a horrible mother and I am not really fond of Cath in the moment but I want them both back. They are an important part of Steve’s story and I desperatly need closure. Steve deserves it! And if he is happy and able to forgive who am I to judge him? I want him happy.


  7. I always love the epis where the relationship between Steve and 1 character goes to another plateau. We know Steve deeply cares for his team and would do anything for any one of them at any cost. His relationship with each one is very different and fulfills a need he has, IMO.

    While for me, McDanno is the core, that would wear thin very quickly. I enjoy the balance of funny with serious on this show and when the writers tip either way, it sometimes falls flat.

    I think this season has been a success with Scott out so many episodes. We’ll see what happens next season. For me, it’s always a let down when he’s gone.

    Thanks for the pretties as always.


    • I agree >>> I always love the epis where the relationship between Steve and 1 character goes to another plateau.
      But this makes me so sad, because when I read it, I immidiately thought of Steve and the Governor bonding (in 3:14) and then he disappeared for all intents and purposes as a character (after 4:08) in the story. Interesting that that was also the episode where Steve and Grover bonded as a team.


      • I guess they have to pick who stays and who goes for the budget.


        • Maybe you are right, but I don’t really think that Richard T Jones as an actor will be so expensive, that they can’t have him in the show 2 or 3 episodes of the season. Just as a reminder that they still work for him etc.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I wonder if it’s an availability issue with these actors working on other shows. I’m sure they are trying to land a permanent role someplace.


            • I know Richard has been in a number of shows and he seems to be a very busy actor, but it would do no harm in booking him in advance for just a short appearance or even just refer to the governor even without having him there at all. Even just a phonecall.

              Liked by 1 person

  8. Kimphin1

    It appears that Koala Smartass took the week off! Well, everyone.. even Koala’s… deserve some R & R!
    You’ve summed up the McGrover relationship perfectly, I love to watch them together. Their facial expressions alone could tell the tale!
    There were some things “off” in this one, but nothing that took me out of the story. Hallelujah!

    And Alex took his extra strength pretty pills fire this one! Oh my!


  9. This >>>>> There were some things “off” in this one, but nothing that took me out of the story.
    The Koala Smartass saw I was in no real distress with my questions and did not even bother to respond 😀


  10. cokie316

    Great job! LOL to Kimphin… the extra strength pretty pills. Yep, and they did a good job, too!


  11. vanduyn

    Awesome job girlies!! Pics and review of the episode are spot on! The whole bathroom thing got lots of us! It was spotless and white at that!! Then under the bed was dusty?? Someone is in need of a Swiffer 😀 I loved this part — Grover: You’re my man, you know that!
    Steve: I know
    I actually rewound and watched that a few times 🙂
    I love the growing relationship between Steve and Grover, a perfect fit IMO.
    Thanks again ladies♥


  12. karen

    I have had enough of McDanno myself. It has become total silliness mostof the time.


  13. Karen

    Love your inside of Friday’s episode and really love your photos that you add to the blog. I must say that I did enjoy the episode but I might be in the minority but I did miss seeing Danny. Maybe I am strange but I do enjoy the banter between him and Steve. I can see that some are getting tired of the relationship of Steve and Danny and that they are always bickering but they are always there for each other when they need them. The do love each other in their own way. As for Steve and Grover’s friendship I am ok with it but you had a guy who really dislike the way the other one did his work, submitted a formal complaint about the guy and now it is like that “bad blood” between them never happen. Sure the sharing of their “dark history” that haunts them might have change that and that they may have a better understand and respect of each other.
    From what I have seen and feel, no matter what Steve will be there for his friends because to him they are family and he will help them and care for them.


  14. I missed the Joe White comment. And as far as wishing the whole team was together, like it should be, we all know that since Scott doesn’t live in HI it is just never going to happen. A friend of mine liked this episode so much she wishes, Scott would just be gone already. She is tired of the disjointed “team” story lines.
    I let it go last year. I just don’t care anymore, I just watch to see Alex. I have no faith the Steve story will ever be solved. I let go of that too.
    Sorry to be negative, I really enjoyed this episode and love the pics Paula!


  15. Your ‘Funny Stuff’ and ‘Good episodes like this can make me forget that’ were completely on point!!

    I’ve been keeping this thought to myself for some time now, but I am so over the bromance bickering between Danny & McG.

    Good column (as usual!), great Alex pics!! THX ;>)


  16. Thanks ladies for the awesome review and pictures!! I also loved the comments by all and agree. This was an incredible episode. I was on a planer to Florida the day after for 3 weeks so I am a bit late commenting but this was all worth the wait. Thanks again


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