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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 137

We continue our story from here.


Can’t remember when last I was so pleasantly surprised by an episode of Hawaii Five-0. After the last Grover debacle where the show kind of ruined my enjoyment of Grover in Episode 6:13, I did not expect much from this Grover centric episode. But together with Episode 6:12, this will definitely be the two standout episodes of the season for me (thus far).


I know not all episodes can be about family and display Ohana like these two episodes did, but more of them could be more centred and focused on them as a unit. How much more fun could it have been if the team was somehow involved in solving the case of Danny’s car being stolen last week. (Maybe brought down a syndicate of car thieves). Or the episode (6:07) with Steve and Lynn on the island, if the team was somehow involved. I really do hope that the next encounter and hopefully the final show-down with Gabriel will be exactly that – the whole team working towards that one goal.


Grover: I just need to know that you got my back.

Steve:  Yes, of course I’ve got your back.

Good episodes like this can make me forget that:

  • This is the umpteenth time that a FBI agent (or person of trust) is shown as someone that could be bought for the right amount of money and could easily murder innocent colleagues in the process.
  • And that someone (Chin) driving on a motorbike without a helmet, can talk on his phone and be heard as well? I have never tried that, but know how much disturbance there is on the phone whenever somebody is calling from outdoors on a windy day. Not only will a helmet be more sensible and save, but then the talking could actually be possible.
  • Why do the writers and the director struggle to find a correlation between the amount of dialogue that the characters have and the way the scene plays out, in order to make it more believable. And here I am talking about everything Grover and the family needed to discuss with their goodbye’s versus the amount that seems possible by the scenario created by the director (or editing), with the guys in pursuit of them.
  • That Steve knew instinctively one which road he would find Grover.


Funny stuff:

  • Clearly Renee Grover spends all her time on keeping the bathrooms spotless, but couldn’t care less about the dust under the beds in the house. 🙂
  • Grover setting the microwave for such a long time to fry the cellphones. Kind of sure they might have caused a fire by then, maybe even harmed the microwave or cause an awful smell by the time Steve entered the house.

Good stuff:

  • I got excited when I heard Joe White’s name. His amount of connections to get intel might be a bit far-fetched, but I feel whenever his name appears, it is not long before that part of Steve’s story will be visited.
  • The Grover family as a unit impressed me, especially in that last scene. It could just as well have been Chi and his own wife and kids. They made me believe that they are a family unit. Bravo!



  • The writing for, and/or the portrayal of the  Grover /McGarrett friendship has fast outgrown the McGarrett/Danno bromance. They are funny, playful and far better and easier entertainment to watch than the constant old married couple’s snide and childish bickering and forced “romantic” moments between Steve and Danno.


Grover: You’re my man, you know that!

Steve: I know.

We had to wait nearly 3 seasons for this hug between these two great men, but it was worth the wait. The feeling and sincerity that went with it was awesome. Their friendship and respect for each other does not revolve around cheap ‘I love you’s’ around every corner, but runs very deep. (I think I might have had some tears rolling down my cheeks watching this).

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:19

Malama ka Po’e (Care For One’s People)

Written by: Ken Solarz & Bill Haynes

Directed by: Brad Tanenbaum

To be continued …….



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