#H50 6.19 – #SteveMcGarrett The Man for Grover

Nice episode, showing more Steve and Grover bonding. I thought it had a bit too much Grover family drama, but I guess it was ok since it was this week´s story. I loved these buddies laughing at Danny´s trip with the “beliebers”, and deciding to hack Gracie´s instagram to get funny snaps of their “Detective Sunshine” 😀

There was plenty to capture for gifs, hopefully I also made some of your favorite moments 🙂 Enjoy!

The best pancake smiles 🙂



Surely Mrs Grover would have better things to ask Steve than his hubby´s diet. They could compare abs.


Breaking through our screens with Le Strut!


Steven and Bryan have never looked this good 😉


Focus, focus. And still missed that tear in his butt (Luckily Foyeur is the butt expert).


And he came up with a brand new sexy pose! Just what our gutter minds needed.


Like a panther…



Most beautiful eyes on the island ♥




Steve got his buddy´s back…awww so sweet.





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16 responses to “#H50 6.19 – #SteveMcGarrett The Man for Grover

  1. I love to see Steve eating and laughing so those gifs are just beautiful 🙂


  2. Ocean

    Lou fills in nicely when Danny is missing. I like how Steve and Lou’s friendship has developed — it’s fun and breezy. We get some of the best “laughing Steve” when Lou is involved. Good action with our man in kevlar — so sexy!
    Just gotta complain about how they came to make Steve out as a tightwad. It just isn’t his nature. In the pilot ep he bought Danny and Grace three nights at a posh hotel, for pete’s sake! His whole sense of being is based on helping others…..just can’t see this cheapskate thing they’ve grabbed on as being part of his makeup.


  3. gracenotpark

    Love McGrover together! I actually enjoyed getting to know the Grover family too. Gotta love Renee. And I loved that last scene, when Grover says “You my man, you know that?” McG is sooooo cute when he says “I know.” This ep was one of the best in a long while for me. 😀


  4. Kimphin1

    The ripped pants – proof that his a** cannot be contained.

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE – for a lot of reasons, most of which you screencapped above. The truck pose damn near took me out, luckily I recovered for the panther stalk.

    Alex looked overly, especially, awesomely phenomenal in this episode, and he played Steve’s suspicious, protective side so well. I love McGrover, and despite thinking I wasn’t going to like this weeks offering, it was one of the best of the year.


    • I was thinking the same, his a$$ just got too much for those pants 😀
      I didn´t have high hopes and was pleasently surprised by this epi. Only one thing missing, good close-up shots of that beautiful face 😉


  5. What a fantastic episode. If you look closely you will find funny flaws, but this was a truly awesome one.
    LOVED McGrover. Boy, these two together are just the best.
    I was even OK with the reason why the Grovers were on the run.
    Now I wonder why it can’t be this good every week?! They can deliver.
    Awesome ep, AWESOME McG, awesome GIFs. 🙂 Thank you.


    • gracenotpark

      Well I hope you’ll point em out in your ep revu…I never watch closely. I watch McG closely, but parts of the ep just sneak by me… 😉

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  6. vanduyn

    God bless you woman!! The gifs are awesome!!


  7. The Cargo Pants Are Back! As really love Steve and Grover more than Steve and Danny. It is not mean spirited and all in good fun. Come a long way.


  8. Karen

    Enjoyed this episode and really love the GIF that you provided today. Thank you!


  9. I really enjoyed this week’s episode too. I liked the fact that we had one storyline. It is possible to have the team be in different scenes without splitting the time and rushing the story.

    Now for the important stuff…… Alex (oh I mean Steve 😉) flying a chopper and saving the day and oh yeah that pose on the truck – 😍😜wowza. Me likey a lot.


  10. Just watched this episode and I loved it. Your gifs make me want to watch especially those scenes again. They were perfect. BAMF Steve, funny Steve, flirting Steve and Le Strut! That makes one hell of a sexy Steve. Together with his facial expressions, the changes in his face after being adorable with the waitress, when he’s getting suspicious that something is wrong with Grover, that’s what he does so so well!
    Although I was looking closely, very closely, I didn’t notice the tear in his pants. Maybe I was too distracted keeping an eye on the movement under those pants. Thighs and all…
    Yet now we know: he is even wearing blue boxers! 😉


  11. I loved this eppy! This might not go over well with everyone but I’m starting to not miss Danny. Between Scott’s contract for fewer episodes and the fact that they also have him having separate storylines that keep him apart from the team, his presence or absence just isn’t that important to me any more. That being said, I love the Lou-McG dynamic’ Chi and Alex have wonderful chemistry. These gifs you have for us are terrific, thank you, you caught EVERY one of my favorite moments! xoxo ;>)


  12. T

    Lol! At first I thought you named Alex’s butt cheeks Steven and Brian… it wasn’t until I focused on the whole picture that I knew what you meant. Guess you know where my focus was. However Steven would be fitting….😜


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