#H50 6.19 promo – #SteveMcGarrett was feeling generous

We thought this promo clip was funny enough to post for a little teaser from 6.19 😀

It was your money, I won it in a bet. Now it is my money.






You can watch the 6.19 clips on spoilertv here

I sure hope this episode has plenty of Alex, it seems to be another Grover centric story again. I miss our guy!



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12 responses to “#H50 6.19 promo – #SteveMcGarrett was feeling generous

  1. Loved that clip, the bantering between Steve and Lou and how charming McG was with the lady.
    Also love how Alex’s expression can change so subtly but noticeably from carefree to worried when he noticed Lou in trouble.
    I also hope there will be plenty of Alex in the ep, surely Five 0 will be fully invested in finding out what’s up with their friend’s family.


  2. gracenotpark

    Alex has made McGarrett believably tough and strong, unexpectedly sweet and sentimental, delightfully nerdy and quite quirky, and cheap to an almost hilariously Machiavellian degree. Ya never know which McG you’re gonna get…unless someone is in danger, then you got lethally dangerous McG and get outta the way! ❤


  3. Love the gifs, love Steve in the promos and hope that the episode will have tons of SuperSEAL to the rescue! This episode has all ingredients to be a great one, hopefully it will not disappoint! McGrover is the best, so is McChin, but Steve and Lou can have a conversation only with their facial expressions!


  4. cwtshjan

    That face could speak volumes without uttering a word. I’m with GNP, the more Steve the better I like it. He is the leading man after all so he should be there all the time. Ok, ok I know that’s totally selfish but that’s what I think about Steve. Alex on the other hand needs time out sometimes so we have to put up with not enough Steve then. Why is life sooo confusing??


  5. Sometimes there’s no subtlety in Alex’s performance of McG, other times there is. That 4th one down, a sweet smile goes directly to a WTF moment, all in the blink of an eye. It’s these subtleties that make him so interesting to me – beyond his gorgeous face & body and delicious personality – as an actor, the choices he makes.


  6. vanduyn

    What Janno said! 😀 I hope this isn’t the only part Alex is in :/ Thanks for the awesome gifs!! 🙂

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  7. Maimounafall

    I agree with all the comments above – I miss having Alex on the show more. This season I have felt that on many episodes we’re lucky to have him on screen for 5 minutes. I too have figured that his limited screen time is certainly because he wants to spend more time with his family- and I adore him so much I want him to be happy. I also have read that he not surprisingly wants to stay in Hawaii and was hoping the show would renew for Season 7 so he doesn’t have any pressure to leave Hawaii – so I’d rather have Alex on the show with less screen time then have the show canceled and have Alex take a few years off of work. Still, I miss our guy terribly – re-watching the earlier seasons and seeing how he was almost always on screen – there is no comparison. I’m joining the Facebook Hwy50 Writers Live Chat on Friday April 8 to suggest more screen time for Alex – if we can do all the things we do in this world of ours – isn’t it possible to have both more Alex and still let him have family time?… In the mean time throughout Season 6 I have had to rely on re-watching (again and again and again :)) Moonlight, earlier Hwy 50 seasons, and my latest guilty pleasure Mary Bryant. I need almost a daily dose of Alex to feel happy myself :).


  8. Karen

    Oh my!! Love the GIF for the next episode and I REALLY love the ones where he is smiling. WOW.


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