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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 136

We continue our story from here.

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Before I start I just want to mention a few things. These are fictional characters, written by different writers, portrayed by actors in the way they interpret that which is written. Most of the actions of these characters are not analyzed either by the writers or the actors as much as some viewers do. Most of the time there is no real thought about why they do what they do other than to get to the end of that weeks’ story.

All in all and especially after another two weeks of no new episodes, this was not too bad. Very interesting case and from what we hear from the news, a very real and heartbreaking scenario – People working as slaves in our modern day. For me it might actually go down as one of the better episodes of Season 6. No surprise that there was no story for Steve to follow, but I am still left with a few silly questions. Luckily for me, the Koala Smartass volunteered with some pearls of wisdom to set my mind at ease …..https://chinesefontdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1014.gif

  • Why is Danny dressed for work when he is taking a day out with his kids? This is Hawaii.

Koala Smartass: You are such a dummy. How else will the hunter later on believe him that he is a cop, if he is not dressed so smartly?

  • Okay, so Grace says that the Camaro got fixed. I guess that would be from all the bullet holes and all the damage most probably done to the inside and the upholstery and the engine from all that machine gun fire during the last shoot out …… Great! At least they addressed the repair. But did that repair happen overnight? The reason why I ask about this speedy repair time – Abby confessed to Chin the last time we saw them at the end of that day, and now Steve comes around to talk to her. So either he took a week or more to do it, or that Camaro got repaired overnight. (And I am kind of sure that where I come from a car with extensive damage like that would most probably be written off and not repaired.)

Koala Smartass: Maybe this is the modern version of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” ? Little repair men doing the job during the night. Happy smiley 9 But then again, with running two storylines in one episode you should not presume that anybody (writers) would think how the timeframe of those two stories fit together. That is really too much to ask. Sad smiley 141

  • I really do fail to understand the logic of not reporting your work vehicle stolen at the earliest opportunity possible. Not to mention that inside it is your service gun, most probably your Five-0 badge and your cellphone and some other stuff that might make you vulnerable to further problems. No amount of pride warrants that kind of irresponsibility. Your car and your gun could be used in committing crime ….. not to mention that a police officer should report those kind of crimes to the owner of the venue where they were. It might help the solve the crime and prevent further problems in that area.


Koala Smartass: Don’t confuse the writers!

  • What a great example for your kids, to teach them to hide stuff from your boss/partner and friend. I kind of find Danny’s behaviour  a bit infantile, not to want to tell Steve that his car with his service pistol in  it, is stolen. And on top of that I still fail to understand why the Five-0 cars are not fitted with tracking devices.

Koala Smartass: Teaching your kids about social behaviour and cellphones and enjoying the beauty of the moment was the lesson for the day. Tomorrow you can teach them about honesty and responsibility.

  • To be honest, if I was the writer I would make Mamo a passenger on the bus, who knows the driver pretty well and who could vouch for Danny as a police officer and also to look after the kids later on. All of that could work, rather than this stupid scenario of him being the driver of the bus. That would have been far more believable. And the funniest thing could have been if the driver was the same driver as the one from the party bus from Episode 4:06. :huhuani: He was actually in this episode.

The party bus driver

Koala Smartass: It would have been just too easy to make Mamo only a passenger …..

  • For a guy who suffers from mercury poisoning and diesel inhalation, AND who was found half dead and now in ICU apparently already now without needing a drip, AND who on top of that survived in the cold water for 3 days and nights without food and fresh water, AND most probably with no real sleep, who was clinging onto a life-buoy for all those days with a friend who was bleeding from a gunshot wound AND who by some miracle did not attract any sharks with the blood in all those days, our victim looks kinda in good shape telling his heartbreaking story.

Koala Smartass: WOW, that is a longggggg sentence. After all that, Kono’s ordeal at sea sounds like a walk in the park …..


  • I fail to understand why the car thieves stopped and did not speed away from the bus on that dirt road. There is no way the bus would have been able to keep up with them on that road. It just does not make sense in the real world to me. Especially when the people started disembarking the bus, it was a perfect time to drive on and get away?

Koala Smartass: All logic seize to exist in the world of Five-0. After 6 years you really need to know this by now!

  • With noo windscreen/ front windows in the bus, there are no evidence of any wind in Danny’s hair or otherwise. Not even at high speed, chasing after the Camaro.

Koala Smartass: For sure they need to tell us about those hair styling products, clearly of superior quality if it can withstand that kind of wind factor!

Danny on the bus

  • And again I fail to understand why the thieves just stopped next to the road and leave the Camaro in clear sight on the side of the road. Did it run out of petrol?

Koala Smartass: It was in the script.

  • And up until that time it was a clear sunny day and Danny see the car clearly, but then when we see the bus get close to the car from the other angle, all of a sudden there is a dense fog on the road?

Koala Smartass: The smoke monster maybe? *dontknow*

  • Why do they always have to have these educational talks while in pursuit of somebody on foot in the bush? And of course by some miracle these people who they follow don’t ever hear their very loud discussion. It has been bugging me since Season 1. For me it is just logical that if you are in pursuit of somebody, that you would be as quiet as possible. Not walk around as if you are on an educational leisurely stroll?

Koala Smartass: How else would you ever learn about hunting and nature and tracking, if they don’t use this time on a procedural cop show to run a documentary on the joys of hunting and tracking etc? Being stealth, is not part of the lesson ….

  • When we see the ship while they  call the slave ship captain, I do not really understand why there are so many people on deck of the slave ship, working in broad daylight, if the slaves were only allowed out at night? Add to that, that with the take-over at the end, Steve and Chin only need to disable two guards.

Koala Smartass: Nitpicking much? :hithere:

  • Very loudly Kono announces that they got the trace on the slave ship, but for some reason  the captain does not hear it over the phone? And actually it was something redundant in the end, because they surely had to call the captain back to find the info of where he was to drop off the new slaves.

Koala Smartass: What can I say, in the world of Five-0 people just hear what the director wants to hear?

  • What baffles my mind is that Captain Decha’s cellphone can get signal more that 30 miles out to see, whereas on Oahu there are so many dead zones with no signal?

Captain Decha

Koala Smartass: Don’t say it so loud. The props department forgot to give him a satellite phone that day. :blush:

  • Oh, so that is why they stopped the Camaro at the side of the road at that spot! That was actually the closest place through the woods to their house. I found it funny that they have to ransack their own house to get the keys for their ‘pink’ or was it beige pick-up truck? It looked like me when I misplaced my keys.

Koala Smartass: Very smart of you to hear that it was their place. I would have never guessed it. I guess most of us did not hear the guy say that he filled up the tank. And most people still don’t know what we are talking about. :sad:

  • I do not understand why the hunter criticized Danny’s aim after the first shot at the house, because he also did not hit any of the guys. His shot was not better than Danny’s at all?

Koala Smartass: The props people who place the arrows, did not listen to the dialogue :wink2:

  • Did the bad guy that Danny shot in the leg, die from his leg wound? Because after Danny unceremoniously but with great flair, pulled out the arrow, he lies there motionless for the rest of the time?

Koala Smartass: Dummy, have you not heard that people pass out from the pain?

  • When they arrest Clark, Kono does not mention the one other important thing that Clark should be arrested for – murder. Remember he is actually the murderer in the case where Sang Min was standing trial.

Koala Smartass: Indifferent smiley 23

  • I find it kind of rude that Grace greets her dad at the end, but do not even have the courtesy to acknowledge or greet “uncle” Steve?

Koala Smartass: But she is reciting her dialogue so well. Clearly not her fault that the writers wrote dialogue for a rude teenager.

  • Okay, according to the information on our survivor’s yellow alert, he is from the Philippines. According to it he speaks Filipino (no English mentioned). And that he was abducted in Davao in the Philippines in 2012. But later on not only does he and his wife and supposedly is daughter speak English fluently, but for some reason it took them shorter than the normal roughly 11 hours to fly the 8540 km from Philippines to Hawaii – #just saying

Edward Torress

Koala Smartass: Why do you always have to read the fine print?


Interesting that Steve introduces them to the slaves as ‘the police’ – and not Five-0. I understand why, because the word police will most probably be understood better by these people than of Five-0. But it just sounded weird.


The things I liked about this episode: :heart2:

  • Steve understands  the concept of following orders and willingness from somebody to come clean once they realise that those orders were misleading.
  • Nice follow up on Jerry’s girlfriend, Meredith.
  • Steve, Grover and Jerry interacting – priceless.

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  • Charlie saying that he might throw up on the bus and later licking Momo’s super  clean bus seats – priceless.
  • The whole bow and arrow hunting thing was a great scenario, however I would have had it play out a bit differently. Danny actually looked more at ease with it than what he sometimes looks with his gun.
  • Maybe this will be the closest we will ever get to seeing Steve as a Navy SEAL again. Steve boarding a boat in tactical gear ……. of course he and Chin dry off pretty quickly, but who cares. :whistle:



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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:18

Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter)

Written by: Story by: Travis Donnelly
Teleplay by: Matt Wheeler

Directed by: Eagle Egilsson

To be continued …….



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