#AlexOLoughlin is ONE in a Million ….

If somebody should ask me why I am here with Paula enjoying our fun with Alex, I would not be able to give an easy answer.

Maybe I can get as philosophical as Mick in Episode 5 of Moonlight:

In Mick's words

This picture is one of my very first attempts at doing anything “creative”, and I posted it on Pinterest a long before we even started this site. We have come a long way since those early days. It has been a wonderful learning curve of discovering Alex, discovering the Internet and even hopefully improving my English a bit.

But by far the friendship that I made here with Paula enriched my life far more that I could ever say. We live thousands of kilometers apart and might never even get to meet each other in person, but that does not matter because we enjoy it all. Of course our dream is to one day travel to Hawaii together and we joke about it often, especially with the knowledge that it will post probably never actually happen.

AIF award

Rest assured that we regard Alex as one in a million and as long as we can have some fun with him here, we will be here.

For the past 2 years we have actively and on a daily basis worked towards putting together the most comprehensive place of information that you can find regarding all things Alex O”loughlin. We are nearly done with the transcripts of all his past interviews and adding the new ones as they happen. We have also been trying to recreate all the written articles of him that we can find. Our archives are therefore a wealth of knowledge of him.

And on top of that you will have to go a far way to find so many of his best pictures  ever taken and gifs of him in action ever posted in one place. Paula work hard at finding the best of the best versions of all the pictures and with them she also create beautiful art and fabulous animated gifs. I am very proud of our Instagram and Facebook pages – they are a place of beauty, Alex beauty.

Thank you all for all the support, we appreciate each comment, like and mention everywhere. It is our pleasure to share all things Alex here with you, because he is one in a million …….

Kind Regards



Alex - SOTB 2 (2011)

PS. Apologies to anybody who we really scared with our April Fools joke this year. We tried to find something more creative, but failed miserably. And with everybody so convinced of it being an April Fools joke, we could not resist to drag it out a bit more with today’s post. 


Because of real life commitments that we are having at the moment, we might be missing some days without anything useful to post, but we will still be here and plan to pay our subscription for at least another year. :wink2:

And we will still support ALL Alex’s work – even Hawaii Five-0. :D



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22 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin is ONE in a Million ….

  1. Debby

    Whew! So glad to know it was indeed an April Fool’s joke! Love and appreciate all the effort you guys put into everything you do!


  2. Helma

    Love all the stories and your good work😊 Mahalo


  3. Glad to know it was actually an April’s fool post.
    Thank you both for your hard work in enjoying the passion for Alex with us 🙂


  4. vanduyn

    Whew! I thought for sure it had to be an April Fools joke! Thank goodness I was right. We NEED you two. You by far have the most comprehensive Alex site. Please don’t stop!! Mahalo!! 🙂


  5. Both of you are also “ONE IN A MILLION”
    Thank you


  6. Thank you for it being a April Fool joke ,but must of admit it did get me worried ,this man has given me such a lot of pleasure over these past few years ,and when you live alone he fills some lonely hours . So please keep up the excellent work you all do ,you are appreciated I can assure you xx


  7. You Scared me! I Love your site .I may not always comment.But I always read and look at the pictures you post.X0XOXO


  8. I wish we would have been more creative with our April Fools post, but the “world” is safe for another year before we might get naughty again. Sure hope there are no ill feelings. Luckily I was too busy at work and couldn´t see the comments till early morning hours. We deserve a good spanking, so please teleport Alex our way and we will accept our punishment humbly.


    • gracenotpark

      LOL!! The post actually WAS pretty creative! Given how the 5-0 fandom seems to “work”, it was a totally believable scenario…for bloggers other than y’all. Y’all are our steadfast dynamic duo.

      However, even more creative is your choice of payback for the scare. LOL! If I could teleport Alex to y’all, I certainly would. ❤


  9. Brooklyngirl

    I’m very happy you haven’t gone anywhere! I’ve said it before both you and Paula are the indisputable mavens of all things Alex!! And lucky for us that you both share so generously!! Hope you a had good few days off and welcome home!!


  10. Karen

    I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you all do for this site. I have enjoyed every article, photos and gifs that you post on Alex.


  11. karen

    I wish you both could be in his presence at least once. It is a wonderful experience to be so very close to him. I don’t know how Malia can stand it! LOL. Thanks for all you do.


  12. Thank you, thank you for not going away! Look forward every day to your posts.


  13. Kath40

    Thanks ladies for coming back and letting us breath a sigh of relief that this was all an April Fools Day prank. So glad you’re planning on another year posting pics. giff and finding articles or posting some of your own brilliant opinions on our Man Alex. OXOXO and to finish Micks philosophical words~
    “What we want doesn’t always matter….
    but then again, sometimes it’s all that does.” ♥ ((HUGS)) Kath40


  14. It’s always good to know how a joke can strike a cord when it’s regarding something that brings happiness. Whew! Glad my weekend can end on a much happier note and many more Alex posts to come.


  15. Leah

    Thank you Paula and FOYeur for sticking around for all fellow Alex fangirls! Your hard work and time IS very much appreciated! And I also thought the April Fools Day post WAS creative – thankfully Smartass Koala helped me realize it was a prank. 🙂 I truly hope you 2 get to meet in person one day and get to make your Hawaii trip . . . couldn’t happen to any more dedicated fans! I’ll dream along with you on making that trip and would gladly teleport Alex to you guys to serve up your punishment if I could! 😀


  16. What a relief to hear that you two naughty ladies played a prank on us! I’m so glad to hear that all your wonderful work here will continue. I would be very happy to donate money to another year’s subscription. Thank you again for bringing Alex joy to my life.


  17. cwtshjan

    Been on hols since 24th March so I missed all the good news about S7, and I’m glad I missed April Fool cos I would have been frightened to death. Great to be back and glad you’re still here feeding us hungry Alex fans. We’d starve without you. Great pics and gifs as usual.


  18. You two do a fantastic job, thank you for all you do for us in the Alex fandom world!! I love that ML quote, one of my faves from that super special series!!


  19. Majbritt

    I’m SO glad for this site and for your Hard work and dedication.
    Keep on going strong.
    A big Hello from Danmark 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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