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#AlexOLoughlin is ONE in a Million ….

If somebody should ask me why I am here with Paula enjoying our fun with Alex, I would not be able to give an easy answer.

Maybe I can get as philosophical as Mick in Episode 5 of Moonlight:

In Mick's words

This picture is one of my very first attempts at doing anything “creative”, and I posted it on Pinterest a long before we even started this site. We have come a long way since those early days. It has been a wonderful learning curve of discovering Alex, discovering the Internet and even hopefully improving my English a bit.

But by far the friendship that I made here with Paula enriched my life far more that I could ever say. We live thousands of kilometers apart and might never even get to meet each other in person, but that does not matter because we enjoy it all. Of course our dream is to one day travel to Hawaii together and we joke about it often, especially with the knowledge that it will post probably never actually happen.

AIF award

Rest assured that we regard Alex as one in a million and as long as we can have some fun with him here, we will be here.

For the past 2 years we have actively and on a daily basis worked towards putting together the most comprehensive place of information that you can find regarding all things Alex O”loughlin. We are nearly done with the transcripts of all his past interviews and adding the new ones as they happen. We have also been trying to recreate all the written articles of him that we can find. Our archives are therefore a wealth of knowledge of him.

And on top of that you will have to go a far way to find so many of his best pictures  ever taken and gifs of him in action ever posted in one place. Paula work hard at finding the best of the best versions of all the pictures and with them she also create beautiful art and fabulous animated gifs. I am very proud of our Instagram and Facebook pages – they are a place of beauty, Alex beauty.

Thank you all for all the support, we appreciate each comment, like and mention everywhere. It is our pleasure to share all things Alex here with you, because he is one in a million …….

Kind Regards



Alex - SOTB 2 (2011)

PS. Apologies to anybody who we really scared with our April Fools joke this year. We tried to find something more creative, but failed miserably. And with everybody so convinced of it being an April Fools joke, we could not resist to drag it out a bit more with today’s post. 


Because of real life commitments that we are having at the moment, we might be missing some days without anything useful to post, but we will still be here and plan to pay our subscription for at least another year. :wink2:

And we will still support ALL Alex’s work – even Hawaii Five-0. :D


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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (27 Mar – 1 April 2016)

I guess FOYeur left me to do this also from now on. Such an eventful week and I hope you enjoy it all.

Please be aware that this weeks’ pictures might contain spoilers, but I do not think that the ones I posted here will take away any viewing pleasure by giving away too much of the story that we will actually see in the episode.

I’m also not posting the video and pictures that Daniel Dae Kim and Masi Oka posted from the set this week. They deleted them later, and out of respect for them and for whoever asked them to remove the posts I will not share it here. Seeing pictures from the set can be fun, but it is really not fun when too much of what is to be expected is given away.

Something else made spotting Alex pictures very difficult this week. He seems to have a new stand-in or stunt double, who resembles him quite a lot, especially on blurry small pictures taken from long distances.

Some of the pictures that might have fooled people:

I think this picture describes how we all felt about this weeks’ set pictures.

thesaltypepper hawaii five OHHHHHHHH!! 📽 #hawaiifiveo#hawaii50#filming#anotherbeachday#alohamonday#s

From thesaltypepper

I don’t think any plane in the history of Hawaii has been photographed, or hit the news, more than this one on the beach this week. And some sites posted each and every one of those pictures.

Life on the Set:

Makani Kai Helicopters

For once, one of our spiffy MD-500s got to share the Five-0 spotlight. The plot line in this show called for McGarrett and Kono to fly to Molokai. It’s amazing just how many people are required to make it happen for the cameras. Alex O’Loughlin looks right at home at the controls.

#hawaiifive0 #five0 #shooting #scottcaan #actor #hi #hawaii #hilife #hawaiilife #waikiki #oahu #japanese #japanesegirl #ハワイファイブオー #ファイブオー #撮影 #スコットカーン #俳優 #役者 #ハワイ #ハワイライフ #ワイキキ #オアフ #イケメン #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett #dannywilliams #danno

From Lei on set


wbacon11 So that plane we were wondering about the other day is a prop for Hawaii Five-O! They are filming just outside our hotel this morning & managed to snap these pics of filming. (Spot Scott Caan) #hawaii#hawaiifive0#hawaiifive0filming


Here you go #HawaiiFive0

Darryl Hamblett Alex Olaughlin (McGarrett) having breakfast.Alex & bodyguard
sheeny888 On the next episode of #hawaiifive0
#waikiki #hawaii #hawaiilife #h50 #islandlife #oahu #honolulu #hilife
Alex on set 2


  Hawaii five-0 filming at Hilton Hawaiian Village!! Danno was sooo cute 😭❤️

Alex on set


それにしても今日のまくだの可愛かった☺️ だのぴ必死に追いかけてたからすてーぶの写真思ったほどなかった…

Alex on set


From Shoes teacher
shoes_teacher Alex O’Loughlin #hawaiifive0
From Shoes teacher
 lizcon76 Danno & Steve in between takes – filming at Hilton Hawaiian Village today! #hawaii50
From Lizcon
jordenrunt16  McGarrett & Danny🏼️ #hawaiifive0
from Jordenrunt16
miho.w.in_808 I’m so excited to watch #hawaiifiveo filming today.️ All of them are real Hawaii heroes. Good job and very thankful for all of #hawaiifiveo staff.️️
Nikki Ingmire Preston At Waikiki Beach HonoluluFrom Nikki

Sylvia Whitaker  Hawaii Five-O Photos Shelley Bartlett Short, I assume one of these boys might be who you refer to. Temara, yes I missed you but not when these boys were standing in front of me.  Hahahaha!

From Sylvia on set 3

Fan Photos:

  •  On top of all the new pictures from the set, there were also a number of “new” old pictures found this week:
sean2by4 Me and my homie Alex O’Loughlin (Honolulu Fashion Week 17 Nov 2014)
Alex & Sean Nov 2014

Credit Artemio Visaya On Facebook

Met Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett on new Hawaii Five-O!!

Holiday party - Dec 2010Hawaii Five-0 Holiday party at Aloha Tower – 18 December 2010

and I just want to add, that this lady have the right idea – hold onto him as tight as you can, when you have the chance 🙂


mcsj79 #hawaii5o #stevemcgarrett #AlexOLoughlin
From Matt Posted Dec 2015
 This picture seems to have been taken at the
Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation event in June 2015

Hailey Shaul

Bumped into Alex O’Loughlin (aka Steve McGarrett from Hawaii 5-0) on the North Shore! Definitely a great way to end my summer!HaileyThank you to Nicole from  Gorgeous Alex O’Loughlin  for the find.

News for the week:


Amy Bakari  Tonight at University of Hawaii’s TIM Celebrate A Legacy Event honoring #‎H50 Peter LenkovFrom AmyThank you to Amy for posting pictures from the event on Thursday. Click on her name to view them on her Facebook page.


Next Week:

  • This will be the last week of filming for Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0.

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