Time has come to say goodbye to Stevie McGarrett

It has become a task too heavy to continue with. Following Steve´s story that just went poof (ages ago). It is my sad duty to tell you that Foyeur has left us smiley-crying

Even my interest in McDreamy has dropped to an all time low and pretty much killed it today. With Moonlight´s strong fanbase I will continue my hobby in a more loving environment (and get away from the sad H50 bickering).

So it is with sadness I say goodbye to Steve 😦

mcg koala goodbye

And a warm welcome to Mick mania!

welcome mick koala

I intend to post Mick inch by inch, starting with the juiciest bit.


crotch 2

Anyway, have a nice day 


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45 responses to “Time has come to say goodbye to Stevie McGarrett

  1. Rofl. Oh, this is a good one. Love it. ☺


  2. Carl Kidder

    I really enjoy the Hawaii-Five-O area.  Sorry you are no longer doing that.


  3. Drbell

    OH YEAH….


  4. This just ripped my heart out. I know how much time and love has gone into sharing so much with us and yet again it has been ruined by some. My very best to Foyeur and Paula I’m not going anywhere and will love whatever you have time to post. Alex photos and humor are all I need. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝


  5. gracenotpark

    Yeah cos the ML fandom was such a stable, kind, and gentle bunch. 😆

    BUT, since you are now exposing yourselves as actor-centric 😉 rather than Show-centric, this will split the 5-0 fandom in two! 😯 Those who are Show-centric will now start writing ugly things about Alex on websites and calling him ugly and old rather than handsome and sexy, which they HAD believed him to be only yesterday. But, ya know, Show centric and all.

    Of course the 5-0 fandom is already split into, like, 10 different fandoms, so…nevermind.

    Kisses to Paula, the Brave and Delightful. ❤ And tell Our Beloved Foyeur we'll see her tomorrow. 😉


  6. Kimphin1

    Paula, a sad day indeed, and one many of us have had along the last few years. I wish Foyeur all the best.. and while it may not be fun now, we can ALWAYS have our memories of the good times! (We’ve definitely had our fun over the years!)

    Best to you both.


  7. April Fools, I suspect! ;>)


  8. You are very creative every year on this day!

    Paula, you’re trying to kill us this week with all pics and gifs choices on these week’s posts. Thank you.
    Foyeur, i’m waiting for an intense study of our favorite subject made with love and detail like no one else makes.

    Happy weekend, girls!


  9. spinslj

    April Fools to everyone — I think I’d have a spasm if you really quit!


  10. Regina Filange

    This better be an April fools joke because it’s not funny


  11. Audrey

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving this site and that Foyeur has already gone. I understand, I too have lost interest in Hawaii Five-O. I loved the show from the beginning, because of Alex, but with nothing new coming out of Hawaii, there’s nothing much to write about. Also waiting on the beach for days wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.
    My interest will always be Mick St. John, too bad they didn’t continue that series. Big Mistake. I fought hard for ML, too.
    Thank you for all your interesting stories, I’ve enjoyed them all, even though I didn’t comment much.
    All the best to you ,Paula and Foyeur.
    Take care,
    Audrey XXOO


  12. If this is 2016 April fools (as I hope it is) I have to admit that you get me every year 😉


  13. Im Really hopeing this is April Fools.But if not i still love the site.


  14. I am on vacation where time and date is redundant. So I have to say: damn, you’re good. You had me! You are evil!!! LOL!


  15. April Fools? It is a very good one!! 😝 I had to read like three times before I remember which day it is today!😊 I hope that is what is happening, ummm you did changed all the Steves pics with Micks!!


  16. LOL!!! Cracked me up…and the inch by inch..ggguuurrllll you are too funny. 🙂


  17. Audrey

    I guess I was fooled.


  18. If you repost tomorrow, april 2nd, I’ll give my sad comment and heart felt reaction, for now I’ll just leave it at april fools 🙂


  19. Grrrrr! You get me EVERY year! I guess I will forgive you. 😉 Nice Micklicious pics!


  20. Helma

    Will wait until tomorrow to find out if this is a joke … or not …


  21. Brooklyngirl

    Dear Paula and Foyeur, Happy April Fools Day! Iwasthisclosetobelieving it! I know a lot of work goes into this every day so whether it’s Mick, Andy or Steve as long as I see his gorgeous face I’m happy!


  22. vanduyn

    Very funny!! Good one 😉


  23. If this is a joke I can breathe again…..


  24. Ohhhhh right, I’m so gullible.


  25. Leah

    Got to admit Ladies, you had me there for about 5 seconds . . . then I remembered it’s April Fools Day . . . then I spotted that little SMARTASS KOALA in the first 2 pics with Steve and Mick! 😀 Congrats on a GOOD 1 Girlies!! But I’ve got to say that I SURE DID ENJOY every juicy inch by inch that followed!!!!! 😛 Gotta love ya!


  26. Sandra

    April Fools of course! 🙂


  27. Karen

    Just love the last few photos on this one!! 😉


  28. lindae5o

    Give up on Stevie ? I hope NEVER !!! April Fools !!!


  29. Andrea

    OK, you girls are soooo bad… I was ready to ask why Foyeur is leaving, then I realized – Paula and Foyeur will never stop fangirling about Alex, so this must be A JOKE!
    I hate April fool’s day when it comes to you two, every year I have to think twice about something I read here
    Well done… sending you lots of hugs from (finally) warmer Croatia


  30. Love that picture!


  31. Colleen

    I totally fell for this for about two minutes. I read the story. Felt like I was going to cry and then remembered what day it is. You ladies are evil!!


  32. Kath40

    If it weren’t for a full day of practical jokes from friends and family I may have fallen for this “devastating” news. (whew) 😉
    You ladies make it fun to come here every day to see what’s up with our man Alex. Being one of the Moonlight strong (don’t forget RABID) fanbase I was thrilled to see you found a suitable focus in Mick to get us through the “all time low” of McG interest. LOL Until that interest perks back up and FOYEUR returns to us “tomorrow” I will enjoy Paula’s Intense Study of Mick in pieces. ♥


  33. Audrey

    I was so oblivious, that I didn’t think of April Fools Day. I actually got engaged on April 1st, and have been happily married for 40 yrs. later this month.


  34. karen

    I always love any reason to get my Mick fix. I love Steve, but he’ll never be Mick. Thanks always.


  35. buttercup4u

    As i was not joked the whole day, i was really sad to read this, and i thought this is partially my fault too, because i didn’t join in and comnent, as i used to do!
    I even had tears in my eyes 😉 seriously!
    Because you guys do a fanstatic job, here, and i still dread the moment this info is for real!
    Are we never to old?!?


    • Wel I was sad too buttercup4u, and thought ah well that’s one way to break an addiction – cold turkey rehab! Get it ripped out from under you just when you’re having so much fun. And thought if I had been here earlier ( a few years) I could have helped support better. Such a tragic!
      Will still be sad until some more fantastic news and pics show up from the clever girls who give so much care and fun to this site……..c’mon c’mon ladies ……….


  36. CUYPERS Patricia

    Was the fish good ?


  37. lipstx4evr

    OMG!!! You so totally got me! I actually found myself feeling sad about this, as I only discovered this little slice of heaven a little while ago. Thanks for the great joke, and also for your dedication to such a beautiful subject.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Brenda V

    April’s fool’s I believe… I’ll always love Moonlight over Hawaii Five 0. I’m still not over its cancellation and keep hoping for a movie about the series.


  39. Bea Trainer

    He is so much better in Moonlight ! Thank God for DVDs.


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