Congratulations! #H50 renewed for season 7!

We are so happy to hear Alex gets to work from home for one more year 🙂

CBS has officially announced s7.


He loves his paradise ♥ As proved by Kala Alexander:

kala_dacaptain Just heard the great news that #Hawaii50 has been renewed for its 7th season on @cbstv. Super happy for my brother #AlexOloughlin I know how much he hates leaving #Hawaii now lol. Congrats to the big boss @plenkov and to all the hard working people behind the cameras as well. Hopefully #Kawikawill be back soon. 👊🏾Have a great#AlohaFriday everyone. #RVCAloha#MahaloKeAkua



Cheers for one more season of action in paradise!



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23 responses to “Congratulations! #H50 renewed for season 7!

  1. This is such great news. Truly happy that Alex got his wish, and we another year of watching him do his magic every week. 🙂


  2. Colleen

    I’m so happy right now. Alex gets to stay home and we get to see him every week. Yay! Such a good fan girl day


  3. lindae5o

    I am glad for Alex, but also torn. I’ll be happy to see Alex each week, for another year, but unless PL, and his cohorts, make more of an effort, what is the point, except for making more money from syndication. I can’t help it, that’s how I feel.


  4. This is wonderful news! Another season of watching Alex on my big screen TV! YES!


  5. I agree with paula on this .The writers must do a better job .I’ve not been impressed with a lot of show.But still watch because im LOving Alex to much not to.


  6. Great news ,love this show ,so looking forward to seeing the gang again ,although behind you in episodes ,you have many many fans in the UK


  7. Karen

    WooHoo!!!! That is SO good to hear! So glad that they renew the show.


  8. Kath40

    YAY!!!! I’m so happy to get another season of Alex on my TV. ♥
    I’ve stopped hoping for better writing and just take H5-0 for what it is. I love what Alex has been able to do with it anyway. The few times they gave him something to sink his teeth into he has acted the **** out of it. 😀
    I’m happy for Alex that he gets to stay close to home doing the craft he loves and that he is so GOOD at. ♥


  9. karen

    Loving it, and H50. No complaints.


  10. I am happy to see Alex for another year and I have been saying this for weeks, nice to get an early confirmation!


  11. dawn russell

    I’m absolutely stoked that at least we get to see Alex and crew for 1 more year in Australia. We are so proud of him!


  12. Such wonderful news I am happy for Alex and all his fans. including myself YAY!!!!!


  13. Very glad to hear this for Alex and us, even though the episodes are a bit behind here in Australia


  14. Lee Ann

    Thank you for posting the renewal nice & early. Hope Alex is happy with that, though have doubts about Scott & Grace’s glee. As stated above, Peter & staff MUST do better in writing or getting scripts from others for our boy. Alex just keeps getting better looking.


  15. Great news there! Congrats to a 7th season!


  16. BRANDY

    yes!!!! Season 7! H5o is lterally THE BEST show on tv. THE BEST!!!!! I love the original cast Daniel, Scott, Grace, Alex, they are the show. BUT… I will NOT watch without ALEX and Scott especially. They are the reason I watch. Especially my sexy ALex!!! I want to see McGarrett kick ass again. I know he got hurt but…stunt double maybe. I want the Alex O/McG action back!!!!!
    Who’s with me?!!!!


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