Gifs for the day – Mick´s ouch.

There’s a lot of action in the show, and I was wondering if you do your own stunts or if you have a stunt double.
[Alex deepens his voice to a sexy sounding level as if trying to pick up the interviewer and you can just picture him saying it with a wink]
I do my own stunts baby….




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13 responses to “Gifs for the day – Mick´s ouch.

  1. Just the thought of that deeper voice makes me feel warmer 😉


  2. gracenotpark

    OMG I loved that scene! He made so many unexpected acting choices in that show! ❤


  3. cwtshjan

    That deep voice could talk a girl in to anything!!


  4. dcjank

    THX for starting off Monday with something to make me smile!! I could hear Alex answer that question in his deep, Mick-voice that a writer once called ‘Velvet Gravel.’ I loved this ML eppy and this scene… especially when he was getting up after being staked and maybe the best part was the look on his face when Beth touched his fast-healing wound. I absolutely agree that Alex made some unusual acting choices for Mick and every one made us love Mick/Alex even more!!


  5. vanduyn

    OMG!! Please tell me you have that on a soundcloud?? I want it 😀 Thanks for the gifs, amazing as usual!!


  6. Pain should not be sexy! 😳 Damn Mick/Alex and that toe curling voice of his! 👅


  7. Kath40

    This is absolutely one of my most favorite scenes. The veins and muscles in Alex/Mick’s neck as he groaned in pain was so toe curling-ly sexy. OMG!
    I loved when Beth said “thought stakes were supposed to kill vampires.” and Mick answered with that breathy deep voice “No, they only paralyze us.” 😛


  8. Wow, MickWhumpage…bless his heart…he was a serious heep on the floor..he got shot? Poor baby!


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