#AlexOLoughlin …… They Say I’m a Sex Object

Part of another funny interview with Alex and Jennifer at the Press Junket in March 2010 for the movie The Back-Up Plan.

This time with Associated Press.

The two of them talk about the dogs on set, and the shape of their bodies for the movie …..


[Clip from The Back-Up Plan – Stan arrives for their 1st date]

Alex: So much time was spent on this movie, with Jennifer and I …

Jennifer:  ….On those dogs…

Alex: ……. like frozen in action and the dog trainers going, “Nibbins …. nibbins”, and clicking.

Jennifer: “Nibbins” “click” “click” “click” .. “Nibbins” “click” “click” “click”

Alex: And throwing bits of  food at it. And this dog is like …

Jennifer: In between our dialogue, right. So I will be like, “Hey, how are you?”

Alex & Jennifer: “Nibbins” “Click, click,  click..”

Alex: And I’d be like, “Good thanks Zoe”

Jennifer: Crazy town.


[Clip from the Back-up Plan – Stan & Zoe walking into his farm house]

Alex: You just can’t take it seriously. I mean, it’s like I got fit before I did the movie. And they got me a great trainer, Jeff Blair. Who has become a great friend and my fulltime trainer. And look what he did to my body.  

You know, I was  270 pounds when he met me, and then he tore me up. And they said, “Take your shirt off”. And I did.

And now people are like, “You’re a sex object” And I‘m  like, “Well” … okay.


[Clip from filming the Back-Up Plan – Zoe at Grandma’s wedding]

Jennifer: I got much bigger than our little Zoe did. Yes. I was like 50 pounds and my nose was like this big. It was crazy.

Alex: Yeh, whatever.

Jennifer: I was.

Alex: Okay, maybe you got bigger than Zoe did. But I’ve seen pictures of you ….

Jennifer: The last month …

Alex: I’ve seen pictures of you when you were pregnant. You and Marc and stuff. You were still beautiful.

Jennifer: No, there were some good ones and  then at the end.

Alex: Crazy.


Jennifer: Like two weeks before I gave birth we went to this big event. And when I look at that picture now, and Marc looks literally like a …. like a little person.

Alex: Like a child.

Jennifer: Like a child. And I looked like a gargantuan Amazonian women with a huge nose and a belly like this. And I am kind of towering over him with all this hair. It’s crazy.

[Clip from the Back-Up Plan – at the playground]

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9 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …… They Say I’m a Sex Object

  1. Ah, the ‘the abs have left the building’ gif! I love it!
    And 270 pounds? LOL, no way Alex, now way.


  2. Leah

    Thank you!! Enjoyed the AWESOME ABS strolling across my screen as well as the cute video clip of their interview! But DAMNNNNN . . . . those ABS!!!!!! 😛


  3. Karen

    Love the GIF for today and OMG his abs and that “V” shape!!


  4. Kath40

    I love these gif’s ♥ Alex worked hard on transforming his body for TBUP. *THUD*
    I love how he finds it funny that they say he’s “now” a “sex object.”
    What…like he wasn’t before? 😛
    He’s so humble and knows he has an effect on those around him, but he doesn’t abuse it. His shyness is adorable.
    It’s his humble charming nature that makes his physical beauty so much more appealing. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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