#H50 6.17 – #SteveMcGarrett saved the day

Not quite the story I was expecting to see. Thought it would have solved Cath´s story, but it was once again left open for anything. Maybe they are saving her for a cliff hanger for McG in season 7 (if there is one). Anyway, thought this was hard to capture for gifs, but in the end found some nice moments to enjoy 🙂

Hardly any smiling McG


The strut that never fails to impress


Beauty in dark






Beautiful Hawaii





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23 responses to “#H50 6.17 – #SteveMcGarrett saved the day

  1. Getting quite tired of storylines that keep dragging with not much really happening but other than that the ep was quite good.
    Good to see some determined McGarrett in action 🙂


  2. Love him in any pose and thanks so much for everyone for pictures gifs and info. I hope we get a season 7. I was looking at the pic where he is walking I think its the first time I have seen him forget to remove in wardrobe. But it’s nice to see he still wears one. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.


  3. Karen

    Love the GIF that you posted today. Thank you! Lets hope we get a seventh season.


  4. Haven’t seen the episode yet because they were airing the basketball tournament instead last night (Grrrr). However, in looking at the gifs, did anyone notice that Alex still had his wedding ring on when he was doing the “strut”? LOL. 😀


  5. Kath40

    Thanks for the gifs Paula.♥ I love that Alex has forgotten to remove his ring when playing Steve. It’s such a part of him that it’s up to wardrobe to make sure it stays safely tucked away over the average 8 day shooting schedule.
    ( I’d be more then happy to be the official ring keeper 😀 )

    I feel we will get a season 7. But we’ll have to see if we get anything beyond that. Alex and Daniel are more then happy to say in Hawaii, Scott and Grace…not so much. 😉


  6. Annie

    Don’t know how many episodes are left but here is what I was thinking. Since the show hasn’t been picked up again yet, I think PL should write two endings involving Catherine (They get back together or she remains abroad.)


  7. vanduyn

    Thanks for the gifs Paula!! You rock! 😀


  8. gracenotpark

    I enjoyed this ep a lot. We saw our bold, give-no-efs McG last night. Also his loving, protective side. And he was in it a lot, at-large and in-charge! Two thumbs up for me. 😀


  9. lindae5o

    Not bad episode. No one has mentioned that we got a just-out-of-the-shower
    Steve, at the beginning. Mmmmmm !! Best part of the whole episode.


  10. Lee Ann

    A zillion TV shows were listed as “renewed or cancelled” a week ago (most of which I never heard/see) and nothing from CBS on Hawaii 50! They always wait till the last minute to announce this. Next TWO weeks are basketball playoffs, so no Alex.
    I wonder what they are going to do about Catherine…..


  11. Left open the door for Catherine to return. But still the producers are dragging out the story line.


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