#AlexOLoughlin: I Was Scared of Marriage – March 2016

TV Week,

March 2016
Hawaii Five-0 star opens up about commitment and life in Hawaii.

Five-0 team

When Alex O’loughlin signed on to appear in a TV series shot in Hawaii, he never thought he’d still be there six years later. But, the laid back lifestyle has suited the Australian star.

Alex plays lieutenant Steve McGarrett in the rebooted crime series, Hawaii Five-0.

“I didn’t know I was coming to Hawaii to meet my wife and have a family”, Alex, 39, says of moving to the island.

“I didn’t know I would be accepted in the Polynesian culture. And, that I would be blessed and given a [Hawaiian] name, and that I’d give my children Hawaiian names.”

Indeed a lot has happened for him since he based himself in Hawaii. He credits a lot of positive lifestyle changes to his wife, Malia.
The two wed in 2014 and have a three-year-old son Lion together. Malia’s son from a previous relationship, and Alex’s son, Saxon, also from a previous relationship, spend time living with them. 

“They’re all in the water and just running around like little forest animal,” Alex laughs.

However marriage wasn’t something Alex always thought would be on the cards for him.

“Hollywood is not exactly a hot bed of mental health, and I include myself in that,” he says.

“There’s not exactly super secure people everywhere. So having relationships, and when you have to travel so much, it’s tricky.” 

But now settled in Hawaii, he described marriage as

“the best”. “It is totally different to what I thought it would be,” he says.

I was sort of scared at first. But if you’re in it, and you don’t have a foot out the door – it is the most incredible thing and everything just gets better.”

Alex and Malia - AIF 2013
While Hawaii has become home for Alex, he still maintains strong ties to Australia.

The bush is something I miss, as a close second behind my family,” he says.

To stay in touch with his roots, Alex designed his house using hardwood and corrugated iron from Australia.

“I’ve got pepper trees out the front, a verandah and tin roof,” he says. “[They are] things that remind me where I come from.”

Even when Hawaii Five-0, which is airing its sixth season, comes to an inevitable end, Alex wants to maintain his base on the island.

“I don’t want to go anywhere,” Alex says. “It’s a wonderful place.”

He’s not only who has relaxed while on Hawaii. Alex feels his tough-guy character McGarrett has “become gentler” over the course of the series.

“He’s become open to a more long-term situation in his own life with a love,” Alex says.

While he doesn’t ever want McGarrett to soften too much, Alex laughingly admits a few less stunts would not hurt.

“I’m in the hospital every season because of all this sh**t he wants to do,” Alex says of his character.

The actor adds he is happy to jump out of a plane or roll a car, but he would like a chilled episode every so often.

“A vacation episode would be nice,” Alex says, “where all McGarrett does is sit on the beach and gets served mimosas and get his feet rubbed.”

Alex as Steve McGarrett

Thank you to Hawaii Five-0 Australia on Facebook, for posting the scan of the article.

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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: I Was Scared of Marriage – March 2016

  1. gracenotpark

    He really opens up to his reporter homies. I’m delighted to get the chance to see this. Thanks to you all for working together for us all! ❤


  2. Brooklyngirl

    How wonderful to read this. A happy Alex gives us a happy actor and it shows! Long live H50!! Oh, I totally volunteer to rub his feet and serve him mimosas on his beach vacation! ;-)!


  3. I love these so much, thanks for sharing. I never tire of Alex interviews and his positive spin on his life and love of family.


  4. Great interview but shoddy research. Malia’s son Spike is from her previous marriage to Australian surfer Luke Stedman, not “a former relationship”. I love Alex’s house and envy it. It’s really beautiful! So glad it wasn’t destroyed when it caught on fire a couple of years ago.


  5. This interview shows that he has been given his hawaiian name ‘Kekau’ for a reason. He is grateful, content, settled and happy.


  6. Thanks for the interview. Appreciate it. Glad he is staying true to his Australian roots.


  7. I’m a happy fan reading about a happy Alex.

    And i don’t mind a episode only about Steve’s vacation or anything else of this complex character. H50 writers unfortunately forgot who is the main character in these last 2 seasons.

    Thank you Foyeur!


  8. Kath40

    Alex’s happiness makes me happy. Thank you for this article FOYEUR. ((HUGS)) ♥


  9. Darin Bland

    I lived on Oahu for 26 years from Dec 22, 1987 to Aug 31, 2013. Over the years there I’ve seen a lot of changes. Anyway I am the guy that started or lets say popularized the street performing in ’94 – ’09 on Kalakaua at Seaside. At that time I was known as the Famous Blayz. I was the first pantomime. Anyway Ive moved on from that and went back to writing, creating original music.
    Check out : cdbaby.com/cd/darinblayzbland
    I’m also on YouTube. So when I meet up with you it’ll probably be somewhere in Australia. You appear to be a cool dude. Being a long time musician Ive became very observant. As they say ,aloha brudda.
    Darin Bland aka Blayz


    • Hi Darin
      Please note that this is a fansite for Alex run by two fangirls. We have no contact with Alex or anybody on the show and he does not read stuff on here. Sorry.


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