Hawaii Five-0’s #ScottCaan and #AlexOLoughlin Make Waves – #H50 2010

Alex and Scott in a short interview with People Magazine

– Up Close,

posted on 20 September 2010

The actors embrace comparisons to the classic TV show, even though one of them has never seen it!

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Alex: I’m Scott Caan, I play Steve McGarrett in the show.

Scott [smiling]: I’m Alex O’Loughlin and I play Danno. I’ve never seen the original. I made a point not to.

I’ve never been a big TV watcher. And I never had seen the old Five-O.

And when I did this, I made a point not to watch, because I didn’t want to have any old ideas. I didn’t want to bring any of that, to this show.

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[Clip from Pilot Episode – Meeting Kono]

Alex: Yeah, we got a few … I mean there are a few pieces that we ….. you know, where we can we pay … pay homage to the old show and you know.

The old one is really stylised, you know. The old on is very kind of ….. I mean, you go back and you look at it. It’s fantastic, but it is very … it’s very, very different to television as we know it today.

It was 40 years ago that it finished, you know. It started over 50 years ago, and so it’s another world. But this is a ….. yeah, this is …. this is different.

Link to Video:

My thoughts

I have seen quite a few time where people ask why Alex and Scott switched their names when they introduced themselves on this video. Of course it was just the two of them having some fun. I think this was just them introducing themselves and kind of saying, “Don’t take anything we say in interviews too seriously”.

If you watch their interviews, you can easily see how they like to have some fun with obsessed fans and with how they sometimes mock them a bit by what they say with sarcastic remarks. 

Maybe it is just them telling us all to loosen up bit. I find it rather funny when I see fans taking what they say so seriously and as real, just because they want to proof their own obsession.



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8 responses to “Hawaii Five-0’s #ScottCaan and #AlexOLoughlin Make Waves – #H50 2010

  1. gracenotpark

    I also think they did this interview on a full-on press day, so they were doing a ton of interviews all in a row, and I’m sure getting asked the same questions over and over and over. They were probably getting a bit bored and stir-crazy, and this was just a little stress relief, a little harmless silly fun to help em stay focussed.

    Also possible an interviewer prior to this one did mix the two of em up and they were riffing on that…. 😉


  2. EDP

    Alex is just utterly gorgeous in this! IMHO he was never more handsome than Dr Andy/first season of H50. Nice brow porn, and love the way he caresses his jaw.


  3. Andrea

    I think I read somewhere that Alex originally wanted to audition for role of Danno, because he at first didn’t think he could be good Steve
    And, of course, both of them like to have as much fun together away from shooting, so this was probably it


    • Hi Andrea, haven’t seen you in a long time.
      Have never heard or read that before and I highly doubt if Alex ever said that. Alex did not audition for the role, he was offered the role of Steve from the start.


      • Andrea

        Hi! I wasn’t here for comments, but I read you girls every couple of days… I didn’t say he DID audition, I said he WANTED to do audition as Danno… I think it was in early interviews, or maybe in rehearsal for Pilot, where Scott and Alex are doing scene around car without guns.
        Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I love when he’s playful and funny in interviews
        Have a great day/next week


        • We doubt he said that about wanting to audition for Danny, however at some point he might have said Danny´s role seems more fun than serious Steve (or something like that).


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