#AlexOLoughlin doing TV Guide’s Water Cooler Quiz – 2008

As part of his interview on  TV Guide with John Fugelsang & Teresa Strasser that we posted on a previous occasion (Link), Alex also did the ‘TV Guide Water Cooler Quiz’ with them.

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Teresa: Hey everybody, welcome back to TV Water Cooler. Alex O’Loughlin, or as I like to call him Count ‘Hotchula’ from Moonlight is here. Now our interview with a vampire takes a turn to the dark side as Alex faces his worst fear yet, The Cooler Quiz.

John: ‘Renfield’, lights!
John: That’s my ‘Renfield’ impression.

Alex: Very good.

ml3 m5
John: Alex, your character became a vampire in 1952 at age 30.

Alex: Yes.

John: That makes you 86 years old.

Alex: Yes.

John: Isn’t that a bit young for CBS?


Alex: Is there ….Yes.

John: Correct.

Teresa: Alex, this might be a personal question, but what’s the most delicious tasting blood type?

Alex: O positive.

Teresa: Yes.

Alex: Excellent finish.

Teresa: Nice nose.

Alex: Thank you.

John: Yes the oldest blood type. Recently your character was temporarily made human.

Alex: Hmmm.

John: You’re Australian.

Alex: I am.

John: Couldn’t you do that to Rupert Murdoch?

Alex: OH! He’s a gorgeous man.

Teresa: I agree

John: We’ll accept that answer.

Teresa: I agree, cause you know what, uncle Rupee could buy and sell all of us.

Alex: Rupee.

Teresa: We love you Rupee.

Alex: I love you Rupee.

John: Right.

Teresa: Okay, so you’re on TV Guide’s sexiest list. Who do you find sexy?

Alex: Ahh … My mom is really … have you seen my mom? Have you?

Teresa: We can’t accept that. We can’t accept that.

Alex: Ah …. Seal ….. And I find Seal sexy and Tom Hanks and Heidi Klum and Jack Black.

Teresa: We’ll take that.

John: We’ll accept that. You’re a vampire. Do vegetarians really taste better?

Alex: No.

John: Oh, I’m so disappointed.

Alex: I’m sorry. No.

Teresa: Please say this line,A dingo ate my baby”.

Alex: “A dingo ate my baby”.


Alex: I did that in ..

Teresa: Where?

Alex: Nothing.

ml3 m6
John: What was scarier, Francis Coppola’s Dracula, or the ingredients in Count Chocula’s cereal?

Alex: [Laughs] The cereal was …

John: That’s correct. Much scarier.

Alex: Thank you.

John: Much scarier

Teresa: I read that you were considered for the role of 007.

Alex: Yeah.

Teresa: What in the world does Daniel Craig have that you don’t?

Alex: I love talking about that. It’s the role that I didn’t get. We should talk about more roles I didn’t get.

Teresa: You know what we could talk about some girls who broke up with you too, later.

Alex: OH!

John: Okay. That’s worse than being undead. And finally, you’re a singer songwriter like fellow Aussies Nick Cave and Olivia Newton.  What’s the name of your favourite song that you’ve written?

Alex: Am I really a singer songwriter? Ah … Balls” . What’s the name of …

ml3 m3
John: What’s the name of your favourite song you’ve written?

Teresa: That was it.

Alex: It’s called …

Teresa: Balls”.

Alex: Balls”, I think.

Teresa: Okay, let’s leave it at that. Alex.

John: Okay.

Teresa: Thank you so much, for being such a good sport.

Alex: Thank you.

Teresa: And obviously that song is about Cricket.

Alex: Yeah.

Teresa: Check out the final 3 episodes of Moonlight first season, Fridays on CBS.

John: Coming up, “Lost” teaches us about the secret of the second-hand smoke monsters. What we just uncovered about more of the Island’s secret.

ml3 m2
Teresa: But first breaking news on Miley Cyrus controversial photo Is it threatening her Hanna Montana franchise?

John: Balls

Teresa: Why Tom Cruise is bouncing over at Oprah. And how J.Lo is keeping it real. Stick around.

John: Alex O’Loughlin.

Teresa: Alex O’Loughlin.

Alex: Thank you.

ml3 m7


My Thoughts:

  • In the coming up section right at the end, there was some interesting coincidences that caught my eye.
  1. They talk about ‘Lost’ – of course just 2 years later Alex would be working with Daniel Dae Kim on a permanent basis and later many other actors from ‘Lost’ on Hawaii Five-0.
  2. And they talk about J.Lo keeping it real – I doubt that if someone told Alex on that day of this interview, that just over a year later (in June 2009) he would be filming a movie with Jennifer, that he would have believed it.
  • I found it really funny that they would compare Alex’s singing-songwriting to that of Nick and Olivia – Always wonder where these interviewers or their research people get their info from?
  • For those that might not know: A dingo ate my baby is a phrase attributed to Lindy Chamberlain and also to Meryl Streep’s depiction of Chamberlain in the movie A Cry in the Dark (1988) – also known as Evil Angels – about the death of Azaria Chamberlain, an Australian baby girl who died in 1980 at Uluru in the Northern Territory.
  • And: R. M. Renfield is a fictional character and an antagonist in Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula.


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin doing TV Guide’s Water Cooler Quiz – 2008

  1. cwtshjan

    Love his sense of humour. He ‘s so deliciously wicked sometimes.


  2. Oh I find me some SEAL sexy too Alex! Really!
    And is anybody else laughing at this:
    “Nice nose.”
    “Thank you.” Don’t know if the pun was intended by Alex, but I found it funny!


  3. gracenotpark

    Oh yeah…kinda disappointed she didn’t react more to it…cos it was such a quick-witted quip.

    And gotta mention that I love John Fugelsang, but this particular venue at this point in his career didn’t seem to show his talent. He seemed more uncomfortable and out of his element in this interaction, as a host, than Alex did as a visitor.


  4. vanduyn

    Wait …. Is it my birthday?? This may be my favorite interview ever with Alex when he played Mick!! Let me check…. yep it IS my favorite!! So many coincidences in this, including the fact that Seal and Heidi Klum were actually married after this interview took place! Am I the only one that absolutely loves the way he says “baby” *sigh* Thanks FOYeur!! Awesome job 😀


  5. kathleen8265

    Fun quiz I love Alex and his willingness to play these silly games.
    Cool I too noticed the coincidences of what was up next…like a crystal ball into Alex’s future…little did we know at the time. ♥


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