Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin dreaming of Hawaii

I think to myself, what am I going to do when this is over, you know. I don´t want to leave Hawaii. So, the longer the show goes the less I have to worry about those, sort of  practical,  day in the life, sort of things.

Alex O’Loughlin at the Blessing Ceremony, 8 July 2015

h50 s2 promo edit new



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10 responses to “Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin dreaming of Hawaii

  1. cwtshjan

    If Alex is happy to stay in Hawaii who am I to argue. I hope he gets S7 cos then I’ll be certain of seeing him on a regular basis.


  2. gracenotpark

    Fortunately for him, most predictions are positive about a S7.


  3. Lets hope the show goes on for a long time then 🙂 Or at least that we have a season 7


  4. Just had to note that some may not realize this is a pretty rare pic, the one posted more often is this one https://fi.pinterest.com/pin/377317275004302974/ 🙂


  5. Karen

    Love the photo and goes so well with the quote.


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