#H50 6.15 – #SteveMcGarrett such a McCutie

After last week´s laughs this was more basic H50 action. Nice and even pretty in places 😉 Always good to see Steve´s thighs holstered 😛 And so much blue, Alex´s favorite colour

Could there be any more blue 😉




Cute smile


What a view to look up to 🙂


Yey to funny faces!

Hotness overload


The big oopsie





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14 responses to “#H50 6.15 – #SteveMcGarrett such a McCutie

  1. gracenotpark

    My fave ep of this season. Alotta McG and he was firing on all cylinders. Tho he weirdly changed his shirt for 5 minutes and then changed back into the original shirt. Those bizarre wardrobe inconsistencies always puzzle me…


  2. Loved the way Steve dealt with Neil in this episode 🙂


  3. McCutie is right. What a sight. 🙂


  4. Karen

    Yes he is McCutie. Enjoyed last night show and how Steve was with Neil.


  5. Vixhen

    I loved this episode. It brought me back to the days when 5-0 was all about the action and had less fluff. I want to see more of that. It is a cop show after all. I like the whole team working together on the same case. The dual story lines don’t work IMO. But finally there seems to be some drama on the horizon for the 5-0 crew, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


  6. As much as I enjoyed last week’s eppy, it was good to get back to basic H5-0!!


  7. SMOKIN’ HOT, sweet, sexy, SuperSEAL Steve!! ***SWOON*** and SLURP!!


  8. I loved the episode to and I like when Danny’s family is around. Steve showed his tender side and I love that. I think the Gabriel/Chin fight was too long. I could barley watch it. But, really how did Gabriel survive? And I never saw that coming with Abby!!


  9. Loved the episode even tho i had to suspend belief when Gabriel survived that dreadful fall. How convenient was that truck!!!!!Great acting all round !! I especially loved seeing Kono do her thing and save Grover’s life. ” I LOVE YOU GIRL” and as for Steve in blue???
    Thanks Paula


  10. Leah

    Enjoyed the episode for the obvious McTreats (thanks for the yummy gifs Paula!), but also appreciated how Steve dealt with Neil and his autism. 🙂


  11. Bet Danny will go straight to Steve the first chance he gets to let him in, on the FBI investigation!


  12. buttercup4u

    This ep made me think that I could live without Danno being part of 5-O!!!
    As long as someone makes Steve pull these frkn hot faces!
    Kono and Steve are great together.


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