Watch With Kristin: #AlexOLoughlin – SOTB 2010


Hawaii Five-O” star Alex O’Loughlin talks about the fanfare surrounding his highly anticipated show. Plus, get the scoop on his butt-kicking character!

with Kristin Dos Santos

sotb 2010 cr cl 2

Kristin: This is insane! What the ….. I mean, the show hasn’t even premiered yet, and all of these people are screaming and excited. What have you done to them?

Alex: I hope it’s good man. All of these people are going to be very disappointed.

Kristin: No pressure.

Alex: No pressure.

Kristin: No pressure.


Alex: Um, I’m so touched. I’m so grateful to be a part of this. I mean, it’s like … it’s one thing to work as an actor. You know it is one thing to actually work. I mean I auditioned for so long and didn’t work. You live on people’s couches and do all that stuff. So to work is one thing. But to get this sort of  …. to be received in a new place by ….. I mean the people here are just so awesome and they’re so supportive. I mean, look at this man, it’s like ….  And we’re under the stars, beautiful.

Kristin: There is so much buzz about this show already and I think you guys are many a little protected from that  being here on the island, but I got to tell you everyone on the mainland is already talking about this show.

Alex: Good.


Kristin: How do you feel about that? Is it exciting and do you feel any amount of pressure, given all the hype?

Alex: I feel …. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any pressure. I do feel pressure. And I … but it is really good to be away from all the billboards and away from all the stuff. You know, I mean, it’s good to … we’ve also have been working really, really hard …. We don’t have many days of. It’s sort of, we’ve been in this sort of capsule of isolation and now is the first time I … the reality of it is maybe sinking in.

But, I don’t know about pressure. I don’t know. I think it’s a good show, so not really. And I’ve been here before so, and you never know what is going to happen. But it goes that’s great. If it doesn’t go I really don’t understand what …… anything at all. Cause this is a great show.

Kristin: I don’t either, this is between you and me. And I have been covering television for 10 years now. This seems the surest thing I’ve ever seen. And I hate saying that, because … But it certainly seems like everyone is already behind the new show.

Alex: There’s that hype you’ve been talking about.

sotb 2010 3 cr cl

Kristin: Just saying that because of the hype. I’ve seen the episode and I have to tell you it is really good.

Alex: Okay.

Kristin: You should watch it. You should watch the show.

Alex: Believe I’m about to.

Kristin: It’s on CBS, Monday nights. Check it out. Now, there’s this great guy, Alex.

Alex: Okay.

Kristin: He’s the lead. You’ll love him.

Alex: Tell me about him.

Kristin: I think it is on at 9 o’clock, perhaps? Eight o’clock? Ten o’clock? I don’t know.

Alex: I just make it. They don’t even have television in Hawaii, so you know … I’m joking. Come on

Kristin: Pretty sure they do. Your coconut phone

Alex: That’s right.

sotb 2010 bw bg

Kristin: How much butt kicking are you doing on the show?

Alex: A fair bit of butt kicking . Yeah, I get to. My character is a … he does a lot of kind of … let’s say his tactics are kind of unscrupulous. And he always gets what he wants. And he will just squeeze information out of people anyway he needs to or can, or wants to, you know. Throwing people into shark tanks and hanging them of roofs of high rises.

Kristin: And how scantily clad are you? I just asking what the fans want to know, Alex. What the fans want to know.

Alex: I wear clothes, but when I swim, it’s in very little, so …. does that answer your question?


Kristin: Last thing I want to tell you. I have been here for Lost every year. I think there are more people here tonight, than there have ever been for Lost. It’s pretty crazy.

Alex: Well Lost was a great show. It’s got something to do with it.

Kristin: You have to say that because Dan’s behind you.

Alex: I know. I know.

Kristin: Listening.

Alex: Daniel Dae Kim, listening. He is very defensive.

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9 responses to “Watch With Kristin: #AlexOLoughlin – SOTB 2010

  1. cwtshjan

    Gorgeous. Cute. Sexy in a suit. Smiling,. So appreciative of fans. Perfect man.


  2. gracenotpark

    Cute, as always.


  3. karen

    He looked so young there. We had such fun.


  4. vanduyn

    Wouldn’t you love to be his assistant back then. I love the pic with her hand on his arm 🙂 🙂 Dynamite pics and gifs!! Thanks girlies 🙂


  5. Karen

    Love the photos that you added to the interview. He is so sexy in a suit.


  6. Regina Filange

    He’s aged so well. Damn he’s fine😜😋😍❤️🔥💋. Love all the photos and gifs. Thanks Ladies!


  7. EDP

    oh that 2nd pic- you’re killing me


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