Top 10 Hot Celebrity Actors of 2010

Another one of the ‘lists’ Alex managed to get onto in 2010, and this time as No 1

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Top 10 Hot Celebrity Actors of 2010

28 December 2010
by Celebrity Photo Girl

The year 2010 was filled with hotties, hunks and supernatural studs on both the big screen and small screen alike and narrowing down the list was one difficult (but enjoyable!) task.

See who made the cut for the Top 10 Hot Celebrity Actors of 2010!


1. Alex O’Loughlin
Australian hottie Alex O’Loughlin had a standout year in 2010 with his charming role in The Back-up Plan opposite Jennifer Lopez and his CBS hit Hawaii Five-O, where he often shows off his six-pack abs.

TBUP US Premiere



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12 responses to “Top 10 Hot Celebrity Actors of 2010

  1. cwtshjan

    He’s my number one hottie always. Anytime anywhere.


  2. Kath40

    Alex is always my #1 Hottie. ♥
    You mean to tell me there were other men on this list? Really?

    Nope I only see Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex….. 😀 ♥


  3. Helma

    Alex is my favourite for sure !!!


  4. Regina Filange

    Not one of those guys on the list even comes close to his beauty. He’s so f*ing hot that I can’t get over it. I would literally be speechless if I ever met him. His voice, his eyes, his body, his ausie accent etc., make me weak in the knees. They say cut lines on a fit man make smart girls stupid… He’s so hot I think he would make me stupid. I’m drooling…no salivating over his picture right now. DAMN THE MAN IS F*ING HOT!!🔥


    • Kath40

      [I would literally be speechless if I ever met him.] Don’t worry Regina,
      I felt the same way until I actually met him. He is so warm and welcoming a calmness comes over you and it’s like talking to an old friend
      A F*ING HOT old friend, but very calming none the less. 😉 ♥


      • I have to tell you Kath 40 that I absolutely adore and agree with your comment!!!THANKS


        • Kath40

          ((HUGS)) Mary, It was so nice meeting you at SOTB this year. It’s a time in my life I will always treasure. Meeting internet friends and Alex in the flesh. ♥ 😀


      • Regina Filange

        Lucky girl you are meeting him. I have theories of what I would do if I ever met him. 1- I would faint, 2- I would turn 50 shades of red, 3- combination of 1 & 2 or 4- would only happen if I were really drunk and I’ll leave the rest of that to your imagination😜😋. He seems like he would be a calming person but I’m not real sure he would have that effect on me. Visons of me acting like a 12 year old girl with a huge ass crush on the schools most popular boy are coming to my head and me acting like a fool. Of course if I did faint that might be a good thing right?


  5. Karen

    Well that is an interesting list and I would have only agree to a few of those men on the list and of course Alex would still be on top of that list! He sure is one SEXY hottie!


  6. He is definitely my choice for the hottest actor!


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