#AlexOLoughlin On a Radio Show In Early 2008

It is really great when we find interviews with Alex that we have missed and never heard before. I can not believe how much there still is out there to be discovered. This interview gave me a nice surprise. It gave me the answer and confirmation, directly from Alex, that I have been searching for …….

Moonlight radio interview

Uploaded on 30 June 2008 by Gloria Long

I don’t know which radio station this was from but this video was made for Chris and Liz who has been so helpful in getting all the blood drives up and running. – Gloria

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Steve: This is Mick St John.

Woman: It’s not yet. I’m going to put him on with you, hold on one second.

Steve: Mick your voice is higher than I thought.

Woman: No, his voice is much better than mine. Hold on. Mic … Alex. I was going to call you Mick. You’re on with Steve.

Alex: Hello.

Steve: How are you?

Alex: How are you?

Steve: I’m good. Did we wake you?

Alex: Yes, of course you did.

Steve: Our favourite vampire, ooh.

Alex: Yeah.

Steve: Good morning to you sir. Where are you? Are you in LA?

Alex: I’m in Los Angeles, sitting by the fire.

Woman: Oh, a fire.

Steve: Chilly morning?

Alex: Not cold. It’s just a little chilly.

vampire bw cr

Steve: I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but at the end I think you did a really good job in The Invisible, that the actor from Little Miss Sunshine…..

Alex: Oh, thank you very much.

Steve: If you haven’t seen The Invisible, that’s a good rent.

Woman: Is that about the high school boy?

Steve: Yeah.

Alex: That was good fun.

Steve: We have a lot of people that are wanting to talk to you, so I need to shut up. Here’s Wendy first.

Wendy: Well, quick question is. I know that you are from Australia?

Alex: I am.

Wendy: You were born in Canberra, right?

Alex: Right.

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Wendy: Now my husband is from Australia and I love the accent, but I don’t hear it a lot. I want to hear the Australian accent. Can you do it in that?

Alex: Oh yes. Am I not speaking in it now? It’s funny, I’ve been …

Steve: There is now.

Wendy: Oh there you go. I can hear it now.

Alex: I’ve just woken up and so I’m not really thinking about it. I guess I spend …. cause I spend every day, 20 hours a day in, in American, cause I play and American character, and I stay in my accent at work. So I don’t think about it, you know. Cause I don’t want to … you don’t want to be thinking about the sound that you’re making when the cameras are rolling.

Wendy: Right.

Steve: Amanda is here. What’s the name of the author of the Twilight book?

Amanda: Stephanie Meyers.

Steve: Is this Moonlight …. Is this taken of anything like Twilight and that book at all? Are you familiar with that book about vampires?

Alex: Yes, no I haven’t read it, but I am familiar with it. Which is why I am pretty sure we had to change the name. Originally the show was actually to be called Twilight.

Everybody: Ah, really. Wow.

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Steve: Well, I’ll tell you, we don’t normally get so many fans call so fast. This is Mick St John. O’Loughlin, Alex O’Loughlin from Moonlight and I want to introduce you to, maybe your No1 fan. Diana from South Jordan, are you there?

Diana: Yeah, I’m here.

Steve: Are you ready to speak to your favourite vampire?

Diana: Oh, that just sounded too good. [Laugh] Morning.

Alex: Good Morning.

Diana: I have so many questions, but I guess, the one thing I would like to know is, I know you didn’t get the role of James Bond. In my opinion, I’m glad.

Cause for me, I’ve only watched James Bond twice. I cannot tell you who the actor was. I’m sure everybody else could, but I have watched every episode of Moonlight at least 5 times.

Steve: Are we talking about Sean Connery?

Diana: No, the last one. The one that actually he did not get.

Steve: Daniel Craig. You were up against Daniel Craig for James Bond?

Alex: Yeah.

Steve: Oh my gosh. Well, even being up for it, that’s got to go on the resume.

Alex: People … every second interview, people mention it and it’s the role I didn’t get.

Steve: That’s okay.

mick cap bw cr

Alex: It’s like, “Oh you did a job interview and you didn’t get the job!

Diana: Alex, Alex …. Alex, I’m glad you didn’t, because I think more people know who you are now, because of Moonlight.

Steve: Than being in the James Bond movie? Oh girl, you are hooked on this vampire.

Diana: And it’s a great love story. It’s not about the vampires for me. And most of the fans on my forum, they have fallen in love with Mick and Beth. They just love the story. And the twist now with Josef and the new bloodline and … it just draws people in. And you do such an amazing job.

Steve: Hey Alex, we’re just going to sit this interview out, you two …

Alex: You guys take off. We’ll just have a chat.

Diana: I know. I’m sorry, you know I did have one question. There is going to be a Moonlight convention, and the group wants to know if any of the cast is going to be attending?

Steve: Oh.

Alex: That’s a, that’s a …. that’s a good question. I’m not sure about the other cast. I think I’m actually going to be overseas at the time. So working away, you know to keep Moonlight alive.

Steve: Yeah, it’s on the bubble. They had a picture of you in the paper, I guess it was Saturday or Sunday. They had shows on the bubble and Moonlight was certainly one of them. But we’ll do what we can to keep it on.

Alex: Yeah, so as far as that convention goes, Diana, I’m not sure if I’ll be there.

vampire bw cr 3

Diana: And then. [Laughs] I have tons of questions you guys. I sat all night trying to think of what I would ask, because trust me. I’m like the spokesperson for everybody on our forum.

Steve: Diana, we have 60 seconds, you’ve got to get to that question. Here we go.

Diana: Okay.

Steve: Pick one.


Steve: Are you married? Is he single? Is he dating? Who’s he dating?

Diana: Are you crazy. We know all that.

Steve: What’s his car? What’s his best car?

Diana: We know everything he’s done. How much of Mick is really Alex? Or vice versa?

Steve: I got you.

Alex: Yeah, that’s a good question. Mick is actually …. Mick is actually quite different to me. I’m …. I’m kind of …. Mick’s a lot more serious and he’s a lot more … he’s kind of.

He’s like a smarter, braver, more courageous version of me. [Laughs] I’m sort of more like … you’ll catch me, you know just cruising around the house in UGG boots and ….

Woman: And that’s it.

Steve: Diana thank you so much, my girl. Can you hang on?

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My Thoughts

  • Thank you to Gloria Long for saving and posting this and so many other interviews as well.
  • At long last I have heard the question asked and Alex answering it himself – that he was actually born in Canberra as we all thought, and not in Sydney as some articles would suggest.
  • Not sure who Steve was thinking of, but I don’t recall any actor from The Invisible, being in Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Not sure how anybody could think that a TV show like Moonlight could have more exposure for any actor, than 007 – one of the biggest movie franchises of all time?
  • However I must say, when I heard Daniel Craig say how many injuries and operations he needed after doing stuff while filming Bond, that made me kind of glad Alex that has not been exposed to that.
  • I really wish Steve would have given Diana or any other callers more time for questions and not interfered that much. Most of the time fans know much better what to ask Alex.
  • Just to put a timeline in perspective. This was done in early 2008, and the movie and the real hype around the movie, Twilight, only really started later in November that year.
  • My guess of the time that this interview might have been done, would be after 12 February 2008, when the writer’s strike ended and filming of Moonlight resumed.



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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin On a Radio Show In Early 2008

  1. gracenotpark

    Yeah I’m always frustrated by these semi-pro interviews. 🙄 Too much time is wasted on pleasantries and jokes, so the interviewer gets more air time. And the questions tend to be basic and formulaic, as these hosts are more interested in their own careers than in any celebs they actually get to interview. So we get the same Q-and-A over and over.

    Alex is always adorable tho, and so kind. He fakes being interested in any of these on-air personalities way better than they fake being interested in him.


  2. cwtshjan

    What Grace said. All the interviewers do it. It’s really annoying. Loved this. Thought all the old stuff had been seen/heard. Nice to know there’s more we haven’t seen floating round. Thanks for finding it.


  3. Gail Lessard

    Awesome! Thanks for this. It was weird because wasn’t having much aussie accent at first but when mentioned, he relaxed into it.


  4. Karen

    Thank you for finding this and adding those wonderful photos! I will say it again, just LOVE it when he speaks even the “sleepy” talk is so HOT! 😉


  5. Regina Filange

    What a sexy voice! I’m melting it’s so sexy.


  6. Kath40

    Thanks for this post FOYEUR nice trip down memory lane. ♥
    I too find it frustrating when the hosts keep blabbing away thinking “they ” are the show and rush through the interview. I hate to disagree with ‘Diana’ that more people knew him better from Moonlight then if he had gotten 007.
    Really? I had so much trouble getting people to tune into Moonlight or even know who I was taking about out side of the fandom. Moonlight just didn’t get proper promotion enough for people to even know it was on let alone knowing I was talking about “Moonlight” and not “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis. 😦
    True if he had got 007 Alex would be super famous, but for us Moonlighers we would have never gotten the Mick & Beth that we so madly fell in love with. ♥♥♥
    And as far as his “sleepy sexy voice” *THUD*
    Mick’s voice had the same effect on me every Friday night. ♥
    Alex spoke so differently as Mick then he dose as Steve.
    I love his voice, but DAMN… as Mick…his voice was a pantie burner. 😛


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