Hawaii Five-0 cast at CBS Upfront party – 2010

cbs upfronts 2010

Alex: I mean Hawaii Five-O was a huge ….. a huge success. And it was, you know iconically famous. Everyone in the world knows about it, you know. And it was 1968 to 1980. It was ….. I believe it was the longest running show for CBS. And it was very, very successful and we’ve come back. I mean, there is a reason to remake that show. There are a lot of reasons to remake it and we brought it into the contemporary age.

Grace: So it was kind of like … it was pretty exciting for everyone to be brought in. Some of them like really early on and others kind of later …. later in the mix, and that to know that we all are going to be part of this team together. And this elite federal task force. And it is going to be fun to see it play out with some of the longer character arcs extending over into the seasons. And then … but then every individual episode is going to have your plot being finished with in that one. So you can just tune in any time.

cbs upfronts 2010 2

Alex: That is the important thing about the show, is that people who come late to it or whatever can, you know, it’s not…. You are going to be able to tune in you know, whenever and catch up on everything and know the characters right away. So that’s …
It is action packed, you know. It’s  …. it’s character driven, it’s action packed. It is the 3 C’s, isn’t it? It’s crime, it’s comedy and it’s character, so ..

cbs upfronts 2010 4

Scott: I play a detective from New Jersey, so it works good for me. But I think it is a beautiful place. I think there are worse places we could be at. I think we are all pretty excited to get to spend time out there. And shoot the show there.

Alex: Beautiful part of the world.

Scott: Use that exterior as much as we can. Make the show look beautiful.

cbs upfronts 2010 3


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One response to “Hawaii Five-0 cast at CBS Upfront party – 2010

  1. Karen

    Nice interview. Glad I was able to watch the link. Just love that Australian accent!


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