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Alex interview with Cinema Magazine – March 2010

Scott: Hi, this is Scott Rollin with cinema magazine. I’m here with Alex O’Loughlin, star of the new movie, The Back-Up Plan.

Alex, can you introduce us to who your character is in the movie.

Alex: Yes, I play Stan and he’s a cheese farmer, studying economics and he meets … he meets a girl, played by Jennifer Lopez, Zoe and he falls … he falls head over heels for her. And the he finds out she is pregnant.

Scott: Oh boy, that definitely is a twist. It’s an examination on modern day relationships, and you know, what women are willing to do. But you think, because it is handled in a comedic way, it will be more accessible to people?


Alex: Absolutely. I think it is also an interesting sort of look at …. you know … a man’s process when he …. you know, when he looks at the prospect of …. of spending time with a woman and moving into a relationship with a woman who is going to bear someone else’s kids.


Scott: Now, If I’m not mistaken, in cinematic history, this is the first time an actor has actually had a food fight with Jennifer Lopez. Can you talk a little about that scene with the water, cause it looked like you could have had a lot of fun right there.

Alex: Yeah, we had a lot of fun. I mean, it wasn’t so much a food fight … maybe it was a bit if a food fight, but it was more a water fight. You know, there was a fire and she had to put the fire out and I’ve got …. she’s got a hose. And she squirts me on purpose, so I just had to wrestle the hose of her and squirt her down … just cool her of.


Scott: The things they make an actor do in these films today, it’s unbelievable.
You know, just one last question as you mentioned about being a cheese farmer. When I talk to a lot of actors who play policemen and doctors, they go spend time and immerse themselves.

Alex: Yeah.

Scott: Did you learn anything actually about the making of cheese?

Alex: No.

Scott: Was it something at all interesting to you?

Alex: No, it is interesting to me, but I didn’t learn anything. I tried to convince them to send to Paris, so I could learn. You know, from where they really made cheese, but they wouldn’t go for it. So I didn’t learn much. But I love cheese.

Scott: Do you have a back-up plan?

Alex: Yeah, but I’m not gonna tell you about it now.


Scott: No, because he’s got a front plan going on. Anyway Alex, best of luck.

Thank you Scott Rollin, till next time

TBUP Press - March 2010


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