The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 131

We continue our story from here.

613 2

It is strange when the individual parts of an episode or story is actually good and maybe even great, but then as a whole it can turn out to be the worst ever …..


Apart from a few elements of joy, this is more or less the kind of Hawaii Five-0 episode I have no desire to see (and really not watch more than once). As much as I love the Ohana time with the team and the obvious pleasure of watching them have fun and wearing as little as possible clothes, it is just not enough to sustain an episode!?

613 1

If I was a first time viewer, I would be  thinking that I am watching a bizarre show that should be called Chicago Five-0 Revenge. And for some reason there were some silly beach bums (who say they are cops), being taken hostage and forced to dig a grave by copkillers, and then being saved, per chance, by their silly neurotic friends, who drove around aimlessly somewhere in Hawaii to find them.

613 4

Good things about the episode:

  • Us, witnessing the Five-0 team spending some leisure time together and having some fun. :beach:
  • Some continuity – Chin actually asking Steve how things are now that Aunt Deb is dead.
  • Great acting by Chi. (BUT why not have the team involved with him to create a better Five-o style feeling and story?)

613 6

Weird /Stupid/Silly Things:

  • Apart from Steve, Grover is my favourite character on the show! BUT one member of the team going rogue somewhere on the mainland without any apparent plan or motivation of time and place? And with no connection, knowledge or back-up from the team, is just wrong and an insult to the team and the Ohana of the show. What happened to clever writing and the team actually taking Lou’s hunch and setting a clever trap for Clay? I guess that would be too difficult to write. Sad smiley 141
  • I am no expert, but if Danny was able to pee in that bottle with such a small opening and neck (especially while Steve was driving like a maniac), he surely must be pinkie sized.       #justsaying  :devil:


  • Chin & Kono just giving up, accepting to be killed without even trying any escape plan? And when they have opportunity to do something, not taking it – WTF? These two murderers were clearly stupid goons and no match for the two cousins’ skills. *dontknow*
  • I am kind of sure all Five-0 cars are/should be fitted with satellite tracking devices. It would have been so much, much, much more realistic and plausible if Steve tracked them and found that they were not moving and then drove to the exact spot to rescue them. Confused smiley 83
  • And in the land of the REAL Five-o’s, they would have by then already overpowered the captors and started solving the case of the dead cop.

613 bw 5

613 15

Koala Smartass ran away after asking just one question: How is it possible that, the one episode where we get Steve, Danny and Chin shirtless and Kono running around in shorts the whole time, can be labeled as worst episode ever, by quite a number of long time fans? How did the show manage that?

613 13

Oh my goodness, Alex. You are one fine specimen!

And that was Steve’s ‘story’ for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:13

Umia Ka Hanu (Hold the Breath)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Stephen Herek

To be continued …….



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12 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 131

  1. gracenotpark

    Koala has a great point! How on earth did they mess up a potential really cool surfing scene, and allllllllll that followed it, so badly? All I can say is to steal what I saw someone (I’m sorry I can’t remember who!) post on Twitter: “Not my #H50” 😯


  2. alexsluvjan

    Just too much ridiculous …I agree with all you have stated..Grover goin rogue..Chin & Kono , not overpowering these two was a joke..( i kept tellin myself ok this is where they will take them down and then it wouldnt happen)..and the peeing in the bottle..OK where did they get these so called writers from? we need to get back to basics and get into the story lines that made h5o great..not this silly, random stuff we have been receiving …I did Love the scenery of our guys shirtless..<3 I so Love the show..I want a Season 7..and 8 ..<3


  3. dq

    The best part of the show was AOLs lack of manscaping.


  4. I LOVE your first-time-viewer view. 🙂 Perfect. If I were that first-time-viewer, I would also be the last-time-viewer.
    And Koala is so right, how on earth could they screw this up so royally? Unbelievable.


  5. Sandra

    Not to mention; I don’t suppose Peter is aware that with all the laws Grover broke, like double kidnapping, breaking and entering, and property destruction, etc.., the “evidence” that Grover discovered would be inadmissible in court and HE would be the one sent to prison. Besides, he has no jurisdiction there any more. The cop who murdered his wife would get off scott free. *sigh*
    I still wish for the writing from season one. It has never been as well done as in that year.


  6. I actually liked the episode, yes it was ridiculous that Chin and Kono didn’t get out of it on their own but I loved Grover going rogue. It switched it up. Of course, I have let go of the expectation that this show will ever be more then eye candy on a Friday night.
    I have a feeling that it will be renewed because *spoiler alert* this is The Good Wife’s last season which is a bummer because that is a well written tv show and my favorite show.
    Anyway, as usual I loved the shirtless Alex! My best friend loves Daniel so she got him shirtless as well. Over all, a win win!


  7. Karen

    My question for the episode is: You see the four of them walking with surf boards when they leave the water. You then see Chin and Steve lay their boards down and then walk to a picnic table to join Danny and Kono. Then you see all four heading towards the cars but not one of them is carrying a board to the cars. Should they have brought their own surf boards to the beach? I just thought since they planned the day, and I am pretty sure I have seen surf boards in some other their homes wouldn’t they have brought their own surf boards to the beach?
    I too thought is was odd having Grover go rogue but at lease we won’t have his storyline drag on.
    And on a fine note – I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed seeing shirtless Alex and shirtless Scott!!


  8. >>…he surely must be pinkie sized.<<
    OMG FOYeur I can't stop laughing. I don't want these pictures in my head. No no no!!! LOL!
    Love all the pics, Alex is always worth a look. Or two, because of all his facial expressions. The episode was… not good (being polite here 😉 ).
    And I am pretty sure the episode would have been amazing if they had Steve together with Lou in Chicago. He is Naval Intelligence (show and some people seem to forget that) and would have taken a complete different approach than distroying the house randomly. He is by far not all brawn and no brains. Lou was.


  9. I’m one of the few who liked the episode. I am somehow able to watch this show and not think too hard about continuity or the “does this seem real” aspect of a crime show.

    We needed to see an end to the story but maybe you are right and the writers are just finishing something. We seem to be stuck in the mode of two storylines going on in 1 hour show. That seems to be what they want so I just go with it.

    My biggest concern is that Alex and Scott are only too happy to give up screen time these days to other actors. They may be getting tired of the show and long hours. Peter said the “Chicago” scenes were filmed in Hawaii so you are right, why not include someone else from the team?

    I’m just going with the flow and I’ll stay tuned and see what’s next. Thanks for your post and the pretties as always.


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