Scott Caan & #AlexOLoughlin – CBS – July 2010


Hawaii Five-0 stars Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin talk about what fans can expect from the all new Hawaii Five-0.

Alex & Scott 1

Alex: It felt like a perfect balance of the comedy and action and everything you want in a TV show.

Scott: You want to get people involved in the characters. And have that be something that keeps people’s interest.

Alex & Scott 2

Scott: Because you know, you can only blow so many things up right?

Alex: Not really, you can blow lots and lots of stuff up.

Alex 1

Alex: The relationship between McGarrett and Danno is ….. is very different to the relationship in the old show.

Scott: We both got the same objective. And we are both going after the same thing, but we just have some really different approaches

Alex & Scott 4

Scott: You know the idea is, you want to catch people’s eye. And ultimately get people involved in the characters and the development of the characters. And have that be something that keeps people’s interest.

Alex: With McGarrett you learn where he’s come from, what is going on, what his main objectives are. What his MO is and where he’s at, you know.

Alex 2

Alex: If you continue kind of delivering performance with integrity and truth you know. I think that, that is where the show will live. And I think that’s where the show will remain good.

Alex & Scott 6

Link to video

That was what the two main actors of Hawaii Five-0 thought at the beginning of the show. Do you think the show remained true to their wishes and thoughts?

Here are a number of things I have been missing in the show in the last two seasons especially:

  • Any visible display of Steve’s background as a Navy SEAL
  • Steve’s family secrets. The main original motivation for the start of Five-0 got lost with WoFat’s death without any follow-up or any look back or talk amongst the team of it all.
  • Steve and the team’s relationship with the Governor.
  • Continuity in personal story lines. I know it should never be front and centre in any episode, but it is so fragmented, that it only frustrates. For me it feels like, why bother, if you are not taking it anywhere meaningful?
  • The loss of the mysteries in the Champbox and the connection to John McGarrett.

These are just a few things they makes me sad to have lost in the show. Is there anything you think went missing as far as the characters are concerned?


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13 responses to “Scott Caan & #AlexOLoughlin – CBS – July 2010

  1. karen

    Nope. I do miss Wo Fat, but not Doris. I couldn’t care less if she never comes back. Alex and Scott sure have changed over the years. It is just good to finally say…’over the years’.


  2. We’re is his mom need to finish it or get on with it


  3. alexsluvjan

    I would like to see more of the personal sides ..(in sayin that..I dont know how, besides kill off her character would they end the storyline with doris..after all she did stay hidden for all those yrs as steve grew up..) I want to see more of their relationships and family life as well.. Kisses


  4. lindae5o

    I wonder if PL regrets resurrecting Doris, and starting that whole story line. I think the majority of fans, myself included, hated her. Maybe it was just the actress, but given the nature of her actions, as a torturer/killer, I could never see Doris as a maternal, loving, nurturer. It’s possible no one could be likable in that role.
    I’m torn between never wanting to see Doris again, and wanting Steve to have one last face-to-face with her, only because he loves her.


    • gracenotpark

      I hear your indecision! I feel like they gotta close the Doris loop! She was the reason the McKids got kicked to the mainland and McDaddy got killed. Plus McG still loved(d) her when she first re-apparated. Now he’s gotta be just PO’d and wanting answers, and nothing else, from her. I want him to get that. Then I want him to also have the opportunity to walk the hell away. But it irks me they took a whole season…not even counting the entire one prior with all the “Shelburne” over-dose…and then made just about zero outta their efforts.

      Frankly Wo ended the same way. Four seasons of him being the big bad, relentlessly hunting Shelburne and haunting McG, capable of escaping by a giant claw 🙄 , and it was all cos the arch villain, the Voldermort of CBS, was jealous of his not-even half-bro? While it was an acting tour de force, that ep was not a satisfying finale to the McWoMama story. We are still owed that as much as McG is.

      And absolutely! Continuity with the ChampBox, with the personal stories, with McG’s SEAL standing…frankly lately with Nahele…just so disappointing. And that woulda been an easy way to keep us invested in Show.

      I’m in it for the Alex…and they are very lucky so many of us are. Tho they don’t write as well for him, consistently at least, as they used to. Yep. They are very lucky they caste Alex.

      Show is GREAT at creating a seemingly fascinating new dangling plot with seemingly fascinating characters. They struggle to go any further than that…or they don’t struggle. They just move on…sigh.


  5. EDP

    Gotta say, I believe Alex’s hotness was never brighter than at the start of this show…I mean, seriously his face was never more handsome (for me)


  6. I agree with the fans that don’t feel any need to see Doris back but I would like Steve to have some closure to that chapter of his life and family.
    I would definitely like to find out more about Woo-Fat father.
    Like you I like personal storylines for the characters in small doses but I dislike when one is introduced like it happened with Amber to a certain extent and even more with Leilani who was completely forgotten as if she never existed. On the other side I thought there was far too much focus on McRoll at the beginning of Season 4 and that annoyed me.
    I wish there was a bit more balance, for example the Grovers are good because Renee is there often enough to matter but not too often to become annoying.
    I hope I make sense 🙂


  7. cwtshjan

    I agree that love her or hate her Doris needs to be seen at least once more, and this time with all the answers. The champbox probably dies with Wo Fat because he was the main reason for it, but I do miss it. Personal storylines haven’t been the show’s greatest success. They are either under or overblown. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get it closer to real. I would like to see some development especially for Steve. I’d like to see how he handles happiness for a while. God knows he’s had enough practice handling sadness, trauma and death. C’mon guys give the poor man some proper love from a woman who cares about him and not far off people and places. Someone who knocks his socks off……and everything else!!!!


  8. cwtshjan

    BTW I’d love to see how he would handle fatherhood??


  9. cwtshjan

    I do too, but it would be great to see his patience tested, or a little paranoia set in, or would he allow unhealthy treats. or …….the list is endless!!


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