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Scott Caan & #AlexOLoughlin – CBS – July 2010


Hawaii Five-0 stars Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin talk about what fans can expect from the all new Hawaii Five-0.

Alex & Scott 1

Alex: It felt like a perfect balance of the comedy and action and everything you want in a TV show.

Scott: You want to get people involved in the characters. And have that be something that keeps people’s interest.

Alex & Scott 2

Scott: Because you know, you can only blow so many things up right?

Alex: Not really, you can blow lots and lots of stuff up.

Alex 1

Alex: The relationship between McGarrett and Danno is ….. is very different to the relationship in the old show.

Scott: We both got the same objective. And we are both going after the same thing, but we just have some really different approaches

Alex & Scott 4

Scott: You know the idea is, you want to catch people’s eye. And ultimately get people involved in the characters and the development of the characters. And have that be something that keeps people’s interest.

Alex: With McGarrett you learn where he’s come from, what is going on, what his main objectives are. What his MO is and where he’s at, you know.

Alex 2

Alex: If you continue kind of delivering performance with integrity and truth you know. I think that, that is where the show will live. And I think that’s where the show will remain good.

Alex & Scott 6

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That was what the two main actors of Hawaii Five-0 thought at the beginning of the show. Do you think the show remained true to their wishes and thoughts?

Here are a number of things I have been missing in the show in the last two seasons especially:

  • Any visible display of Steve’s background as a Navy SEAL
  • Steve’s family secrets. The main original motivation for the start of Five-0 got lost with WoFat’s death without any follow-up or any look back or talk amongst the team of it all.
  • Steve and the team’s relationship with the Governor.
  • Continuity in personal story lines. I know it should never be front and centre in any episode, but it is so fragmented, that it only frustrates. For me it feels like, why bother, if you are not taking it anywhere meaningful?
  • The loss of the mysteries in the Champbox and the connection to John McGarrett.

These are just a few things they makes me sad to have lost in the show. Is there anything you think went missing as far as the characters are concerned?


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