The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 130 (Episode 6:12)

We continue our story from here.

Steve & Deb

This week’s episode was a great reminder to me of why I still bother to watch  the show.

First of all Alex being Steve McGarrett in all his facets. We also saw some of the beauty of traditions in Hawaii again. Add to that an interesting case, the love for family (Ohana) and a good mix of fun and heartache without forcing either of it on us without real motivation for it and we have a winner.

As you will see if you read further, the episode was far from perfect for me, but thus far in Season 6, I definitely rate it as the best.


From the day we met Aunt Deb, we knew that we would see her die! With only 3 appearances on the show Carol and Alex managed to let us all believe they are family who care deeply for each other.

I for one was not impressed that in Season 4 they brought in Aunt Deb, just to create yet another character, and a woman at that, in Steve’s life for the sole purpose of also dying and leaving him behind.

Aunt Deb was definitely far from perfect, just as Steve, but at least she showed the same kind of wholesome traits that we also love in him. For me it was all worth while to get to know her in the end, I guess.


In the end Aunt Deb showed us from what stock Steve McGarrett came.

Someone with a strong will, but also one with compassion. One that can enjoy life no matter what kind of curveballs came their way.

And nothing shows us, the essence of these 2 beautiful people better, than in that minute of Deb’s passing – pure love and acceptance and the knowing of a beautiful life well lived and loved.

My (nitpicking) questions ……. and Koala’s clarifications 😀


Question: Why did the father row alone with his son of a paddle board? There were a number of fathers/adults with the boys who could help him get there on a bigger boat?

Koala Smartass: A bit melodramatic I would say ……

Injured boy

Question: A child in a car with a loony McGarrett driver? (Sorry Deb, but you are)

Koala Smartass: I will write if off as ignorance from Steve that Aunt Deb would be such a driver?

Question: I have asked this on a previous occasions as well. How can DNA profiling be done of a person that was already dead 75 years ago? Where did they keep DNA from back then to compare it with, if it was only used since the 80’s?

Koala Smartass: Stop confusing us all with details! Some Hawaii Five-0 magic again?

Question: Chin says that the suspect was in the building …. but when we see the team coming downstairs, he is only busy walking in through the front door.

Koala Smartass: Time travel maybe?

Question: In the beginning when the boy walked into the forest, he was left-handed – when he walks into the bunker he is right-handed.

Koala Smartass: When we see him walk into the bunker, it is just that guy’s description of it … it is not real. Well nothing is actually real, because this is all fiction 😀

Question: Why/how did the boy fall down the hill? And if he fell that far and sustained so many injuries and fractures from it, why was nothing of that visible on his body when his dad brought him in?

Koala Smartass: Maybe the make-up department went on an early vacation?

Question: Why did Deb have to go and do an asset transfer at a bank – thought that is what a last will and testament was for?

Koala Smartass: So that we can see it being crossed off the list dummy…….

Steve 13

General thoughts about ongoing storylines and characters:

  • As much as I think Chin and Abby is interesting entertainment (and obviously two beautiful and sexy people as a couple), I still struggle to know how she fits in. She is supposedly in Hawaii for a few weeks to learn about the task force. If she is not there permanently, why should I invest in a character that will not be there permanently? We have been burned so many times with women and girlfriends being introduced and then they disappear ……..
  • Why should Steve tell Kono about their support now? I would have thought that that kind of stuff was discussed from the minute Adam walked into the prison and they all came to support her.

Steve 12

  • E-train was actually palatable this episode. Funny really does not have to be over the top.

Steve 612 20

  • And I really like how they use Jerry as a character. They might have started him off weirdly, but I think he has found his place in the team.

One beautiful man ……..

Steve & his Ohana

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:12

Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha (Love Gives Life Within)

Written by: Steve Douglas-Craig
Teleplay by:
John Dove & Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Maja Vrvilo

To be continued …….


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19 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 130 (Episode 6:12)

  1. You mentioned the asset transfer…I think that Deb did that so that they (Steve, Mary & Joan) were taken care of. Even though someone has a will it doesn’t always mean that it is process immediately. Who really knows.

    I did want to comment on a few items:

    1. Chin and Abby. I actually liked that they hooked up. We got to see a more playful side of Chin instead of always serious.

    2. I do like Jerry but I felt Jerry was a bit annoying as he wants to be in the same place with 5-0 and is acting like a spoiled brat because he doesn’t have an office upstairs. Steve and the team, in my opinion have gone out of their way to include him.

    3.You asked, “Why should Steve tell Kono about their support now?” They have said it from day one I think Steve let her know as a reassurance (seeing her demeanor) that she will be okay and that the team has her back. I also think he was letting her know he was there for her, not just the team.

    4. Aunt Deb. I think she was more of a mother to them then Doris ever was. I cried when she opened her eyes, waived then….well we know what happened next. Steve was there for her as she passed and I found it so wonderful that he held her hand, brushed his hand through her hair and said goodbye.

    All the other “items” regarding the case I honestly didn’t care or think much about. I was happy to see the team (sans Danny) altogether on one case. Thanks for the post!


    • Leah

      Very well said barb! Exactly my thoughts and feelings – 100%. 🙂


    • Hi Barb
      Sorry, but a bank is an odd place for me to do asset transfers – I would think a lawyers is a better person for that..
      #1 I never said I do not like Chin and Abby hooking up – please read what I wrote again.
      #2 Jerry has been a great asset to the team with his will to go the extra mile. I know he seems cocky and I agree that he should never get a badge, but he fills a place in the team. Jerry asking to be upstairs and for a badge etc, is part of the comic relief and I happen to like him. He brings out a side in Steve that I like very much.
      #3 I just felt the convo between Steve and Kono were forced and with no real, meaning. And a little late in the game to carry real meaning – Not that I think you should feel the same.

      I do not really care if other people do not care or see the plotholes in the story. I write what I see for my own fun.
      And yes, it was great to see the team work together and I really did not miss Danny at all. In fact, the best episodes this season thus far, has been the ones without him – In my opinion.


      • Deb might have done the asset transfer knowing she wasn’t going to be around much longer..remember she told her friend at lunch there was nothing more they could do.

        I just meant that this episode is when I felt Jerry was being annoying. He emphasized that he wasn’t upstairs…but yes he does add to the team and the dynamics are different when he is involved.

        (wink) never said you didn’t like Chin hooking up I liked it because it did show that Chin was a man after all and that the chemistry between he and Abby finally played out….I also had to laugh that Kono and Grover knew.

        Nice episode and I hope that we can see more and yes even more without Danny….due to negativity of the character (jmho).

        ?? I am curious (just my own questions) if Mary is back in Hawaii for good or if she flew in knowing that Leonard died. Seems that Steve only has a 2 bedroom house and he was in one room Deb was in the other…guess we will eventually find out.

        ?? We haven’t heard (last episode) what Gabriel wanted with Adam…if we did I missed it.

        That’s all thanks again for your posts enjoy them!


  2. Gail Lessard

    I didn’t care for the huge chunk of time the Fugo story took up. May be true as Lenkov said but I found it boring as told. I tuned completely out at times. No one else has even mentioned it which made me wonder if I just imagined it. I liked the personal stories very much but I long for badass Commander McGarrett. Thanks as always for the gorgeous Alex/Steve pics.


  3. Sue

    Hi, I asked a question the other day, but my computer locked up, so I don’t know if I received an answer from anyone. I asked if anyone knows what Alex’s son, Saxon, is apprenticing in. Or is he just going to university?
    Thanks everyone.


    • Hi Sue
      If and when Alex ever divulge that personal information about his son publicly, we would be happy to answer that and report it here. Otherwise we do not really like to report on personal stuff that he did not share for public knowledge himself.
      I hope you understand – Thanks


  4. Annie

    In the last pictures with Steve and his niece, it looks like two different children were used for filming. The girl in the kitchen looks older than the child on Steve’s back going up the hill


    • Hi Annie, welcome here with us.
      Yes you are right.
      As I wrote in todays weekly post, one of the mothers of the kids they used, said on twitter that 11 kids were cast and 4 of them were used in the end.
      You can clearly see that the girl that they used as they walk to the car, was also another different one. I think the one doing the shopping with them and the one in the kitchen were the same one (And she was the one who’s mother gave the info.)
      In the end it looked to me that more than 4 were used. I will have to put all their pictures together to be sure about it.:smile:


    • I made a mistake earlier – I meant the one in the car and the kitchen was the same girl. The shopping on is different.


      • gracenotpark

        LOL!!! Now you’re intense studying the Baby Joans! Go, girl, go!

        I also thought this was the best ep so far this season. And I, too, bristled at them creating another female, as well as another McG family member, condemned to die. I am less forgiving than you that they followed thru on their threat. In the meantime they have taken away Cath again, so the constant loss of everyone he knew and loved is just annoying to me…there are other ways to create drama. Also, as when they had Cath come back (ever so ridic briefly), it irks me they threw out hope she would live to just jerk her and McG around again. It makes me feel like they have no long plan. So they bring back Cath or Deb for a minute and a half to stir some McG happy, and then they jerk it away cos they don’t seem to know anything else to do with McG. Which is criminal. The character rocks and the actor can do anything! Show needs to do something different. 🙄

        You make a lovely point about McG and Deb being excellent McGarretts. Courage, compassion, and a busy mind…dem McGs are always working on something. And both Alex and CarolB made the whole show w/her death scene. I hated she died, but the scene was a beautiful moment of television. 😥

        And as usual, I share many questions with Koala. Thank goodness y’all’s screen caps distract me from concentrating too hard on the usual unbelievable suspects. Alex posed particularly beautifully for you this week, girls! Mahalos to all three. *mwah*


  5. It’s not perfect but my favorite episode by far of season 6. TY


  6. Karen

    Just love your take on each and every episodes. It makes you think about what you had seen on the show. I enjoyed the episode and really getting to see a soft side of Steve. He was really adorable in the kitchen with his niece.


  7. Didn’t know if I can post this from TVLine….not spoiler?

    Any Danny-related scoop on Hawaii Five-0? –Sarah
    As hinted in our Winter Preview extravaganza, Episode 18 will serve up a story involving Danny, his kids and… a carjacking. “They’re not really in jeopardy, but they get in a situation where they end up having their car stolen,” says showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “They go to spend a quality day with their dad and their car gets stolen for a robbery, and they chase the car.… It’s a fun story that brings him closer together with his kids.”


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