#H50 6.12 – #SteveMcGarrett really gets carsick

Who knew! Steve actually does get carsick 🙂 What lovely sights we got from our guy again. Nom-nom McG just keeps delivering the pretties…sigh…and funny faces 😀

The Pink Beast was not shy in this epi 😉


Is Steve more worried over his car or getting carsick?

Uber hotness

Best butt on the island 😛


Goodbye to aunt Deb 😦



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20 responses to “#H50 6.12 – #SteveMcGarrett really gets carsick

  1. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Sad one I cryed


  2. It was a very good “McG” episode 🙂


  3. Very good episode, great post.


  4. Regina Filange

    Getting a taste of how Danno feels when he drives maybe? Anyway it was a great episode and I also cried. So sad. I love Alex in whatever he’s wearing or lack there of but damn that man looks good in blue. Yummy!😜😍❤️😋


  5. Paula I think you got your wish (with the exception of Danny) the entire team worked together on a case.

    I thought the way the writers handled everything was done well and with respect in regards to both deaths. It was sad that Steve had to find her but she was able to actually say goodbye. I did cry as it meant that his “blood” family was practically gone. He also showed a bit of “angst” when he mentioned “love” and how it hurt. We see him evolving and becoming more “human” then Super SEAL. I also cracked up as he was telling the truth that he does get car sick. I also loved how Joan was excited about his being sick and chanting (with Mary). You can see how he does love his family and how good he is with kids.

    This was a good episode as well weaving the case into personal and vice versa. Danny wasn’t mentioned but we did hear about Adam and saw Chin “hook up” with the SF Detective.


  6. karen

    We’ve seen that naked butt, and a lovely butt it is!!! This was a tear jerker for sure. Liked how the grandson wanted to protect his grandfather, but unfortunate he shot someone to accomplish that. Good episode.


  7. alexsluvjan

    Such a great episode..very entertaining and noteworthy..<3 Loved the Pink Beast and the wardrobe for SEXY STEVE..=P But alas we had to say goodbye to aunt Deb..we will miss her..<3 😦 THIS EPISODE ROCKED..<3


  8. Karen

    What a beautiful done episode. I really enjoyed the episode. Had tears at the end when Aunt Deb passed away. Steve was so adorable with his little niece and it was cute with her chanting “puke” at her Uncle. Oh the part with Chin and Abby was funny especially when they were trying to remember what happen the night before.


  9. This was an excellent episode! Lots of emotion from Steve. I also cried when Aunt Deb passed on. Yes, the butt scene was hot! The story line was very good. Hope the rest of the season is this good.


  10. Fox527

    Loved this episode…..I was just sad to see that it was Aunt Deb’s last appearance. I really liked her and feel so sad for Steve, Mary, and Joanie since most of their family is now gone. 😦 Great epi all around though. I really enjoyed it.


  11. vanduyn

    God bless you woman! These gifs are just what I needed! It was a sad episode at the end, which Alex played to perfection 🙂


  12. Leah

    Totally agree with all above! Very much enjoyed this episode – except for losing Aunt Deb (do so love Carol Burnett and have for many years). It was so touching when she was able to open her eyes and wave goodbye to Steve. I was glad to see the drama of the WWII bomb/grandson storyline combined with the many comical scenes (Steve’s reactions to Aunt Deb’s tattoo and request to drive his truck, him getting carsick on the joyride, Chin/Abby banter of who did what the night before, Grover/Kono comment of Chin/Abby knocking boots, the “‘Jerry Alert” on their phones, etc). Good combination of elements as well as most all the cast included plus great guest stars!


  13. At least hopefully Steve will have some empathy toward Danny. In how Danny now feels about riding with him. Steve does indeed get car sick. And no wonder he has to drive.
    Glad to see the team solve a case together. As really need to see that more together.


  14. Hmm, I wanted to be moved by the episode because we all knew what was coming but in the end it lacked something for me. I didn’t like that there was no mention as to where Danny was. I loved the carsick scene. I liked Kono and Steve catching up. I love Danny’s cousin but no mention as to what happened to Charlie Fong. It annoys me that I am just suppose to forget characters like they never existed.


  15. EDP

    Is it me or that butt getting better with time as well?


  16. “Steve really gets carsick”. Paula, now you know that he never lies. Thank you for all awesome gifs.

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