The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 129

We continue our story from here.

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I find it funny that a show that does not take itself too seriously, have so many fans that want to go so deep into these characters. These are fake people. Their stories are made up by different writers (with most of the original ones not even there anymore). They just move along in creating a procedural show that also happens to have some characters in it. I doubt if any of the #H50writers ever go deep into analysing these characters and where they are in life and how they will actually write them in that specific episode. Ad to that a different director with a different vision for every episode and actors who do not even watch the final product of how their own show turns out, and you get something that would lack continuity, or any deep character stuff most of the time…..

In my opinion we really need to just take the show for the “lite” entertainment it is. Even Alex described it as a comedy to Pauly Shore last year. Over the years the main characters have changed so many of their traits at times, none of us can really say we know exactly who they are, or who they are supposed to be. Most of the time they are molded to the story that the writers want to do that specific day.


And as I have said so many many times before, these spilt stories in an episode that do not connect with each other, are really doing nothing for my pleasure of watching the show. It still gives me the feeling that stories and plotlines are just written around who ever is available to work together.

How do you feel about it?


For me less episodes with the main cast 100% available for them as a team, just feels like something that would produce more entertainment for the followers of the show….

Some general thoughts about this episode ……

  • The scene on the plane was really cringe worthy, to say the least. Not only was the dialogue ridiculous, but the acting was just not easy to watch.
  • So I guess Gabriel will need Adam’s help now that he has spoiled all his chances with the other crime families?
  • With such a great make-up department, I am sure they could have done a better job of actually making Danny’s ankle look like it was injured?
  • Danny refers to Steve as a former Navy SEAL‘ ….. maybe it is time everybody stopped calling Steve commander and call him detective now? For all intents and purposes he is no longer military at all, and he lost his uniqueness with that …. *cry*

As for Steve’s Story …… I do not really feel this comic relief getaway or brocation (as they called it), added anything mind-blowing to his story. Just the insight in the fact that the date from hell with Lynn, did not really form such a strong bond between them as some thought, because Steve seems to be still single and very much playing the field …..

Things that just felt wrong to me – With the Koala Smartass to help with some better insight ……

  • Danny saying his parents never had problems that they needed to discuss. Did I dream (or have a nightmare) about those horrible episodes when his mother was on the show.

Koala Smartass: But his parents still did not NEED therapy because Danny saved the day by recreating their first date or something. 😀

  • I like Kamekona, and I find it sad that the big Kahuna was not there to be part of solving the crime that involved his backstory 😦

Koala Smartass: Must agree, for me it felt like some sort of disrespect from the writers that the 2 main characters were not there with him in his hour of need.

  • Why are the whole team (well the three that were there) traveling (following Kamakona) in that stupid little clown (surveillance) truck during this whole episode – REALLY?

Koala Smartass: Maybe they are still trying to see who will feel sorry enough for them and give them a car sponsorship?

  • So why were Steve and Alyssa texting, if they were sitting right next to each other on the plane?

Koala Smartass: Good question. Maybe it all just happened on the transport trip from the airport – also without Danny picking up on it? Maybe he was still singing some songs from the movie in his own head?

  • I see they must have magic bags like Hermione from Harry Potter, because if all the different shoes and clothes that Steve wore, fit in  that little bag of his – it must be magic.

Koala Smartass: Have you never seen how much men get into small bags. I am always amazed at how lite they travel.

  • So that guy kept that money all these years? There seems to be honor amongst thieves after all. Confused smiley 83

Koala Smartass: We learn something new each day.

  • With so many guys from SWAT helping them to storm the house, how did that guy (as we later learn, Kamakona’s brother) get away?

Koala Smartass: Maybe a secret tunnel or Harry’s invisibility cloak?

  • Steve going to bed with his clothes on – WRONG just wrong. For me that was such a great opportunity that was lost, not to see the man is his boxer-briefs. 😦

Koala Smartass: Totally agree. That alone could have saved the episode. :sbava:

  • How did the team know in exactly what room Kamekona, his brother and  Levi were?

Koala Smartass: Another magic moment in Hawaii Five-0. :happy:

Things that were actually good:

  • At least the therapist this time was real and not just some fake condescending voice talking to them.
  • Alex being drunk Steve. He has really mastered that slow-mo effect that you get from being drunk. I actually feel his drunkenness with him throughout that scene. He definitely mastered it. :huhuani:

And that was ‘Steve’s story’ for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:11

Kuleana (One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility)

Written by: David Wolkove

Directed by: Sylvain White

To be continued …….



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29 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 129

  1. EDP

    Yes, so VERY WRONG and WASTEFUL to not let us (watch him sloppily remove his shirt/trousers and) admire him in all his boxer brief glory!


  2. I wish the Danny-mother-from-hell story was just a nightmare. The worst part is that it will be continued. She will be back later this season. I already have nightmares about that. 😉

    I think it’s kinda sad that the writers don’t care as much about these characters as we do. But honestly, I wouldn’t want to write for that show. Too many cooks and all that… 🙂

    Great points as always. Still hoping for more on the actual McGarrett story, but lately that is just wishful thinking. And reading the interview with the EP there isn’t much hope that something good will come any time soon.


    • I am just living in the hope that the EP decided not to say anything about any of Steve’s stuff ….. but I doubt. Maybe they feel that a near wedding proposal and a new prospect of a girlfriend, together with a dying Aunt Deb, must be enough story for the main character of their show?


    • Oh and I agree writing for the show must be a nightmare sometimes – but if that is your full time job, one can overcome many an obstacle with creativity and dedication to the characters they created, I think.


  3. Lynn will air in the Valentine show in February. I saw a pick of her & Steve in his bed..


    • Hi Lori – Welcome here with us
      Yes thanks, your are 100% correct and we posted the picture of them here as well a few weeks back.
      But there is a danger in it for us that follow the making of the show as well. We kind of want to put things that still needs to happen into place of what is happening now in a spesific episode. People who don’t follow the making of the show, knows nothing more about the character than what we have seen and heard so far on the show. Some also do not really want to be spolied with what will happen in future, foir that specific reason.
      We also do not really know what exactly will happen in that Valentone’s episode, as we have not yet seen Sarah back on the set again.
      Although it seems that they are in bed together, we still do not know how permament the relationship will be. Girlfriends of the main cast men somehow seems to disappear quietly into nowhere on the show 🙂


  4. Helma

    Two stories in the same show is possible, but they can do better than this last episode, although there were some nice situations in there (like Steve being tipsy, since he seems not to have a steady relationship yet).


    • Yes Helma, two stories can be done successfully every once in a while, but these days it is the norm more than on the odd occasion. And most of the time both the stories just distacts one from the other story.
      Yes, tipsy Steve was a good change for him. It was very normal and real for me. 🙂


  5. evowoman88

    This episode points out the problems with H50.

    I don’t believe that McG is stupid enough to sign up for a couples workshop. In fact everything about this Storyline was stupid.

    However, the Kamelona Storyline was wonderful. Truly, I would have rather seen NONE of McG to see more of his back story. And that is truly sad.

    I cannot see another season coming.


    • Gail Lessard

      I feel the opposite. I couldn’t care less about the kamekona back story. It wasted time I should have been seeing Steve. I felt ripped off with how little we saw Steve. When we did see him, some of that time was wasted. Steve and Danny wouldn’t behave like that at this stage. Yet the ratings supposedly were high?


      • evowoman88

        The McG and Danno part I totally agree. The arguments were cute at the beginning but now it’s getting ridiculous. And, respectively, it’s not just the McG show. But the show has seemed to forget that he does have a back story that has seemed to be forgotten.


  6. I let the continuity go, not soon enough,as it made me crazy. Sadly, because of that, I just don’t care anymore. It is nice to see Alex every week but I don’t really look forward to it anymore. Sad but true.


    • Same here. It’s sad… H5O was my favorite show ever, but they lost me somewhere along last season. Too much drama, not enough action. Steve just isn’t badass anymore and it’s not a special unit team anymore. Sad…


  7. gracenotpark

    Ugh…no,indeed! McG is not so stupid, or so careless, as not to have understood that was a couples therapy class. Tho I did enjoy his little half-assed “whoops” when Danno figured it out.

    So agree, Foyeur! They have dropped the McG large-arc story altogether…and I think forever. Not only have we gotten nothing since Wo died, when a fan asked Lenkov when we’d see more of McG’s story, he basically answered he hasn’t gotten to that lately. 🙄 How does a show just ditch the major arc of its major, and most popular, character? And yes again…Show doubles down on my irk by ceasing to show us the SEAL in McG’s background, character, and very being. That which made him so unique and so gifted…sigh. 😦

    And I understand we all expect more continuity and character precision than Show intends to deliver…I think in large part cos we love McG and co. more than the producers and writers do. But I’m not really sure the producers care much at all, or pay attention to what they are even doing now. Did you see the bizarro Twit convo where some fans were positing that the lipstick all over McG connoted that he’d gotten jiggy with Alyssa, thus proving he is not that into Lynn…and PLenkov said he hadn’t made out with Alyssa, but just gone out for drinks? Really? Like does that excuse work, when Lenkov goes home with lipstick on his collar, on Mrs. Lenkov? Because maybe this explains a lot, how Show is being handled lately… 😛


    • That interview made me so mad that I didn´’t even post any of it on Mostly. How in the world can a producer say he hasn’t even written anything about Wo Fat’s father? A guy who he tortured his main character over. One he had his main villain be killed over?
      I just don’t get it. If I start to write a story, any story, and torture a guy over just one question, in this case “Where is my father”, you can be sure I will know where I will be going with this storyline.
      And all the other stuff he answered? Made me even more angry. Not one word about all the unsolved stuff. You know, the stuff he’s dragging out for like forever? Just grrrrr.


      • gracenotpark

        I agree! McG is his central character, but except for the constantly recurring McRoll breakups and reunions, McG has had no stories, either personal or work related…with the small exception of AuntDeb. And his story arc began in S1, but we’ve gotten nothing for over a year, and frankly very little since Doris disappeared. Why did Wo even want Hesse to kill McDaddy…and thus start this whole thing? HE knew there was such a thing as Shelburne, when McG had never even heard of it/her/whatever. Plus WoFat, all along, has known more about the McGarretts than Steve did…so why pick on the SEAL at all? McG has no family Intel whatsoever. Tho Joe seems kinda clued in, so why not capture and torture UncleJoe? It’s now looking like the SuperVillain was super dense and kept trying to milk a barren cow. And I betcha that is the one and only time anyone on earth will compare McG, or anyone Alex plays, to a barren cow. 😛


  8. karen

    I don’t take H50 seriously. I don’t take any TV show seriously. Over analyzing makes for less enjoyment. These people aren’t real. Why do fans act like they are? H50 is on the air. I get to see Alex on my screen a lot! It would be nice for him to be in some award winning show, but he isn’t. That is how it goes. On to the next episode.


    • EDP

      Exactly how I feel Karen. I watch purely for my AOL fix; I’d watch just about anything to see him.


      • Gail Lessard

        We’re obviously watching as well and will continue to do so but why are they wasting major talent like Alex with bad material? They just took things to a ridiculous level this week. Maybe they were looking for a new audience?


  9. Sarah DiLorenzo

    I agree with so much you wrote. they are not real and writers are different. But whoever writes I think should stay true to the character. Personally I miss the Seal who hung bad guys over buildings. It’s what made him McGarrett. I’m glad Lynn is not memorable. I don’t want to watch or be privy to a softer side too often. I agree Steve and Dan should have been involved in the story. Some of the stories are so dam intense and great. Others so contrived.


  10. EDP

    Thank you for these excellent shots of Alex…he’s just a joy to gaze upon!


  11. Ulrike Schwarz

    Once a SEAL -forever a SEAL !!!! He’ s a Commander and nothing else. Please” 5-0 writers ” , don’ t Chance it. It’ s special !!!!


  12. Ulrike Schwarz

    Once a SEAL -forever a SEAL !!!! He’ s a Commander and nothing else. Please” 5-0 writers ” , don’ t Chance
    it. It’ s special !!!!

    Ladies, why don’ t we just enjoy our Super SEAL without too much critics


  13. Helma

    Hope that they will put more action in the show !!! And there are still stories not completed, so they can do much better !!


  14. After I saw this episode, I thought that Steve was a bit out of character. I did like the drunken McG scene. I don’t blame Alex for any of this because he’s doing his lines. The producers and directors need to get back to the main issues here. Where is Doris? Can Steve find love again? They seem to be going off on a weird direction. I hope this isn’t the last season.


  15. Sue

    They were rated 11 last week, in the tv polls. So, hopefully, CBS will renew them for another year.
    Anyone know what Saxon, Alex’s son, is apprenticing for? Is it just university, or something else?


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