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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review ( 3 – 9 Jan 2016)

As you might have noticed we did not have a weekly wrap for the past 2 week. Well that is because during the holidays, there were actually no new news or pictures of Alex. In fact the only evidence on social media that we could spot, that Alex and his wife & kids were actually in Australia was this one picture that Malia posted on Instagram on 23 December, with the caption, “Only in Sydney.” ️ .


From Malia on IG

Lucky for us, filming of Hawaii Five-0 resumed last Monday and some footage from the set made its way to social media.


And just a note to new readers – the links to the original posted pictures you get when you click on the names and many of the underlined words.

Life on the Set:

decembahs This happened today || Alex O’loughlin 🏼 #onset #Hawaii50 #H50 p.c: @justin.doing.things

Alex with Decembers Smith on set. (7 Jan 2016)(It looks like Decembers Smith is Miss Haleiwa 2015)


save_smith On Hawaii 5-0 set today 🏻 #magaret #hawaii #50

Alex with fans on set


fivefivesix Checking the chamber. #h50#alexoloughlin

fivefivesix Hawaii Five-0 came to work again. Mean 60 round magazine. #h50 #alexoloughlin


justeenybeany Most people I’ve met on the island have seen their fair share of celebrities filming or vacationing on the islands. They say I should get used to it. I’m sorry, but that’s a whole lot of BS! #Hawaii50 was filming outside my office and I went ape-shit! I could live here the rest of my life on these islands and I will still go bat shit crazy when I know a celebrity is within 100 yards of me. And I don’t even watch the show! #sorrynotsorry#hilife#luckywelivehawaii#alexoloughlin#scottcaan#danno#mcgarretisfox#gracepark#whereisdan?

Justine Specht - 7 Jan 2016

Paula made these gifs of some of the short videos posted:

Link to video clip posted by Ryan Ozawa

A few moments of location shooting for CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” at Dole Cannery in Iwilei. The production company gave nearby businesses notice of simulated gunfire.

I know that there were lots more clips and stuff posted from set, but most were so small and just repeats of the shooting scene.  I am not posting it all here. If you see that I’ve missed something really important, please let me know.

And something from DDK:
danieldaekim In honor of #H50 Friday, we’re coining a new term:
The McGarrett: a line spoken at the very end of a scene, usually by the lead character, that simplifies everything said previously into a clear, definitive conclusion. Spoken with such authority and certainty, no other character dares follow a “McGarrett” by uttering another word./// Can you spot the McGarretts in tonight’s episode? And bonus points if you can name who it is running in the background. 😉
From DDK on IG
I could not see anybody answer Daniel on IG, but here is my answer to his question about “The McGarrett” in this Friday’s episode Steve: Well guys, I really feel like we made some progress here this morning. It was really good. Really good stuff.
(And by the height of the person, and by the shape of the hairline and colour of the hair – it must be Scott running past the screen in the clip)
PS: Thank you DDK for always adding and sharing some fun from life on the set

Fan Photos:

lestergantan Kailani got to meet Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0 today and he invited her to join in the Keiki Jiu-Jitsu class that he teaches on the weekends. I told Kailani that her maternal Grandfather (the ex-wife’s late Dad/my former father in law) worked on the set of the original Hawaii 5-0 series with Jack Lord. #GrapplingUnlimited#hawaii50
Picture from Lester Gantan on IG
(We are grateful for every picture of Alex that are posted, but it is just a pity that Hawaiian people still insist on spelling Alex’s surname incorrectly with an “a” )

ashleighpetrone When you finally find Steve Mcgarrett  #hawaii50

I am not posting the picture here, because as you can see Ashleigh made her account private after first posting the picture were I got the link. I guess she did not really want to share her picture of Alex with everyone (Although she did use the #hawaii50 tag with the picture. I do not really understand people’s behaviour on social media with things like that?)


Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

  • Most of the conversations on Twitter after Friday nights’ episode were hilarious. I wish I could post it all here. Paula and I had great fun reading it all and laughing about it together. Something we rarely get a change with. Thank you to everybody for the entertainment. Funniest were most probably those who lost their sense on humour completely …. smiley-eyes

The words of a fangirl:

  • This fangirl feel like quoting the Joker: “Why so serious?”

(Just a thought I got after reading all the tweets)

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • lobotomy hawaii five o


Next Week:

  • There should be 2 or 3 more days of shooting Epi 617 this week and by the end of the week they will move onto Epi 618.

Steve - 611



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