#H50 6.11 – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

Wow. What should I say about this episode…Well, I only watched Alex bits (short on time, visiting family) and I did get good laughs at all those funny faces Alex/Steve gave us 😀 The drunk McG with lipstick on his face was a bit of a shock, initially. But then I kept thinking it must have been fun for Alex to play a bit of a different character than our usual Navy SEAL. I do agree, that the actions don´t really fit the Steve, we´ve gotten to know over the years. Let´s just enjoy the fun Alex had 🙂

This is what I captured today (please remember we did post the other gifs in our 6.11. spoiler post)

Super cutie Steve 🙂

611-cute boy-mcg


The great plan

Lucky Alyssa (and friend?) got a taste of those sweet lips…mmm…



Well earned rest 😉


Day after, no regrets?








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22 responses to “#H50 6.11 – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

  1. Brooklyngirl

    Thanks! Love the gifs! It was fun seeing Steve letting his hair down finally! Danny needs to try it too!! Anyone know what a “deets” is??


  2. I loved this episode, it had action, danger or Kamekona and it had funny sexy Steve which I find very interesting to say the least.


  3. Glad we saw a goofier side of Steve!


  4. Karen

    I too really love this episode and watching drunk Steve was really funny! It was really nice seeing another side of Steve.


  5. I deeply disliked the way Steve was portrayed in this episode. Superficial and too different from the guy I love. Fingers crossed a better version of him will be back in 6.12


    • I think they are/were exploring his role as a single guy after a bad breakup. We knew in one of the (recent) past episodes he was having coffee with someone (Lynn perhaps) and I think he’s just trying to find his way. He was “with” Catherine for so long, even if they weren’t together, that he didn’t really know “freedom.”

      I think we are seeing it now because Steve finally admitted that he wasn’t going to wait for Catherine. We knew the way they left her first departure that she would be back and I think we (and “Steve”) all knew that. Now he is moving on and figuring out what is right for him.

      Maybe it’s just me but up until the last few episodes (Or season ending with Catherine’s departure) Steve never flirted with another woman and he had numerous opportunities. So, that being said, I think they are trying to find a balance for him. Until he met Alissa (on the plane) Steve and made a “bro’s” weekend so “hooking up” with someone wasn’t really in his plans. We shall see what the rest of the season holds.


      • I actually wasn’t referring to the Alyssa part, more about a huge missed opportunity of exploring the bromance in a more meaningful way.


        • Lilia

          I couldn’t agree more manu. Steve deliberately twisted Danny’s ankle so he could text a girl he’d just met?!? That’s horrible. What has happened to our kind, caring SEAL. The comment by the therapist afterwards couldn’t have been more ironic. Who deliberately hurts their friend like that? Alex did look really pretty in the last scene though…


          • Steve didn´t twist D´s ankle on purpose. D was just meant to act like he hurt himself, just one of Steve´s oopsies when D really got hurt. I´m sure Steve would never hurt his friends deliberately.
            However, in my opinion he shouldn´t have even needed such a silly decoy, they are grown people and surely they would have been allowed to use their phones outside classes. But this way we got a funnier scene 🙂


  6. Loved it. This is the true side of a guy, Navy Seal or not. The characters were played well last night, and the fun loving Steve we haven’t seen before in 6 years is finally here. Too much brash and pop and ceremony military all the time makes it boring. To know he had some ‘fun’ with the ladies is even better. I laughed at it, he did the drunk scene so well. The ‘oops’ part at the registration and we can work with it. That even had my hubby laughing. The ending was a hoot, the soft hands and Danno talking finally how much he liked the soap, drinking water since Steve was hungover. Bring it on. I LOVED IT….


  7. Vixhen

    FINALLY….Steve got to be a guy! I loved all the McG funny stuff last night, especially lightly blitzed Steve with lipstick on his face. Let’s be real…a guy as hot as he is shouldn’t be lacking for female company. It’s about time we got to see let his hair down. Now if they could only remove that stick from Danno’s posterior…. Where is his girlfriend from Jersey by the way? While the storyline wasn’t great, the chemistry between Scott and Alex is always on point. And the one-legged racing around that room had me laughing so hard. I just wish the producers would realize that we don’t need a story for every character of the show happening simultaneously. I could have cared less about the story going outside of Danny and Steve. Is it me or has AOL gotten even hotter since he got married? Thanks for those gorgeous gifs!


    • Gail Lessard

      As much as I love the other characters, it’s not why I watch. Without Alex, they probably lose me. It was risky having him in such a small part this episode. Peter was trying to put a good spin on it on twitter. I need more Steve! I didn’t mind him a little different than usual and I think he should get his flirt on because that is normal for any single man. I didn’t really care much for the Kamekona background. I would really like it if McGarrett would be the hero in every episode. Really great pics! I love them all!

      Liked by 1 person

    • EDP

      Everything about Steve/AOL- I couldn’t agree more! Especially AOL’s evolving hotness!


  8. EDP

    I enjoyed everything about Steve in this episode: funny, sexy, drunk, in his T shirt and shorts, even eating with such gusto! Good to see him having fun. And yes, sexiest man alive would have definitely gotten both the ladies!!


    • Some people didn´t seem to get my joke about the threesome. Just look at that guy! Any woman would jump at him, given half the chance. Sharing is caring 😉 (this is just humor, so don´t take me too seriously).


  9. Sabrina bender

    Loved the show – especially steve
    Just curious – in the scene towards the end at the last group session – steve had his right shoe off – it was sitting in the floor – wonder why????


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