#H50 6.11. promo – (Spoiler alert) #SteveMcGarrett´s oops

After a 4 weeks drought, Hawaii Five-0 will return tomorrow night (8 January) with a new episode – 6:11

Spoilerish post alert!

I don´t really pay attention to dialogue with the arguments, though hard to ignore the nastiness sometimes, but it is always Alex´s face that entertains me more than the arguments irritate me.






You can watch the promos on spoilertv HERE

Kinna McInroe @KinnaMcInroe

My episode is on this Friday 9/8c! Please watch! Fun episode!

Alex & Scott with Kinna

Yes, it was! Both are sweethearts! Great set to be on! Everyone is extremely nice!



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20 responses to “#H50 6.11. promo – (Spoiler alert) #SteveMcGarrett´s oops

  1. Regina Filange

    OMG I can’t wait for this episode! I already love these two when they bicker but this should be great. Alex looks fabulous in this episode. Even more reason to watch. Can’t wait for my Five-0 Friday!😋😘😍😜


  2. Laura

    Mmmmm, our guy just keeps getting sexier. This one looks really good, but, I prefer them in more tense, action packed situations. Grant it, the writers have given Steve and the Five-O team their fair share of tragedies, Steve’s parents and that whole Wo-Fat thing, Danno’s brother, Chin’s wife, Kono being lost at sea, and Grovers daughter getting kidnapped, but quite frankly, it’s the action that keeps me watching. I love the whole couple’s counseling thing, too cute, but bring back that badass, wreckin shit, bustin no discussion, Five-O team. Love AL in action. I’m just sayin.


  3. cwtshjan

    Hmm cute & funny or badass action…difficult choice. Personally I’ll take him any which way. Can’t help myself!!


  4. Helma

    So happy there is going to be a new episode tomorrow, love H5O very much, especially Alex (Steve). Thanks for your photos again.


  5. Yes Steve, you should “i’m sorry” often because of that smile and funny facial expressions, i lost the notion of what time it is and my panties. And i almost forgot to thank Paula for these awesome gifs. TY!!!


  6. gracenotpark

    I truly dislike the fake therapy eps, as it strikes me as ridiculing and belittling actual therapy for actual problems…plus no boss would send them to therapy just for being bitchy…else Danno would spend his life in therapy. Moreover, I cannot buy McG, a SEAL, as so sensitive to even engage in the carguments. In S1 he was more realistic and sardonic in his reactions to Danno’s incessant blather. But the lame high-pitched arguments of late show they’ve long since milked the cargument cow to death.

    My guess is Paula’s pics and gifs gonna be way more enjoyable, for me, than what looks to be this year’s version of OOC McG illegally raiding a protected forest in his beloved natural Hawaii to steal a Christmas tree. 🙄


    • That´s the point I am trying to make. You could just enjoy Alex/Steve´s funny expressions and ignore the context. It is easier for me cause that´s my job, capture his best faces. I don´t pay too much attention to dialogue that way 🙂
      But I hope we get more Steve in this episode, and not just these 2-3 scenes in therapy (I might have my hopes up too high).


  7. Oh Paula, your gifs of Alex’s variation of excellent faces are perfect! Love them, and they are the only thing I am looking forward in this episode.

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    • I´m not hoping much from the Kamekona story, will not hold my interest.Alex has to be excellent again, to save the epi for me 😉


      • gracenotpark

        I’m prepared to be relatively bored. But your shots are excellent! My plan is to merely look for them…if I don’t pay attention to the convos, I’m less likely to turn off the tv.


  8. Alex is looking really good in this episode 🙂
    Thank you for the gifs and pics!
    I’m actually looking forward to it, I’ve missed the bromance this year and I hope it won’t be just comedy relief but a bit more to explore their friendship and support for each other.


  9. Kath40

    Thanks for the gifs Paula. HAHAHA I totally missed Steve tapping his lips with his headphones ♥ ( I’m a BAD fangirl, shame on me) 😉
    His facial expressions strike me more as Alex at his silly best. ♥
    I have to admit Steve misunderstanding they signed up for a “Couples” retreat seems OOC to me. Steve may be impulsive, but you would think a SEAL would have thoroughly checked out all sides of this retreat before signing up. JMO.


  10. I have yet to see an episode of Hawaii 5-0. Yes, I will admit it here. I’m a big sports nut and Mondays tend to be sports nights for me. BUT, I see the show has been moved to Fridays? I will definitely check it out now that this man has caught my attention. 🙂


    • Kath40

      Welcome Jeanette. You can get caught up on H5-0 on Netflix. They have seasons 1-5 that you can binge on to your hearts content. 😉
      Alex is a tasty treat for all your senses. 😛


    • gracenotpark

      Welcome to Alex love! He’s pretty awesome. How do you know about him…what have you seen? If you don’t mind us asking… 😉


  11. buttercup4u

    I so much love the “I told you so”-face! It gets me everytime!
    Thanks for these wonderful pics! fiveOFriday 😉
    I’m still hoping for hot-blooded sexual tension McG, but i guess we have to wait till JamesBond, to see this 🙂 !!!(if)


  12. To be honest I have no hope for this episode simply because I find how they handle this therapy stuff offensive. And ridiculous, and stupid, and simply not funny in any way.
    BUT no one can deny that Steve/Alex looks damn good in all his scenes. So, I’m in and will try to enjoy the ep, no matter what.


  13. Lee Ann

    Have to agree that “couples therapy” for 2 working ‘partners’ is beyond belief, they are not gay with problems. In one promo they had Danno & Steve line dancing together – god grief, what are the show’s writers thinking about. It is beneath offensive, but will watch tonight – I might be wrong & this stupid story might(?) work out. One can only hope. Come on boys – grow up!
    Alex is so adorable….. Scott seems to be aging fast.


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