And we begin 2016 ………. with a Thank You!

At the end of each year WordPress sends us a summary of the stats of the past year. It is always an interesting read and it reminds us of what happened during the year(s). We started the blog 3 years and 5 months ago and that has given us summaries for 4 years thus far. Combined with far over a million views during the past year alone, we are proud of all these facts that we get each year and it at least also tells us that we are still growing at a healthy rate in sharing Alex with others from around the world…..

happy new year 2

At first I wrote a long boring post of a short summary of comparisons and growth for the 4 years, with all these stats about number of views for the years, number of posts published over the years, best day for the years, 5 best posts each year over the years, top countries that visit the site, and the top 5 commenters, but decided to delete it and just give you 1 interesting fact that show that we were supported each year & catered for many fans from all around the world 😀 :

  • Number of countries that visited the site each years respectively (remember there are 196 countries listed in the world)

2012 (5 months) – 127 countries;

2013 177 countries;

2014 184 countries;

2015 190 countries.

I guess we have reached a limit here and that number will not really be able to grow much.

I leave you with just a BIG ‘Thank You’ for your continued support in enjoyment of Alex with us.


For us it will always remain about having fun with him and sharing it with others who wish to join us doing so!

Lots of love, Paula & FOYeur


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18 responses to “And we begin 2016 ………. with a Thank You!

  1. Helma

    Happy New Year to all of you. And many thanks for your good work, really like it.


  2. happy new year to you girls 😀 and look forward to more articles from you in 2016


  3. CAROL

    Happy New Year and Thank You for a really great website and all your hard work


  4. Happy New Year to you too.

    Aww, come on, there is room for improvement. Six more to go! You’ll get them eventually. 🙂
    Great work! Wunderful site and always, always a pleasure to come here. Thank you for all your hard work, for your fantastic artwork and your fun reads.


    • gracenotpark

      LOL!!! Then you will have complete mastery over all the earth and we can make Alex king of the world!!! 😆

      Happy New Year!


  5. alexsluvjan

    Happy New Year to all ❤ Keep posting those AWESOME pics and articles…<3 Luvs ya ❤


  6. Karen

    Happy New Year to you all and thank you for this beautiful website that you created. I am so glad I found it. Looking forward to what you have in store for us with all those wonderful photos and articles of Alex.


  7. Happy Ne Year!!!! Thank you for all the awesome pictures and articles that you gave to us!! To many more years to come! Cheers!


  8. vanduyn

    Happy New Year girlies!! And thank you for all you do 😀


  9. Happy New Year and thank you for all the hard work you put in your blog 🙂
    It is always a pleasure to read and to discover new and re-read old things about Alex!


  10. lindae5o

    Thank you, Paula and Foyeur, for all that you do. We need our Alex fix every day. Happy New Year !!!


  11. Kath40

    And tomorrow “WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD!” 😆 but then statistics show that we already have. WHOO HOOO! yep still feeling last nights celebrations. 😀 CHEERS!
    All silliness aside you ladies have built a fantastic far reaching site based on the LOVE and admiration of one special man. Alex O’loughlin ♥
    He would be humbled with this knowledge, but as we know him through our studies he already is HUMBLE and grateful for all our support.
    Here is to another great year of fangirling, photo sharing and ‘gif’ giving in support of this truly talented man. Lets raise a glass to 2016! May it hold many more treasures to share and friends to connect with all over the world.
    ((HUGS)) Kath40


  12. Zinnea

    Happy New Year and thank you for a great blog.


  13. Happy New Year and thank you for everything you do


  14. liesbeth1957

    Happy New year and thanks for everything thst you do.


  15. Thanks to each and everyone for the cheers 😀 Although we don´t always reply to you, we read all of our comments and appreciate them all.
    Let´s hope there is a bright future ahead for Alex and us following his career for a good while longer.
    Bring it on, 2016!


  16. Thank you Paula and FOY for another year of Alex beauty and fun. Happy New Year.


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