Gif for the day – Alex shines

“The cast is attractive”

“O´Loughlin shines”




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11 responses to “Gif for the day – Alex shines

  1. Oh yeah, he shines every darn time. 🙂

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  2. EDP

    Love to see this beautiful, sexy man laugh and smile!

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  3. He shines. That he does!
    The gif makes me smile! Love it.

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  4. He most definitely does 🙂

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  5. lindae5o

    Alex is simply breath-taking in this photo!! What was the occasion?


  6. gracenotpark

    Now THAT’s a spirit lifter! He does shine. Yes he does.


  7. Karen

    Just love his smile there! His smile is contagious 🙂


  8. Ooh Paula. Thank you SO much!
    I am shining all over. Basking in the glow of this gorgeous Gif. What a find!!


  9. Kath40

    I just love how Alex shines with so little effort. ♥
    The man is simply gorgeous inside and out. ♥ *sigh* ♥


  10. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Hes a great and fun guy


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