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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (13 – 19 Dec 2015)

The year is winding down pretty fast now. With filming ending on Thursday, what I guess would be a 2½ week hiatus for cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0, started on Friday. We hope they will have a good time and come back happy and well rested to commence filming the last 9 episodes for Season 6.

Life on the Set:

nicole2mee Just saw #AlexOLoughlin filming Hawaii Five O! What a great way to end the day #picfrommycamera #hawaii #hawaiifive0 #celebrity #alex #tvshow #aloha #nicanddebsadventure

On set - picture from Nicole


tsukinoko25 大好きなHawaii Five-0の撮影

(The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort )
tsukinoko25 thx❣ “Steve” McGarrett
“December mortgage.” – Alex
On set MasiTo me it looks like Alex is in desperate need of a vacation…….. 😀

Fan Photos:

stellasavary good morning home and good morning Alex O’Loughlin ️ after coffee sharing with Alex O’Loughlin heading to the beach for the whole day! Get that tan and vitamin D 🤘🏽️️️ #hawaii #hawaiilife #hawaiirising #aloha #alohabones #mahalo #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett #hawaiifiveo #bills #waikiki #sunday #sundayfunday

Alex & Simone - December 2015


Chris Hallett on Facebook

I met him [Alex] on Oahu just finishing filming in October. I had been on a Hawaii Five O Jeep Tour with Zoom, who because it was my birthday organized the very best day. I met Dennis Chun who came to where we were and sang Happy Birthday to me, they brought the most beautiful cake which we had at the McGarrett’s House where we met Sue and her Aunt. I spoke to one of the cast on video phone from Hawaii ‘ s stadium where they had filmed. Best day ever.

(Thank you Chris for sharing your experience on set with us and for the pictures)

Alex & Gino - 18 Dec 2015

(As you will notice the picture above looks different to what others shared – I swapped it around because the picture was in mirror image and Alex always looks weird to me when people post photos like that. 🙂 )

News for the week:

  • Good news for fans in Portugal! Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 will start on 7 January 2016, at 22h15 on Fox in Portugal. Thank you to Marta for the e-mail and to Andreia on FB for letting us know about it. Hope you all enjoy the new season and Alex.
  • Remember to cast your vote for your favourite Hawaii Five-0 episodes for the year, in the annual poll on Mostly Five-0

Something Pretty from other fans:

From Maja (Steve - Episode 124 )(I stole one of your pictures – Thanks Maja)

Some Trivia for the week:

  • You can see the promotional pictures for Episode 611, to be broadcast on 8 January 2016 in the USA, here

611 collage

Alex & Friends or Family:

  • Click on the link to see the short video and listen to a message from the cast of NCIS Hawaii Five-0
 danieldaekim On our last day of shooting for #2015, all of us at #H50 wish you and yours a happy, healthy #holiday season filled with #love and #laughter. 🌲⛸☃ #MerryChristmas #HappyHanukkah #HappyKwanzaa #HappyNewYear #MeleKalikimaka

Message from DDK

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • My present to you – I will spare you my PMS induced rant this week……


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week: :hithere:

  • who does alex o’loughlin look good with
  • erin cebula nipples
  • alex o’loughlin hot armpit

GQ 1

Next Week:

  • The Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew went on hiatus from Friday after finishing filming of Epi 616 and I guess they will be back filming Epi 617 in the 1st week of January. We hope that they all enjoy the time with their loved ones!






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