They say …….. #AlexOLoughlin works hard

 407 MCG cute bw

Days like today, I wish you could see what I witness on #H50. Alex worked so hard on his birthday & I wish him a fantastic year ahead!!

– Five-0 publicist Erika Kauffman on Twitter – 24 August 2011

Birthday 2011



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12 responses to “They say …….. #AlexOLoughlin works hard

  1. I had no doubt 🙂
    It great to be reminded over and over again though


  2. gracenotpark

    I’d like to see Alex getting more credit from PLenkov for working hard, for carrying the show, for putting in the long hard days, and for putting the guest stars at ease…and being a delight and a nice guy –from all accounts by guest stars, extras, and visiting fans– as he does it all.


  3. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    What a cake


  4. Kath40

    Alex has such a wonderful work ethic he’ll make it a long way in this industry cause his peers LOVE him for it, and so do we. ♥♥♥

    At least he took a CAKE break on his birthday. lol 😀
    That cake was incredible, loved the little “Seal” representing our McG SEAL on the surf board. 😉


  5. Kath40

    Hee hee…I remember people were a bit confused and didn’y know what they were seeing. They thought it was a rodent or something because the design on the board made it look to have a long tail. LOL
    Then someone pointed out that it as a seal LOL 😆
    Such a fun cast and crew work must be a daily joy! ♥


  6. Gail Lessard

    He works very hard with very long hours and it shows. We have to remember in fairness that he is paid very well. I know folks here working 2 full time jobs and barely making it. I do appreciate Alex’s efforts and those of all working dads in or out of the business,


    • Hi Gail
      I agree with you 100% and I get what you are saying. I also know many people who work very hard and also many who do not earn nearly what Alex does, but it is not always about money ……
      In all fairness, this tweet in this post was about Alex and this site is about Alex (and not all of those people). One of the reasons he inspires me and one of the reasons I am here spending many hours of my time with him, is because he shows commitment and respect for others (like many other people I know as well).
      Alex came from humble beginnings, having to fend for himself from an early age and once he decided to pursue his dream he worked 2 jobs while also working hard to get his degree in acting. He had to leave his home country and loved ones and worked hard for many years to get him where he is now. He also had his fair share of disappointment when the show (Moonlight) he gave so much of himself for, was cancelled. And the disappointment when Three Rivers (clearly close to his heart and a good cause) got cancelled For some time while pursuing his dream he, had to sleep on couches and floors and do hard physical labour. (Most probably a story like many other actors in Hollywood and other successful people as well)
      Alex is also the first to say how lucky he is. But he clearly does not take it for granted, because he keeps on working hard. And he seems always prepared to share his good fortune with his family and his community
      At the moment he is reaping the rewards of his sacrifices, but he is not acting like a Hollywood diva. Without him asking, he is still rewarded with compliments and tweets like these from Erica and other people. And it is our pleasure to post them here. 🙂


      • Truth truth truth! What a great comment FOYeur. Love every single word of it! It is about commitment and responsiblities. Towards friends, family, his new home and the whole team of the show.


  7. Karen

    Love the cake.


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