Fight scene Hawaii Five-0 – Taking a Punch (2010)

Grace Lee from Hawaii News Now takes us behind the scenes with Alex O’Loughlin and James Marsters’ and their big fight scene for Episode 112.

112 (19)

Grace: What’s the hardest part of this particular fight scene?

James: Uhmmm …. Fighting with Alex.

Grace: [Laughs]

James: He’s ….. He’s a mountain, man. And every time I try to move him around, or if I’m supposed to pull him somewhere or hit him in the gut, it hurts.


Grace to Alex: James says he doesn’t like to fight you. He says it’s like hitting a rock.

Alex: Oh whatever. I haven’t worked out for 4 months since I’ve been here, so it’s more like hitting a marshmallow.

Grace to Justin: And you guys didn’t hold back at all.

Justin (Alex’s stunt double): No, be basically went for it. Alex did a great job and did all his stuff. So just kind of filled in for the 2 thumpers in the middle and at the end. But he mostly did everything else.

Grace: And while the stunt doubles came out unscathed, Alex ….. not so lucky.

112 (6)

Grace to Alex: Super intense, how close was that fire? You got a little close to the fire.


Alex: It was okay and I did not actually ever hit him. He kicked me in the testicles. Which is always something like …… it was a minute and al half ago, so it is just sort of kicking in now. So if I pass out half way through this interview, that’s why.


Grace: It was a tough day on set for Alex, but …… he’s still the man for us.

112 (8)

And here is the full video clip:


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11 responses to “Fight scene Hawaii Five-0 – Taking a Punch (2010)

  1. Always spectacular those fights 🙂
    Poor Alex baby, that must hurt!


  2. cwtshjan

    I’m sure I could make him feel better….I wish!!


  3. Kath40

    Alex is so humble ‘it’s like hitting a marshmallow” yeah right, love ya babe. ♥ 😀
    Poor guy getting kicked in the jewels all in the name of getting a good shot. Pun intended. 😉


  4. LOVE your comments ladies!! ROTFLMAO.
    Poor darling Alex .I. hope Malia kissed it all better. Lucky lucky Girl


  5. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Nice action yummy


  6. buttercup4u

    With this interview that scene will have a totally new “point of view” 😉 / happy the //ball-kick// didn’t do any life-long damaged (only some sore minutes)! ..And all for making us happy ;-)!!


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