The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 128

We continue our story from here.

…….. at the end of the last episode Steve ordered Duke to go to Nahele’s house ……. and … and … to be continued sometime somewhere or never? 😕

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My observations of this episode

  • As usual the episode was full of all the great effects and stunts and big scenes that make up the entertainment of Hawaii Five-0. It is clearly visible that a lot was done to set up the whole weigh-in event and also the whole setup of the fight. Well done and very entertaining.
  • Great to see somebody at least show real sadness about a loved one they lost. I think the guy (Lewis Tan) who played the boxer did a good job with it. I actually got to feel his pain and also believed his wish to continue with the fight in his brother’s memory. He showed better emotion that most of other victims’ families (mothers and fathers and widows), that we have had in the recent past. And also the other boxer (Harold House Moore), set up a great character of a typical big mouth boxer, as part of a front of showmanship for the sport.
  • It feels like no couple ever, ever in the history of Television ever, ever cried so much in each others arms as Kono & Adam – I hope it was the last time ever, ever for that …… but I guess it will be until next time? For me their whole relationship is about kissing  and crying, with nothing of substance in between of anything real and or normal. Adam did not even ever join the rest of the team, not for any social event ever at all – apart from the time he and Kono came back home and at his own wedding, where he had to be.

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  • So you drag a guy behind a jet ski and that inspires him to confess about a cash heist AND committing a murder? For me the fun has always been the set up to the inventive “torture” methods of Steve. Interesting idea to have him troll the guy behind him like that – but how did they come to that. That is the story fillers for me, to see Steve think and improvise and not just the end result. (If that makes any sense at all)
  • Do they really have to handcuff a guy who gives himself up at the prison gates? I guess if they did it here, it must be the protocol?

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  • I guess the boys once again worked straight through the night, because the next morning they all pitch up at Adam’s prison farewell party with the same clothes as the day before ……. yes, I know, I know, you all watch the show for the plot and the character and it does not matter what they wear, whenever! But for me it is creative laziness.

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I love Ohana moments – if they do not feel forced ….. For me a big part if it in this episode was forced and parts of it maybe not.

  • The 8 men who supposedly have wives or girlfriends, hanging out along with their now one, out of town female colleague? I found it a bit odd. The balance seems off.
  • My question is, was this a barbecue event for the men being men and about them relaxing with arrogance and brutality of boxing as a sports, or honouring the miracle of Hanukkah? The mixing of the two extremes – the beauty of a religious celebration and brutal sport, seemed a tad forced to me. I am no scholar of Judaism specifically and I do not know how exactly a typical lighting of the candles will be done, but for me to throw this special sacred celebration just randomly into another sports event with none Jews, looked disrespectful to the religion. (Maybe even to both sides?) I am most probably totally wrong on it, but that is how I felt.

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  • They were all still watching TV and suddenly Max start doing his thing. Why is Grover sitting on a seat at the back and not part of the circle? And where is Max’s chair? It all looks staged and not natural at all. *dontknow*
  • Although I think Masi as Max, looked to be like he was doing a great job in portraying the faith, the other actors looked a bit uneasy and somehow out-of-place in the scene. And some of their acting even forced and unnatural. Kind of just reciting their lines.

I have had a big debate in my head the past few days about the big villian, Gabriel. About why the whole storyline bothers me. These are a few of my thoughts. Confused smiley 83

  • As I have said a number of times before, although I thought that the 100th episode was well done and that the showdown between Steve and WoFat was good, I did not agree with them killing him of before the end of the series. (As I said at the time, I know this is not a continued drama story, but it would be like the Harry Potter movies, killing of Voldemort before the last movie and replacing it with some villain threatening Ron) In  my eyes you just don’t set up a character like WoFat, just to kill him off before the end ….. Sad smiley 141

610 (128)

  • Okay, that being said, now they are trying to create a replacement. Once  again the connections are very close to the team. As a youngster Gabriel killed Chin’s dad. But here is my problem with it – the villain does not have that direct story with Steve. I know many will scream at me that Hawaii Five-0 is not about Steve, and that is true. But the team will not BE or exist without Steve. He started it and he is the leader for many reasons. The rest of them are trained policemen and they can be absorbed back in the police force. Steve makes them a special task force, because of his connections and his training and skills and his quest. To sum up what I actually want to say here, if they wanted to set Gabriel up as a real replacement, he should have been made Steve’s direct enemy and or part of resolving the mysteries of his family and their past.
  • The argument can be, but he is, because the team are family and he hurt Steve’s family, torturing Kono and Adam etc. And here lies the problem for me – Steve seems to be detached from it all. There is no urgency shown in his character to hunt Gabriel down. Gabriel has been responsable for so many deaths on the Island and Kono told Adam that everybody is on the case, but we don’t see it …….. At least in the case of WoFat, we had Jenna who gathered info about him and studied the evidence etc. At the moment Gabriel just pops up in their other cases, but they don’t search for, or visible gather intel about him – building his profile and associates etc. (Why not get Jerry on it full-time with a room full of pictures and stuff?) Even Adam have some intel to give them, but they have shown no interest in getting  him on the case and actually using that intel?
  • In short WoFat was a global mastermind villain, while Gabriel (although he was running the Mexican drug cartel when he arrived in Hawaii), is at the moment just a local thug, who slaughters everybody in the wake of his pursuit of what exactly, I do not know. 😕 To rule Hawaii?

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We here at Intense Study hope you all enjoy the holidays with family and friends. It looks like we will be back with Steve and another new episode in his story on 8 January 2016.

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:10

Ka Makau kaa kaua (The Sweet Science)

Written by: John Dove

Directed by: Bryan Spicer

To be continued …….




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18 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 128

  1. evowoman88

    Sadly, consistency doesn’t exist in H50.

    Another point is I’m disappointed with is no Christmas episode. The Hanukkah part felt like they just needed to add it because there wasn’t a Christmas episode this season.


    • vanduyn

      I was very disappointed in this episode as far as being special for the holidays. I agree with you evowoman88 It felt like they just threw it together. The Hanukkah part wasn’t even festive. And yes, why aren’t other family members there?
      Excellent review and pics ladies! Have a wonderful holiday season 🙂


  2. I don’t notice half the stuff you do. Maybe because i just don’t care anymore. I totally forgot about the ending of the last episode. I now just look at the episodes as stand alones and no longer get bothered at the inconsistencies.
    My gut feeling is Adam will be killed off. I don’t have any spoiler info and I don’t want to know any but that is where I feel it is going.
    My thought on Gabriel at the end of this episode, was he is hot. He doesn’t make my skin crawl like Wofat but I am glad they killed Wofat off because after a while it just becomes even more unbelievable.


  3. I do believe it was time to kill off Wo Fat. I loved the character and really liked the actor, but his storyline was over, in my eyes. And it was high time to kill him. Anything else was just getting ridiculous. And it was such a cool showdown. 😉
    I always wonder about the logistics of some parts of the episode. Like this time when Steve was driving/riding? the jet ski. I mean, does he have his boardies in the car? Did he change into them on the parking lot? How did he get the huge bad guy into the water? Lots of questions.
    Oh, it bothers me to no end when they get out their creative laziness (love that word creation). I went nuts during 3.17 when Steve changed shirts going in and out of the office. In in blue button down, out in green polo shirt.
    Or when they wear the same stuff for three days. I do see such things, why can’t the people getting paid pay attention to it?
    Anyway, I so love Steve’s ongoing story. You’re doing a great job with it. Thank you.


    • For me Steves’ reason to be in Hawaii died with WoFat and he became a boring character for most part of season 5 and even now. I agree with you the way WoFat was used, needed to end – but there was potential for more if done differently…..
      Everybody else have more ongoing storylines that Steve. For me he came to Hawaii to solve his family mysteries, but it seem to be forgotten and never addressed or explored properly.
      And we do not see the Gov. anymore, and they therefore do not feel like his spesial task force to me anymore. Sometimes it feels to me like they get more mundane cases than HPD.
      And Steve’s special thing was that he is a Navy SEAL – we have not seen him in a uniform for a whole season now. And even then it was only for his drug induced delusions.
      And I can go on and on about my sadness for great stories that are lost in the procedural idea and in support actors’ availability and shedules of the main cast.. And in the writers who seem to have forgotten who and what Steve is ….. 😦


      • Totally with you about them forgetting who Steve really is. For not using his background. For not showing him doing some reserve drills, or using his skills in general. Truly sad not to use this great character in a better way.
        But I don’t believe he lost his meaning of being in Hawaii after Wo fat was gone.
        He can’t go back to being a SEAL full time. Not after all these years. He’s more Five-0 now than he is a SEAL or Navy officer.
        But you are right, they don’t feel like a special task force anymore. I often wonder who decides which cases they should take on. There often is nothing special about them. Any HPD department could solve them. Another sad thing that we have lost the special about them.
        People often say this is not the Steve McGarrett show. But I totally disagree. Is started out like that, and it should be the Steve McG show. He is the main character, and to be honest, the show is most interesting when the case is about him, or at least when he’s heavily involved. The other characters might be kind of important, but honestly, none of them can carry this show. The characters are simply not interesting enough.
        There could be great stories, and the show can deliver, but season 5 was a disaster in my eyes. Season 6 is better, and I hope they will be getting even better in 2016.
        But yeah, I would love to see more SEAL Steve, and him in uniform. That would be really cool. I still have hope they will remember who their task force leader really is.


        • I feel that the moment they killed WoFat, a even more mysterious villian who caused Steve’s family “tragedies” and even that of WoFat, should have been in place to carry the past mysteries. Not a replacement thug, but an even bigger problem villian behind WoFat’s actions.
          And it could have been a great story if Steve contemplated going back to the military after WoFat died. And make the decision that Hawaii is his home now and not the Navy anymore. I mean we know it – but it could have been an interesting story that played it self out for us to see and experience.
          I share your feelings about Season 5 and 6 100%. And also hope for better stories to come. No high hopes for 611, but after that, there might be potencial.


  4. Karen

    Was a little surprise that the writers would include a Hanukkah celebration when a boxing weigh-in was going on the TV. It should have been at a different time in the show. I haven’t seen all the seasons yet but the whole Kono/Adam storyline comes across that it will never be a happy one. Kono came across to me has a strong, independent woman who can keep up with the men she works with. Now, not so much. I agree with you about Gabriel. His beef is with Chin and even though Chin said that the team is looking for him there doesn’t look like anyone is. I did fine the whole Steve dragging the bad guy behind a jet ski kinda funny. It would have been nice to see how he got that big guy in the water.
    Oh BTW can someone please tell me what episode does the character Nahele first appear in.


  5. Glenna

    Few comments. I feel that it was nice that they recognized the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Mostly no TV show ever does. So i say Kudos. and i am Jewish. and i can say that Max did the very right thing. It was very nicely done. it the show aired during Hanukkah too. any show can do a Christmas episode. it was a nice change. to recognized that NOT everyone celebrates the christian holiday of Christmas. So I am happy with that

    as far as the Wo-Fat Gabiral thing . i would like to think that the show will go on for years. (hoping) but how many times can Steve and Wo-fat go at it before it gets old. the way it was done was great though Gaberil i think went to fast and to mean and cold. and i feel a bit forced. so far 3 (if my count is right) cases ended with him being responsible.

    i love Ohana moments too. that end moment with every showing up to support Kono very touching.
    happy holidays no matter what you celebrate 🙂


    • Agree with you that it was great that they recognized the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. I just felt it was done as an afterthought and that there was so many more ways to do it properly.
      For me the year end episode can be about any celebration.


  6. alexnymph

    Kudos, FOYeur, for being able to pick through all the problems in this episode. I give you credit for even being able to watch it. For me it was just so BORING. I don’t like fights, so that turned me off, and it seemed to go on forever. Then, in my zombie state, all of a sudden Steve was zipping by on a jet-ski. It didn’t even phase me that he was towing a guy face down. Oh, how bad the show has gotten. But I’ll continue to tune in, in the hopes that next time Alex will be a lot more naked when he gets in the water.

    Thanks for your dedication!


  7. cwtshjan

    Still looking forward to S6 in the UK, but enjoy reading your thoughts. Anything Steve centric is good for me….I watch to see Alex. One thought about Navy Seal….didn’t he get denied anymore Seal activities after the Afghanistan thing?? Is he still officially a Seal?? Anyway loved the pics especially the first and last….first one for neck vein last one for eyes. Yum.


    • Season 6 so far is good to see. Definitely always worth the while to see and experience Alex.
      I was also thinking about that thing after Afganistan – but as far as I can remember they only said that they do not want him in that part of the world anymore. Nothing official of him being kicked of out. AND everybody still calls him commander. If he officially leave the military, he should then be instated as a Detective or whatever. There is so much story they could create out of those scenarious, and have a number of stories for Steve – but NO – everybody elses stories are growing – but not his…..


  8. I agree with so much you said, it lacks so much continuity and I seriously have given up about keeping my hopes high!
    IMO there are to many stories and to many actors involved, I mean I like the new blond one with Chin, but why or what is her purpose, couldn’t they have Kono or Grover or Jerry with Chin?

    I have to admit, I really do like Gabriel, from the beginning, his looks and his muscles give me the chill (and yes, I feel intiminated by his arm muscles!) I don’t know why I like him as a baddie, (*feels ashamed*) but I wonder what his story is! And I still like him to see as opposite of STEVE! He needs to get a story with STEVE and a good one!
    I also was tired of WoFat! ( I have to admit I do not know the original story of WoFat and H5O)! As far as I remember WoFat was angry with Steve’s mom for killing his Mom, is that right?!?


  9. Gail Lessard

    Selfishly, I’m glad there’s no direct connection with Gabriel/Steve. I love McGarrett first and foremost so I hated WoFat. I’m a huge Christopher Sean fan and I’m loving him as Gabriel. We have to have a bad guy. I like the elusive bad guy with a continuing storyline.


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