#H50 episodes 10 from the past – #SteveMcGarrett

Tonight we get the last new episode of Hawaii Five-0 for the year – Episode 6:10

Well we decided to have a looks back in time at the 10th episode of the seasons, just to check out how our cutie developed over the years. 1.10 will always be a happy memory for me (all those pervalicious moments there 😉 ). Not sure I can just pick one gif from it, but I will try to find the most outstanding one.  Enjoy these old treats 🙂


Epi 110


Epi 510

Epi 510


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5 responses to “#H50 episodes 10 from the past – #SteveMcGarrett

  1. 2.10 and 4.10 where those that came immediately to my mind. Love the gifs, esp. the 4.10 double layer gif. It’s expressive!


  2. Kath40

    Oh what a wonderful idea. Especially love the selective cropping of 1.10 defiantly pervalicious 😛 although I usually start with his face then I perv all the way down…and back up again…multiple times. Hee,
    However 4.10 is absolutely gorgeous…Helloooo Sailor! *thud*


  3. Leah

    Oh MY! Gif 1.10 is yummy . . . . but 4.10 is BREATHTAKING! 😛


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