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Alex O’Loughlin – Déjà vu (Part 4)

In 2013 we started some posts about things that seems to repeat themselves during Alex’s career – mostly people he worked with. We thought it is time to continue with some more posts.


In those early posts we compared the count of  Moonlight guest stars who also appeared on Hawaii Five-0, with those of Three Rivers guest stars who also appeared on Hawaii Five-0. The count was quite even at that stage with 6 all, but since then a number of Moonlight guest stars joined the count, but none from Three Rivers (although we most probably have to take into account that Three Rivers had 3 less episodes than Moonlight 😀 )

Before you think that we forgot about some of the actors, please read our old posts about it here: Link, (and please make sure to read Part 3 as well, because Part 2 was our April fools’ day post for 2013 and the end should not be taken seriously).

We continue in this post with those that got added since that time.

1) Brian White who played Lt. Carl Davis in 7 of the episodes of Moonlight, became one of the bad guys in Hawaii Five-0, Episode 5:02. In Hawaii Five-0 he played Jason Hollier, a man who kidnapped a little girl (the wrong one), to take revenge on her mother, the person he held responsable for his own daughter’s death.

  • It is so funny that in Episode 6 of Moonlight, he arrested Mick and in Hawaii Five-0, he gets arrested.

2) David Fabrizio played the notorious Lee Jay Spalding in Moonlight’s Episode 2. In that episode he came back from Mick’s past, when he was released from prison, where Mick place him many years back. In Hawaii Five-0 Episode 4:22, we see him as the leader of the team of thugs who Ian Wright hired to confiscate the $100 Mil from Five-0’s protection at the airport. In both the shows the two of them have a physical altercation.

3) Wes Robinson played the young vampire called Mineo on Episode 5 of Moonlight. Who can forget the fight to the death between these to vampire on the rollercoaster? Yes, he was the creepy teenage vampire who searched for love and killed prostitutes. In Hawaii Five-0 Episode 5:06, he does not share a scene with Alex, but we see him as Teddy the video store guy who sells the Kono and Grover the stuff about the horror movie.

4) Victoria Pratt never shared a scene with Alex in Moonlight, but Mick devoured her weight reducing donuts. Yes, she played the donut business owner in Episode 13, who Beth visits while searching for her boss’s killer. In Hawaii Five-0 Episode 6:05, she got her chance to share several scenes with Alex, when her husband was the victim and her daughter organized killing him in that episode.

With these 4 actors added, the count for Moonlight actors who also appeared on Hawaii Five-o, increase to 10, while Three Rivers remains at 6. Hope you had some fun with this little crossover trivia post. 😀




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