Trivia – Whiteout

Just for some fun, some trivia surrounding the movie, Whiteout that I found on Alex O’Loughlin Rocks …

whiteout cr 1

Alex O’Loughlin completed filming Whiteout in March 2007 prior to taking on his grueling Moonlight schedule in August 2007.
• The movie is an adaptation of the graphic novel Whiteout by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber.
Whiteout: Melt is the sequel to the first graphic novel, but according to illustrator Steve Lieber, there are no plans to film a movie adaptation.

Whiteout (3)cr
• The movie script has a male character (Gabriel Macht) star opposite the female lead (Kate Beckinsale) because the studio had doubts about the drawing power of two female leads as written in the original story.

Alex and Gabriel - Whiteout Premiere
• The studio put the project on hold after a long period of inactivity by November 2002 and Universal Studios acquired the rights. Reese Witherspoon was cast to star but she was then detached from the project when the film rights changed ownership.

Whiteout (7)cr
• As Dominic Sena is a fan of the graphic novel, he looked into acquiring the rights to direct a film adaptation. When the rights were transferred to Dark Castle, Sena petitioned to producer Joel Silver, Dark Castle’s President, for the opportunity to direct “Whiteout.”
Kate Beckinsale was Joel Silver’s first choice for the role of Carrie Stetko.

Alex & Kate in Whiteout

Alex & Kate in Whiteout

• The film was shot in Manitoba (Canada), on a set that was constructed on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.

• Both real and fake snow were used in the production, as the big fight scene was shot in a studio.

Whiteout (23)cr

If you have never seen the interview where butt-shelves are explained – entertain yourself with the transcript here:

Butt shelves explained – Whiteout interview with (2009)


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3 responses to “Trivia – Whiteout

  1. gracenotpark

    I loved how he looked in this movie. And he was quite the rogue. He had a couple of good scenes. Besides Alex there was not much else to love about the movie tho. Woulda been better of there’d been more Alex in it.


  2. You had to do that to us, put a pic over that delightful one of him with the blanket covering ‘the’ part. tsk tsk…That gif was a good one…and enlarging your computer screen won’t help either. As for 50 below and head shrinkers….that man is such a goof. And butt shelves do get cold.


  3. Oh, I loved to revisit that interview. Those two were just too funny.


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