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Moonlight Wins People’s Choice Award! – January 2008 (Transcript)

This is a video of Queen Latifah announcing Moonlight as the winner, Alex O’Loughlin’s acceptance speech (recorded in Australia) and his answers to fan questions.

ml 8 m 5

Queen Latifah: You’ve been voting all night at PCAvote.com for your Favorite New TV Drama, and now we are about to find out the winner. Here are your nominees:

Gossip Girl

Private Practice


 Queen Latifah: And, The People’s Choice for Favorite New TV Drama is ….. Moonlight.

ml 8 m 4

Alex’s acceptance speech: I’m ….. I’m lost for words. We’ll I’m not. I’ve got some words and I’ll give them to you now.

But I’m so incredibly happy. I feel so privileged to be a part of this show in the first place. And …. having to stop at 12 episodes, you know, because of the writers strike and stuff, has been really frustrating.

But to even be considered for this award was … was … was thrilling to me. Because it’s not about a panel of judges, it’s about my fans. It’s about all you people who watch the show.

ml 8 m 1

It’s about the people. The people voting. To know …. I found out today, we’ve had over 10 million votes, which is incomprehensible to me. And I’m just really, really thrilled.

I’m so, so happy to accept this award.

I’d love to say congratulations to Private Practice and Gossip Girl, the other 2 finalists with Moonlight. And thank you so much to all you people who voted for us.

And … and, let’s all pray for another season. And …  Thank you! Thank you!

ml 8 m 2

Question: What do you think will happen between Mick and Beth?

Alex: What do I think will happen between Mick and Beth? Well, quite a lot has happened already and … um … there’s a lot of water under that bridge.

There’s a lot of tension there as well, that has built up for the last 12 episodes. The relationship can only go so far for the show to continue to be a show, but something has to give in the next few episodes after 12.

But I’m not going to tell you what I think is going to happen.

ml 8 m 7

Question: What makes Vampires so sexy?

Alex: What makes Vampires so sexy? I don’t know, you’re asking a Vampire, I can’t tell you that. You have to tell me that.

ml 8 m 6

Link to video

My Thoughts

  • Interesting (and very sad) to know that both Private Practice(112 episodes) and Gossip Girl(121 episodes), who lost to Moonlight (16 episodes) in this poll, went on to do 6 seasons. It makes me feel that we as viewers (as well as Alex and the rest of the cast) were robbed of something special ……
  • But at least we got these few episodes to drool over and I hope that you once again enjoy all the beautiful captures of Mick, which Paula made for us.



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