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#AlexOLoughlin – MTv Hump Day Hottie of the Week – April 2010


Alex O’Loughlin’s ‘Back-Up Plan’?

To Become Our Hump Day Hottie!

by Jocelyn Vera

21 April 2010

We really do like guys who have taken a turn for the dark and played a vampire at least one time in their career. And, we like Alex O’Loughlin even more because he’s the kind of guy that has a — wait for it — back-up plan. Being that he’s the latest hottie to share the silver screen with Jennifer Lopez in“The Back-Up Plan” , Alex has managed to earn a spot in our hearts as this week’s Hump Day Hottie.

Voice:  You’re being named our ‘Hump Day Hottie‘.

Alex: Hump Day Hottie? Ok!,

Voice: Do with that what you will. But we want to know how that makes you feel?

Alex: Well… makes me feel interested. It makes me feel curious. It makes me feel slightly tantalized. Huh, Yeah, and a little confused.

Voice: It means that we named Wednesday, Hump Day

Alex: Ok.

Voice: As the Hottie of the Week.

Alex: Okay, good. I’m a little less concerned and a little less tantalized now that I know it’s hump day because it’s Wednesday.  But I’m glad I can be ‘Hottie of the Week’. That’s … that’s good.

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My Thoughts

  • Of course he is our Hottie of the Week, every week and that is not just on Hump Day (Wednesday), but on every day of the week! 😛
  • I just love Alex’s answers to uncomfortable questions like these. The life of actor is never easy. 😛


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