Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (21 – 27 November 2015)

I guess this year is winding down pretty fast and news will be very scares to find. Most of this week’s pictures actually came from the week before this, but we are not complaining. Thank you to everybody for who shared pictures. :hug:

Life on the Set:

chiranuj #hawaii50 #hi50 #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #truefan #nailart #nail

Alex at Events:

subrekah Alex O’Loughlin at last nights event #hawaiifashionweek @honolulumag #honolulufw #Honolulu #Hawaii #Oahu #Weekend #2015 #SteveMcGarrett

Alex - 20 Nov 2015 (Fashion show)


Blog post by My

Scroll down to the end of the page to find this picture. Once again it would be great if Chunu or any other Korean reader can help us with the translation below the picture on the original blog.

From - 20 Nov 2015

Thank you   for the find!

News for the week:

“The collection is for fashion jet setters,” said Jones, a Hawaii native who was a champion surfer before becoming a top model. She’s married to “Hawaii Five-0” actor Alex O’Loughlin, who helped advance slides during her presentation.

Alex & MaliaAs part of her grand prize, Jones will receive a strategic session and consultation with Kyogoku; consultation with a business banking expert at Central Pacific Bank, lunch with Kurisu, Ngo and Tomonari and several other prizes provided by aio’s Hawaii Business, HONOLULU Magazine, Frolic Hawaii and Upspring Media.

  • Finally after 5 years, the CBS store offers official Hawaii Five-0 merchandise……..

Finally!!! Official merch @

Something Pretty from other fans:

From Sabrina

(Thank you Sabrina for all the pretty pictures you post so regularly. Your love for Alex shine through all of them)

Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

  • See Trivia :whistle:

The words of a fangirl:

As a suggestion to make the Hawaii Five-0 merchandise more fun …….

Something like…“Tackle and cuff me, McGarrett”?

Some Trivia for the week:

  • It was great, but kind of funny that Hawaii News Now posted a story of Hawaii Five-0 for the Thanksgiving episode this Friday, that feature Carol Burnett on the set, shooting Episode 612. Her episode will only be broadcast in the new year. 😀 . Of course we saw Carol as Aunt Deb the first time around for the Thanksgiving Episode 409 in 2013 (And that might be where the confusion came from, to feature it as this weeks’ episode). Here is the link to the video clip: HNN

Carol Burnett: I love it. The crew is sensational. They are absolutely terrific. And I love Alex very much. I feel like his Aunt Deb.

Alex & Friends or Family:

ensoninoue It’s 5-0!!! Picture? No video! LOL
goofy-alex-cr-enson-2(Click on Enson’s name to see the short video where this is from)

Link to Pictures from Honolulu Magazine Gallery:

(Scroll down to the 3rd Gallery to view these 2 pictures from the Honolulu Fashion show on 20 November 2015)

Malia, Alex and his long time actor friend Yure Covich (Picture taken by Karen)

Malia, Alex and his long time actor friend Yure Covich (Picture taken by Karen)

Alex & Malia at Fashion Show 20 Nov 2015 (Picture taken by Kelli Bullock)

Alex & Malia at Fashion Show 20 Nov 2015 (Picture taken by Kelli Bullock)

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • Fans videos and collages that also have fake pictures of Alex in them. The reason those pictures are still fooling new fans, is because so-called “Alex” fans don’t give a shit that they label picture that are not really Alex as real Alex pictures. And Alex fansite owners who endorse and repost those videos and collages bugs me even more. And it remain difficult to explain to fans who can not communicate properly in English. If as long time fans don’t guide new fans, who will?:cry3:

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • nostril flare

We get plenty of those flares from Alex ……

Also a pretty Alex nose flare from the latest episode – posted by

From Sabrina

Next Week:

  • They should have moved on to filming Episode 615 by now. Again we start a week without the prospect of some fresh McGarrett on Friday. Hope Episode 610 delivers big time on 11 December. We will need something great to last us during the weeks till the next episode after that, to be broadcast only in the new year …….






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7 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (21 – 27 November 2015)

  1. I’m honored and happy that you ever include me in your outstanding blog for Alex !! I love sharing the Alex photos I capture and edit, it’s wonderful to know other Alex lovers enjoy them too ! Happy Holidays everyone ! xo


  2. lindae5o

    Thank you, Foyeur and Sabrina, for helping to fill these Alex droughts. Only one new episode until the New Year. I love that at least we got a bit of preview for the Carol Burnett episode. Lovely photos of Alex !!


  3. Love the video from Enson. And it looks like from the one photo, McG gets some bed loving from his new girlfriend Lynn. Thanks for the pics, was disappointed to see epi 100 last night and not a new episode. But it was still our H 5-0.


  4. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw the
    pix of Steve and Lynn in his bedroom. I want him and Catherine.
    Am I the only one?


    • Regina Filange

      No you are not the only one. I don’t want those two together. Leave him single and ready to mingle or bring Catherine back.


  5. Sandra Belchamber

    I was not thrilled to see the pix of Steve and Lynn sitting on his bed.  Am I the only one who wants him tobe with Catherine?  Actually I’m a little bit sick to my stomach, someone give me some hope, PLEASE. Thanking you in advance for your reply.


  6. Gail Lessard

    I like Steve with Lynn. About the H50 Merchandise, I hate to say I was disappointed with how unimaginative and plain it was. The unofficial stuff is much better. I agree they need a cuff me McGarrett shirt. Seems like a no brainer. I was not at all disappointed to see episode 100 again. I was pleasantly surprised with that choice. It’s an excellent episode and Alex shined in it!


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