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#AlexOLoughlin on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ – April 2010 (Transcript)

Alex O’Loughlin promotes The Back-up Plan on NBC’s Today Show‍ with hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford16 April 2010.

Kathie Lee: Alex O’Loughlin has been appearing on stage and television since he was a teenager back in Australia. Now he’s a Hollywood leading man, he has a better accent than I do, co-starring with Jennifer Lopez in “The Back-Up Plan.”

Hoda: Yes. Alex plays Stan. He’s a cheese farmer from upstate New York, who’s trying to find his way when love finds him first.

Alex & Jennifer on th set

[CLIP: From “The Back Up Plan”.]

Hoda: Oh, you are so sexy.

Kathie Lee: Ooh.

Hoda: That’s good. That’s good.

Kathie Lee: And take as long as you want.

Hoda: Yeah, exactly. Hi, Alex.

Alex: Hi.

today s 2

Hoda: How are you?

Alex: Good.

Kathie Lee: We feel like you’re a member of our family after joining the man panel yesterday.

Hoda: Did you have fun yesterday?

Alex: I had so much fun, we man-panelled.

Link to our transcript of the ‘Man-Panel‘:

Guys tell all’ on the Today Show

Kathie Lee: You more than held your own with those maniacs.

Hoda: Yes, you certainly did.

Alex: It was great.

today s 3

Hoda: Now this is maybe the first time a US audience will be seeing you on the big screen and knowing your name and knowing who you are, right?

Alex: Right.

Hoda: Is this the first big one?

Alex: It’s the first big film, yeah.

Hoda: Yeah.

Alex: I guess it’s the first sort of big, “Look at me on the billboard”, film.

today s 7

Kathie Lee: You must’ve been up against many, many American actors. So are you ….. is the English-American accent easy for you?

Alex: The English-American?

Kathie Lee: Yeah, as opposed to the English from like the…

Hoda: The real…

Kathie Lee: … from England.

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. I speak English-American and Australian so I’m, you know.

today s 4

Kathie Lee: So it is easy for you?

Alex: It is easy. Well, I grew up with a …… my Canadian …… my stepfather is Canadian and so there was always a North American sound in my house.

Hoda: Mm-hmm.

Alex: And we ……. Australians all sort of grew up with American TV and so it’s not a foreign sound to us.

today s 6

Kathie Lee: Mm-hmm.

Hoda: Tell us the concept of this movie. So you’re the cheese farmer.

Kathie Lee: Cheese farmer.

Alex: Yeah, cheese farmer.

Kathie Lee: I wouldn’t have thought that.

Alex: Yeah. And of course, I had to get super fit, because cheese farmers are all ripped.

today s 8

Hoda: They are.

Kathie Lee: Yeah, they work so with their arms and things.

Hoda: Uh-huh.

Alex: That’s exactly right. Milking all the goats and all those…

Hoda: Yeah.

Alex: And the film is about two people who ….. whose lives collide, you know, and who meet…

tbup (17)

Kathie Lee: Where does she come from?

Alex: She comes from …… she’s a New Yorker, they both are.

Hoda: Mm-hmm.

Alex: And Stan...

[Clip from The Back-Up Plan]

Kathie Lee: This is such a gross scene.

Alex: Oh, this is a great scene.

Kathie Lee: What is she eating?

Hoda: She’s eating stew or something.

Kathie Lee: Oh.

Alex: She’s eating stew and…

Kathie Lee: So she’s a carnivore.

Alex: Yeah, she’s a carnivore.

tbup (15)

Hoda: She’s pregnant, right? And she’s ….. and she’s ……. so the story is is she got pregnant from a friend of hers and then she meets her.

Alex: What happens is she’s sort of hasn’t met the one…

Hoda: Yeah.

Alex: …and she wants to have a baby and so she gets artificially inseminated and then she meets…

Hoda: You.

Alex: … the one.

Kathie Lee: Wow.

Hoda: You.

Kathie Lee: Wow.

Hoda: The one. What’s it like working with her? What is she like?

Alex: Great. She’s fantastic. She’s…

Kathie Lee: A real pro.

Alex: She’s a real pro, she’s really centred, really grounded, and it was terrific. I mean, I was surprised at how normal she was.

tbup (14)

Hoda: Can I just say, I’m so distracted because outside there are so many signs, “Alex is my dream man, the future Mrs O.”

Kathie Lee: …wow.

Hoda: Look at…

Alex: Yeah.

Hoda: We rarely have homemade signs for you.

Alex: That’s like a month’s wage for me. I paid all those.

Kathie Lee: Now how do they know you?

Alex: I don’t know. I guess, you know, I’ve done a bunch of TV shows and stuff.

Kathie: OK.

Hoda: What …… yeah. Tell us about some of those shows.

Alex: I met most of them at the hotel when I came over here.

Kathie Lee: Had a little fun last night, huh? OK.

Alex: I did a show called “Moonlight” which was the thing that I sort of really got most of my fans from. It was a vampire show. And then a did a medical show called “Three Rivers,” which was ….. I played a heart surgeon and that was a wonderful experience for me. Yes.

tbup (20)

Kathie Lee: And now, do you live in America now or do you…

Alex: I do. I do. I’ve been here for five years.

Hoda: Oh.

Kathie Lee: In New York?

Alex: No, I live in LA.

Kathie Lee: LA.

Hoda: Now, we asked you yesterday, and you said you were single.

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Hoda: And how would you describe the girl that you’re looking for, the type of woman that you’re looking for?

Alex: Well, I’m kind of ….. I’m kind of busy at the moment, so I’m not really looking.

today s 5

Hoda: Yeah.

Alex: But it’s ….. I don’t know, I think, you know, funny, honest, pretty, smart ….. [laughs]

Kathie Lee: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, I know.

Kathie Lee: Any age limit on that?

Alex: Age, like you know…

Hoda: Careful.

Alex: …18 to 60 is…

tbup (18)

Kathie Lee: All right, Hoda, you just made it. Little joke. Actually, I just made it.

Hoda: Barely, baby.

Kathie Lee: Barely. Alex, we wish you all the best.

Hoda: Alex, good luck with the film.

Kathie Lee: Would you please come back and see us?

Alex: Absolutely, I’d love to.

Kathie Lee: We adore you.

Alex: I’d love to.

Kathie Lee: You’re such a lovely gentleman.

Hoda: Such a sweetheart, thank you.

Alex: Let’s man panel again.

Hoda: Yes, we will.

Kathie Lee: Let’s do it, baby. And great success with the movie.

today s 1

Link to video


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